Anti Love Quotes and Sayings

Find the perfect anti love quote for your mood. Whether you are single or in a relationship, we have got you covered. Looking for the best anti love quotes? We have got you covered. From funny to brutal, check out our collection of the best quotes about love gone wrong.

Anti Love Quotes

Love is not real. It does not exist. I thought love was a feeling or an emotion, but then I realized it was all fake.

Marriage is a humourless process, and the only thing you will be able to count on is that it will be boring.

Love builds enemies, but hate breaks bridges.

Love is just a fantasy that you have in your head. It does not exist.

I know the definition of love and what it is supposed to be, but I have lost all feelings for the word.

I do not know the definition of love and have never had it, so I cannot give it a definition. I know what people tell me love is.

I cannot give love a definition. I cannot even give it meaning. But I do know what it is not.

Love is just an illusion created by the alcohol in our system and the pain we were given at birth.

I believe love does not exist because it never worked out for me.

Love is just the perfect reason to hate the person you love.

Love is like a drug; once you are addicted, it will slowly destroy you.

I believe that love is just an illusion we have been forced to believe in. Love does not exist and never will .

I do not care if it is not my fault. I am over it. And I do not care what anyone thinks because all I know is that I no longer love her. I no longer care.

I think that love is just a bunch of hippies smoking cigarettes and having a good time.

I hate relationships because I always end up in them. If I do not, it will be because I am weak and cannot stand up for myself.

Love is just an illusion. You cannot give love a definition.

Love is nothing but pain and suffering. It is the most potent drug on the planet. It has put a lot of people in jail, caused many wars and killed millions of people.

You cannot keep love chained up because it will eventually escape.

Love is a word used to sell products. But there is nothing you can do for love or that love can do for you.

I think that love is a myth. Love doesn’t exist. But people will never realize that because love makes them feel good.

Love is like a drug. It makes people do crazy things.

I think that love is just a way to escape reality. It is not real, but it feels as if it is.

Love is nothing but lies and fake smiles.

Love is something that was invented to make a profit. But once you buy in, you will regret it. Love is not real.

I do not understand love and I do not think that it is real either.

Love is a fantasy created by our minds to feel good about ourselves. But in reality, love does not exist. It is all fake.

Anti Romantic Quotes

Love has no meaning. It is just an illusion you have in your head.

Love is a curse.

There is no such thing as true love. Love only exists in books and movies.

Love doesn’t exist. It is an illusion, a fantasy.

The world would be better if there were no such thing as love.

Love is a cannibal that eats itself and serves it’s own flesh as food to the beloved.

The word love has become so abused. It is hard to know if someone loves you for your personality or if they just want your body. Love has become a sick and cruel joke.

The word love, a vocabulary word, has been used so often that it no longer means anything to people.

The feeling of falling in love is similar to the feeling of an elevator free fall.

True love does not exist. Love is just a way for one person to control another.

Love is when you need someone and they need you.

The only thing that transcends words is silence.

I thought love was about being faithful, but then I realized it is all about sex.

Love is like an elevator. When it goes up, it comes down with a heavy crash!

When you are in love, you only see the good things and ignore all the bad ones. It is like visiting a foreign country where they put sugar in the rice and their toilets flush backwards.

Love sucks. It is an invention used by the government to keep track of people.

Love is only a word and even words can be easily manipulated.

Being in love feels like falling into an elevator shaft. It goes quickly and there is nothing you can do about it. Love means that you are losing control of yourself.

Love is like a parasite that eats at your heart until it becomes nothing but a black hole.

If love is war, then marriage is a battlefield.

Love is a game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but in the end, you will permanently lose.

What is love!? It is just a word! A meaningless label invented by people to control each other!

People only love you to get something they need. Love is an exchange of resources.

The word love has become so corrupted that it no longer means anything.

It is impossible to control love and make it do what you want it to do. Love will just take your heart and trample all over it. You cannot fight nature.

Love is like a drug. The more you have, the more it demands and the less you give, the less it provides.

You could spend your whole life trying to find love, but once you find love, your life will be ruined forever.

Anti Love Status

When you are in love, every word from their mouth is like music. When you are not in love, every word from their mouth is like nails on a chalkboard.

Love has become a tool used by humans to control each other.

Love is like a beautiful parasite that makes you do things you would never do otherwise. Love consumes your soul and turns it into something completely different.

It is easy to fall in love, but it is hard to find someone who will catch you when you fall out of love.

You cannot control love. Love will do what it wants when it wants.

Love is an infection that makes you blind.

Love is like a sweet poison that tastes good and makes you feel good while it slowly kills you.

Love is founded upon a delusion. It is built on a lie.

My love for you is strong, and I will let nothing get in the way.

True love does not exist; there is only lust. Take off the rose-tinted glasses, and you will see this.

Love is a mere word thrown around to define an emotion or feeling. It gives people many hopes and dreams, but it also gives them many broken hearts.

Love does not exist. Only feelings of infatuation do exist.

Love is something that everybody wants, but nobody can have. People say they love someone until they get hurt and start to hate them.

Love is a facade that people use to hide their true feelings. It seems so natural, but most of the time, it is fake. All you can do is pray that one day you will find it.

Love is something that I pretend to have, but in reality, I do not know how to love.

Love is an illusion.

Love is a romantic concept that means nothing and merely makes you believe in dreams and hope for the future.

Love is only a game. It is something that many people want to play, but only a few know how to play it right.

Love is an illusion most of the time; it makes people do stupid things. Love can drive people crazy, not knowing what you want and do not. It is just something that everyone wants to feel, but they never can.

People think they are in love when they are only infatuated with each other.

Love is a word that gets thrown around like a ball. No one is sure of it’s meaning, and everyone thinks they know what it means.

Love always has to be loved in the same way, whether you want to admit it.

Love is blind and friendship closes it’s eyes.

Love is the best way to hurt someone you love.

Love is a drug that makes you crazy; it causes you to do stupid things.

You will always be left with the feeling of emptiness. Love does not fill it up.

Love has no limits, but there are a lot of people who set them for themselves and their partners.

Love is not something that waits for someone else. It kills you and afterwards comes back to kill again.

Love, the most consuming fire, burns both the beloved and the lover.

Love is the most powerful feeling. But fear and love are almost similar feelings.

There is no perfect love for everyone; everyone chooses an attachment that fits their personality.

Love makes you blind because it doesn’t let you look at your partner’s defects.

Anti Love Quotes and Sayings

Love of money and material things is much better than love itself; they never betray or hurt you.

Love fails because we give too much to our partners and not enough to ourselves. We should care about ourselves more than our partners.

Love punishes you because it makes you believe you are at fault for everything negative in your relationship.

Loving someone does not mean forgiving their mistakes. It means that you understand and accept them.

You can love someone just once, but never the same way twice.

There is only one kind of love and it cannot be divided or broken into pieces.

You can love as much as possible while your heart is still closed.

You can love someone who is not the same as you and still try to change them.

Love is blind, but it will never be able to make something wrong right.

Love is not a feeling; it is an act of courage and sacrifice, not weakness.

There are only two kinds of people in this world; those who love and those who do not care about love.

Love doesn’t hurt, but failure like love can kill anyone.

There is no perfect love. You should probably try to understand and accept it.

We are all born alone, but we must learn to live independently before we can.

Love is not a mistake but an action you must decide on daily.

Love cannot exist without freedom.

When love ends, we are left with hurt and hate.

The only kind of love that can exist in this world is the love shared by two persons.

Love cannot last forever because it becomes routine.

What most people call love is only a trick of the mind to gain personal benefit.

Love is selfish and it manipulates the feelings of one is partner. It is never right.

Loving someone is self-destructive because you are vulnerable to the other person’s harmful influence.

Love weakens the immune system, making one vulnerable to disease.

Hate shared is love doubled. Love shared is love halved. What do you want?

Love masks our insecurities and makes us naive.

That which conquers all things conquers not love. This is how to know love.

Every person knows that love is not suitable for one is health.

Love endures all things, and it takes nothing.

Love is a drug that robs the senses of their natural ability to think clearly.

Love cannot be purchased in a store. Love is the only thing that cannot be bought or sold.

You can only survive the pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you back by loving yourself unconditionally. To love unconditionally is to be a genuine person.

Loving someone is an illusion. You can realistically give love only when you see your partner in every other person.

Love is a game. When you stop playing the game, you lose it.

Love never gives up. Love knows no boundaries. Love cannot be controlled. Love cannot be forced.

The opposite of love is indifference.

The opposite of love is not hated; it is apathy. Love is so powerful that we see it in places with nothing but darkness.

Love is a force of death, and only when love harnesses itself can life be worthwhile.

Love knows no bounds; love has no limits. Love knows no fear; fear has no power. Love conquers all.

The opposite of love is not hated; it is apathy. Love is so powerful that we see it in places with nothing but darkness. I am talking about love. It is the only thing that can conquer hatred.

Love is all we have, but it’s power can be used in many ways.

Love cannot exist without freedom. Love is not a prison or a cage. It is an open field in which you have free reign to live your life as you see fit.

Love cannot exist without sacrifice.

The opposite of love is indifference, and apathy is the opposite of love. Love and apathy are the same; neither has any power over the other.

Love has no boundaries.

Love is more of a physical and psychological need than a manifestation of affection.

Every day, in every way, I am becoming more and more like the people I surround myself with.

Love is born from the moment we feel that we let ourselves go and stop monitoring or judging our actions or thoughts.

When in love, you never honestly know whether your feelings are reciprocated and appreciated. Work, therefore, to let go of your expectations.

Love is but a temporary diversion from life itself.

Love can lead you to lose your dignity or appear as an idiot before others.

Love is a form of suffering. The lover lives on woes. The loved one life on love.

Love is as blinding as blindness; it makes people see nothing but happiness and contentment in everything.

All love stories start with a lie and end with death.

The suffering of love is strange and unusual torture. The joy of love is again a peculiar and elusive sensation. Indeed, happiness is the extreme limit of sadness and misery that of happiness.

Do not fall in love with people who are above you in status. It will not work out in the end. You must be friends with each other before love can blossom.

Love is a social disease: the more it spreads around, the greater it’s danger to society.

Love is a kind of mutual understanding and mutual appreciation between two people.

Love is a kind of addiction that causes life to become a burden.

The best way to find love is by not looking for it.

The more you make love, the more you want it; the more you want it, the less you get it. That is what makes life so sad.

Marriage is exactly like having a job. In your career, there are ups and there are downs. In marriage, there are ups and there are downs.

Love is not beauty. It is an irresistible, deep-rooted activity that guides one to ignore differences and similarities between the two halves of love.

Love is a disease that destroys the loved one is mind, body and soul.

Love is strongest bond is it’s lack of depth.

Love is not some crazy delusion but a concoction of fantasies and circumstances. It is an illusion that causes us to keep looking for something with no reality.

Love is not a noun of emotion but thoughts.

Love hurts people more than hate hurts people.

Love is a science, the lack of which causes pain and suffering.

Love has always affected people: it either keeps us together or drives us apart.

The love between two people cannot be forced. Never blind and never selfish. Love is never unselfish.

It may be because love was never enough, but it was always too much.

Loving someone is more complicated than being loved by them.

Even if you do not want to fall in love, you sometimes cannot help yourself.

When you love someone, you forget they have faults.

Love is a way of being that makes us vulnerable and weak.

To love is to trust.

You cannot stop loving someone. Only death stops love.

The most painful thing you can do to a lover is not to tell them they love them.

Love cannot be forced; it cannot be done from the outside; it only happens between two people who care about each other. It is a gift. It is received and reciprocated.

Love means working too hard.

Love hurts you as much as it helps you.

The nobler the love, the more pain it causes.

Loving someone means loving everything about them.

Love means having the strength and courage to continue loving someone even after they have hurt you.

Most love affairs have a lot in common: both people make too much of them.

Love is a child’s game. It is only when we grow up do we get real.

Love only makes it worse. It is like a drug. The more you take, the more you need.

There is no love without pain.

Love is all we have; to give it away is to risk it being taken away forever.

A man who loves as deeply as he hurts can be counted on to heal or hurt himself as much as he loves. Love isn’t an inspiration at all times. Love might be dangerous.

Love is not always a feeling but an act of courage.

We cannot give love; we can only be loved.

You do not fall in love with someone because they are beautiful. Many beautiful people out there could never give you real love.

Love is both the cause and the symptom of pain.

The most painful thing in life is loving someone who used to love you.

The most painful thing about love is losing it.

Sometimes, when you think you are in love, you are actually just in need of something that you feel is love.

You cannot make anyone fall in love with you. You can only love someone you already are in love with.

Love is a game played by children, but it is dangerous. It is easy to be happy, but truly happy is impossible.

If you love someone, the pain of losing them can kill you.

You should never expect love for yourself because life isn’t about expecting. It is about being vulnerable enough to open yourself up.

Love isn’t a matter of choice; it is a matter of will . You cannot help loving someone you love.

The only way you could know if you love someone is if they leave, but when they left, if your love still lingers, then you loved them.

A man may be able to kill time, but he cannot kill love.