Smoking Captions for Instagram

If you are looking for the best smoking captions for Instagram, look no further. We have got the perfect list of captions to make your photos pop. Looking for the perfect smoking caption for Instagram? We have got you covered with our list of the best quotes and sayings about smoking.

Smoking Captions for Instagram

“Smoking is expensive, so please quit without a penny.”

“Smoking is bad, so please do not play with matches.”

“Smokers are the most miserable people in the world… So please… DON’T SMOKE.”

“A cigarette an hour keeps the doctor away.”

“That cigarette pack looks like something else, why you have to smoke in your pants?”

“I used to be heavy smoker but now I am a smoker of lighter.”

“A cigarette a day keeps the doctor away.”

“You can say to me who you are and I do not need to know your smoking.”

“Smoking is a pleasure, so please do not take it away from me.”

“Smoking is murder, so please stop all the killings.”

“Smokers are like people who sleeps in the middle of the road…we should be left alone.”

“Smokers are the only insects allowed to smoke.”

“I hate the one who smokes, but I love smoking.”

“Smoking is a silent killer…so please do not be noisy about it.”

“Don’t look for a way to stop smoking, instead look for a way to start life and living well.”

“I do not like smoke.”

“Smoking is bad, but it feels good when you quit it.”

“I am an ex-smoker, and I am stronger now than I have ever been.”

“Smoking…the most remarkably stupid pastime.”

“A cigarette a day keeps the doctor away, but it also keeps you broke.”

“I wish I could quit smoking when it is too late…like other people do.”

“Smoking is the only bad thing you can do alone, so please do not be lonely about it.”

“Smoking is prohibited, unless you are smoking while driving.”

“Smoking is a nasty habit but…it feels nice when you quit it.”

“Smoking kills slowly and makes you look cool before doing it.”

“I love the smell of smoke, but I hate to be always around smokers.”

“Smoking kills slowly… But it does not feel slowly too!”

“Quitting smoking is hard, but living with someone who still smokes is even harder.”

“Smoking kills more people than overeating, secondhand smoke causes asthma, and thirdhand smoke may affect us too.”

“Smoking is hazardous to your health, but remember if you do not smoke you are not fashionable.”

“I am a smoker, a smoker for life. I like smoking and I will stop when I want to stop.”

“There is no such thing as bad health. Just death.”

“Smoking is the great white hope, they say it gets you through the night, the night in the day.”

“Smoking is not cool, it is stupid, it is deadly and I will stop when I want to stop.”

“Smoking is addictive and causes cancer, heart disease and lung disease. Smoke-free laws are working everywhere – why won’t America follow suit?”

“Smoking kills you – but only if you smoke enough.”

“Smoking gives you cancer. But if you are rich, no one will show you any sympathy.”

“Smoking is a woman’s vice and a man’s folly.”

“People who smoke look older than their years, and always smell faintly of stale cigarette smoke.”

“Might as well smoke – you will anyway be dead by the time your debts are paid.”

“Smoking is really addictive, if a smoker lights up, they will want another one.”

“Smoking kills and advertising makes you want it. If you do not smoke, do not start.”

“A cigarette today is better than a cigar tomorrow.”

“Smoking is good for your health! – Until you die of a smoking related disease.”

“I smoked, and I am not proud of it. But I did it my way.”

“Smoking is not good for your health. If you smoke, you will be disappointed.”

“Smoking gives you lung cancer, but if you are rich, a transplant might save your life.”

“Smoking is only for those who do not want to get ahead in business.”

“You do not have to smoke, but if you do smoke, you never have to think about quitting.”

“Smoking can give you cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. But if you sign this petition and send it back, I will mail you an oxygen tank.”

“Smoking is a filthy habit, and I never want to do it again.”

“Smoking is for losers!”

“If you smoke tobacco in moderation, it is not nearly as harmful as breathing the smoke from a burning chemical plant.”

“If you are going to smoke, please do not put your cigarette in my ashtray. I do not want to spoil my lipstick.”

“A smoker may be bad for his health, but he sure looks good laying there.”

“You can quit smoking at any age. You just have to be a man to do it.”

“Smoking is bad for the baby, and if you do not quit, the baby will take after you.”

“Never smoke under any circumstances! You never know where that last puff will lead you.”

“Smoking might give you lung cancer, but crying makes you look silly.”

“Smoking kills, so if you smoke, I do not want to be your friend.”

“My grandfather made cigars. My father smoked them. I have no control over what I do with my cigarettes.”

“Smoking can kill you, but it will never kill your good looks!”

“If you do not mind killing yourself as well as others, then smoking is a good choice for you!”

“I wish I loved food like I love smoking.”

“I loved smoking a lot; I miss it, but my lungs do not.”

“Smoking is for those who have nothing to live for.”

“I do not need cigarettes to make me look cool. You are the one who needs the cigarette to make you feel cool.”

“Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits you can adopt. If you do not smoke, you will never have cancer.”

“I am not sure if you know this, but smoking is bad for your health.”

“When I quit smoking, I felt like a cigarette.”

“The decision to quit smoking is easy, the hardest part is keeping that decision for the rest of your life.”

“I have been told I should quit smoking; but how can anyone ask me to do something that they are not will ing to do themselves?”

“Smoking takes away my appetite, leaves me with a sore throat, and kills me slowly.”

“I smoked, but I have given up smoking!”

“Smoking relieves stress by filling your need to be in control.”

“Smoking is the most silent killer. If you do not smoke, you won’t know it!”

“Smoking kills and is addictive and causes cancer, heart disease and lung disease.”

“You might have to give up smoking, but you cannot give up being a smoker.”

“Smoking is evil. But if you do not smoke, you are not trendy.”

“Quitting smoking feels like death – and I should know, I quit twice!”

“I used to be a smoker; but now I refuse to smoke myself out of life…”

“Smoking is an optional habit with an essential craving.”

“Smoking can be dangerous, but it does smell nice.”

“Smoking is a habit that is good for a man, but not necessarily good for his health.”

“I quit smoking; now I smoke…and I do not give a sigh!”

“You do not have to smoke to be cool, you can just be a punk.”

“I smoked, but I gave it up cold turkey.”

Cigarette Captions for Instagram

“I wish someone would invent a way to quit smoking that works every time.”

“Smoking is a bad habit and hard to give up, but quitting smoking is good for your health.”

“It is amazing how such a little thing can have such big consequences.”

“Quitting smoking is harder than giving birth.”

“If you smoke, you are still young. If you do not smoke, you can be my age.”

“Smoking is bad for your health, but quitting smoking saves money.”

“I used to be a smoker; now I am a jeweller!”

“If you want to live a long life, then give up smoking….and eating sweets!”

“Smoking kills slowly and painfully. I have tried everything to quit smoking, but nothing’s worked.”

“My wife is prettier than ever; and she smells better too.”

“Quitting smoking is the hardest thing I ever did. But if you want to quit, go ahead and quit.”

“Quitting smoking is not easy, but living with lung cancer isn’t easy either.”

“Quitting smoking is difficult, but it is easier than giving birth.”

“I used to smoke; now I drink…and I do not give a sigh!”

“Life is too short to live like a smoker.”

“Smoking is a habit that kills and makes you fat, so I quit.”

“Smoking makes your nose and lungs look like a porcupine.”

“Smoking is spitting on the grave of your future health.”

“Smoking will ruin your stomach, and it will also ruin your life.”

“Smoking is as ugly to the world as it is to you.”

“Smoking is not a fashion statement.”

“Smoking is the reason why your father died young.”

“It is the good things in life that kill you.”

“Some people smoke for taste, some for nicotine, and others because they think it is cool”

“Smoking is bad for your health. The real question is… Does it matter?”

“When life hands you lemons… Smoke them!”

“I am not a smoker but I play one on TV.”

“I was going to quit smoking until I met you.”

“If we are what we eat, I am easy, fast and cheap.”

“Smoking kills more people than premature death.”

“Ever stop to think and forget to start again?”

“What if the hokey pokey really IS what it is all about?”

“I have never met a vegetable I didn’t smoke.”

“If you hear me yelling “you want fries with that?” the answer is yes.”

“Smoking cures weight problems. eventually.”

“Smoking is a leading cause of statistics.”

“You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy cigarettes and that is kind of the same thing.”

“Smoking gives you unbeatable breath and dirty fingers. so what else do you want?”

“It is better to be addicted to something that isn’t bad for you than be normal.”

“I do not care what your daddy does, but if you want to get with me, you are going to have to smoke my way!”

“There are two things in life which are real: God and Guns – and sometimes the Devil. Smoking is one of them.”

“Only two things are inevitable in life, death and taxes. The only thing that helps me deal with the taxes is my pack of cigarettes!”

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets. When a man tries to find it, he will drown in her smoke.”

“There are two kinds of people in this world: Smokers and Non-Smokers… And I do not like non-smokers!”

“Some days it just doesn’t pay to smoke; You wind up coughing your lungs out instead.”

“Smoking is the leading cause of statistics.”

“If you are reading this, I already quit smoking.”

“There is a time and a place for everything, Including cigarettes and chocolate!”

“A bystander is someone who thinks he is better than you, but has never tried to walk in your shoes.”

“I quitted smoking after the 2nd lap around the track when I realized I was going in circles.”

“I believe that I never had a cigarette before.”

“I am smoking the good life.”

“Smoking is more addictive than heroin, cocaine and alcohol use combined, and it is slightly less difficult to quit than heroin.”

“A man must have goals. For now, my goal is to stop smoking cigarettes.”

“Smoking is the enemy in my life.”

“I like the smell of cigarettes and I have no idea why.”

“If you have to pick between a cigarette and food, do not pick a cigarette because it will never help you lose weight.”

“The only way to smoke is to inhale, so smoke out your pain, confusion and anger.”

Smoking Quotes for Instagram

“Smoking gives me such an excuse to hold on tight to my thoughts that I can feel myself drifting away.”

“My father was right, smoking really does stunt your growth.”

“Smoking cigarettes is a disgusting and dangerous habit. If you chew you can look down at your feet while they talk to you.”

“I am not addicted to nicotine. I am addicted to smoking.”

“Why are cigarettes the only product that when it kills the consumer the manufacturer gets sued? Sweetheart, have a smoke on me!”

“Most smokers say they would like to quit but do not realize that quitting is probably worse than continuing.”

“It is not your body that is smoking. It is you.”

“If you should quit smoking, do it the right way, just before going to bed.”

“Your body will always take a cigarette to ease the pain of quitting.”

“Don’t smoke so much that you cannot stop. If I give up, what would get me off?”

“Smoking has really spoiled my life.”

“Smoking is a very nasty habit. If I have time to smoke, I will have time to read.”

“If you bring a sandwich and a pack of cigarettes to work, you only have one hand free.”

“If smoking is good for me, why do I feel so bad?”

“The best thing about quitting cigarettes is that you can smoke in your dreams.”

“When someone tells me that smoking might be dangerous, my response is, “It is not my fault in case it happens to me.”

“I must quit smoking – my life is precious.”

“The only way I can stop smoking cigarettes is to get drunk every night.”

“It is not that easy to quit, but it is not that hard to start.”

“I am not addicted to nicotine, I am addicted to smoking.”

I would rather smoke a cigarette than use a dictionary.”

“When you are out of smokes, you are out of luck.”

“I really must stop smoking. It interferes with my thinking.”

“Thanks for the cigarette, I will go to the store for more.”

“If you smoke like a chimney, you can get rid of your enemies.”

“I am addicted to smoking, but even more addictive is stopping smoking.”

“I feel very lucky that I finally quit after so many years of heavy smoking.”

“I couldn’t go through a day without smoking.”

“I am not addicted to nicotine, I am addicted to smoking.”

“You can smoke the good and you can smoke the bad, but you will never get all of them.”

“Do not allow your senses to become dulled and deadened from smoking because that is how your senses will kill you.”

“I have not tasted of tobacco since I stopped smoking.”

“If you smoke like a chimney, then you should be able to hold your breath underwater.”

“Smoking cigarettes is a nasty habit. If I have time to smoke, I will have time to read.”

“When someone tells me that smoking might be dangerous, my response is, “It is not my fault in case it happens to me.””

“Smoking leads to a lot of suffering and makes one cough a lot.”

“I have been smoking for way too many years and I need to stop.”

“I have smoked too many cigarettes.”

“Inhaling smoke can make you lazy, but exhaling fire will keep you busy.”

“It is really hard to quit, but I think it is easier to start than to stop.”

“Quitting smoking will take a lot of money, which will cost a lot of money.”

“Gutsy girls with stubborn grunts should quit smoking.”

“I should stop smoking but I do not want to.”

“I do not smoke, but I love the smell of cigarettes.”

“If you are still smoking, then you are still alive.”

“A real cowboy never dies because he always has a smoke in his mouth.”

“Life without smoking is much better than life with it.”

Smoking Instagram Captions

“I do not smoke and I do not really regret not doing so.”

“My major goals are to stop smoking and quit drinking.”

“I will not let my life be endangered by smoking.”

“Quitting cigarettes can be very difficult because it is not a bad habit that you can just stop.”

“There are no excuses for smoking but there are for not smoking.”

“The only way I can stop smoking is if I have a cigarette every minute.”

“The real reason smokers die younger is because they are too impatient to wait for the natural demise of their over priced health insurance benefits.”

“After this life, we will live another one. in hell. Smoking gives you that long life!”

“Smoking is not cool, it is disgusting.”

“Smoking is stupid. It kills people, destroys relationships and has no benefits except for making you go blind.”

“Smoking causes death, illness and over $100 billion dollars a year in medical bills.”

“The only way to quit smoking is to die. That is it, you have no other option.”

“Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask myself: “How can I make my lungs even more disgusting?””

“If smoking on the rooftops is illegal, should it be legal in your mouth and nose?”

“The most important piece of advice I can give you is to snack on seeds when you are starving during a smoke break.”

“If you are not a smoker, do not start. But if you are. stop.”

“This is my third cigarette of the day, I am hoping it is the one that kills me.”

“If you want to quit smoking you should get an electronic cigarette starter kit.”

“Smoking is not just for breakfast, it is for lunch and dinner too.”

“Smoking will make you look and feel evil, so put it out!”

“The best way to smoke is to smoke a pipe, it keeps you from breathing in tar packs.”

“If you smoke cigarettes, you better bet that nicotine will kill your boss or endanger your child or spouse.”

“If you smoke cigarettes, it is not because we love you, it is because we do not love your lungs.”

“Smoking is really ugly to the world and many others.”

“Beware of anyone who wears a blue shirt that has a big red “X” on it, they are just asking for trouble.”

“You can deflect a bullet with your breathing; now if you can deflect a cigarette butt with your mouth.”

“Smoking is the reason why the fire department answers all of the city calls.”

“Smoking causes wrinkles and gray hair so get a henna tattoo or get laser hair removal.”

“Smoking is not romantic, even when you are trying to get someone to light up.”

“Smoking is a waste of your time and money.”

“Smoking will give you the hiccups, so just think before smoking.”

“Smoking makes people haggard and old, so think before you smoke it.”

“If you want to want to be a lady, go for a cigarette break.”

“The only good thing about smoking is that it provides feelings of calmness and serenity in your life.”

“If you smoke cigarettes, you better hope that you do not get lung cancer.”

“Smoking gives you a bad cough and a runny nose, so do not smoke it.”

“The only things that are harder to quit smoking than cigarette smoking are boats, planes and automobiles.”

“Smoking people can drink and drive; just look at all of the ex-smokers in their cars.”

“Smoking is when your mouth is smelly because of the tar that has collected in it.”

“Smoking keeps your hair from falling out and keeps your skin from turning ugly.”

“Smoking make looks good on you, so do not smoke it.”

“Smoking is not healthy, never order a cigarette on a bet.”

“If you smoke cigarettes and you grow all your teeth, then you can pass the test at the DMV.”

“Smoking cigarettes will give you that dirty smoker look in your eye is and make you look like a criminal with an attitude problem.”