Bad Bitch Captions for Instagram

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Bad Bitch Captions for Instagram

No one can tell you to stop dreaming.

I believe in myself and that is all that matters.

I am the only one who got this far and I am not turning back.

Never let anyone tell you you cannot do something.

It doesn’t matter where you came from, it matters where you are going.

No disrespect but if I wanted your opinion I would have asked for it.

I do not say sorry because people will take advantage of your weaknesses.

I do not care about people who pretend to be nice, but act like they hate you behind your back.

I am not fake, I am real.

I do not need yes men in my life.

People will always let you down so it is better to give yourself a reason not to let them down.

People do not know what they want until you show it to them.

People judge me by the way I look to the way I feel.

I am not your average girl in a magazine, so do not expect me to be one in real life.

Stop being down on yourself because it is impossible to be up high.

No one knows why life happens the way it does, but you can always take what you need and leave what you do not.

The past doesn’t matter as long as you accomplish all of your goals on your path to success.

Stop being mad at other people and figure out your own life.

Let the haters hate and keep doing your thing.

No one will ever be perfect, but you can be smart enough to see the good in yourself.

I have been busy working on myself so no time for hang ups or bad energy.

I do not need anyone else to validate me because I do it myself.

Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t show you that they are trustworthy.

Don’t let your dreams be stolen by someone else.

No one can control your life but you, so give yourself a chance to love and live.

I am not a survivalist I am just a person who knows what she wants.

Back off my page you do not know who you are messing with.

It is better to have tried and failed than never try at all. It doesn’t matter where you came from it matters where you go.

I do not need friendly faces around me because I am not afraid of being alone.

No one can tell me what to do.

I do not listen to the haters because they are jealous that I am secure in who I am.

I do not play by anyone else is rules, so when they break the rules it makes them look bad.

You can never go too far, or lose your edge or passion for life. Purpose is not about winning, it is about striving for success.

I am not perfect, but I am intelligent.

I do not care what other people think of me because I am my biggest fan.

I know all the rules to the game and yet I choose not to play.

Embrace all that life throws your way and treat it like a challenge to see what you are made of.

I am more real than a lot of people I know.

I have never been fake and I do not plan on starting now.

People who only know how to hurt you cannot love you.

My life isn’t about what other people think about me, it is about what I do with the time that is given to me by God.

I was destined for greatness.

I live in the moment, my end is as good as my beginning.

I am not perfect, but I work out and eat healthy most of the time.

I do not need someone to tell me what to do and what to think because I am capable of making those decisions for myself.

People who think they are better aren’t actually any better than you.

Life has a way of telling you when it is time for a change, it keeps throwing us curve balls so we have to adjust.

I get no special treatment just because I am not shallow.

No one can hurt me the way I hurt myself.

I love being unique, because no one is like me.

People do not know what they want until they see what they have.

My name is not a curse, it is a blessing.

Some people think you can buy success but if you do that then you do not deserve it.

I have never needed a man to define my worth.

People think they can change me, but they do not realize that I have already changed.

I would rather be myself than be someone else.

If you put in the work, anything is possible and you will get what you deserve.

People who hate on others are just jealous of their success.

They will say anything to bring you down so stay focused on your own goals and ambition.

I do not need validation from other people because I have enough self esteem.

I am not into playing games.

No one can tell me what to do or what to think.

Stop letting other people is opinion make you feel bad about yourself, you are amazing just the way you are.

I do not live for anyone else, I live for myself and my dreams.

Don’t let other people is opinion of you get to you because they are not living your life.

I act like myself and I never let anyone tell me what to do.

I am not perfect, but I try my best.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you are going.

I am not a follower; I lead and others follow because they want to be like me.

Never ever apologize for who you are or what you believe in.

Real people do not apologize.

It is impossible to deny your own truth because that is all that matters.

I do not care what others have to say about me; they cannot change me and I won’t let them try.

Life is good, but we all make mistakes and learn from them.

Believe in yourself because you only get one chance at life and you need to make the most of it.

Stop being so concerned with what other people think about you; you are better than that.

I am different from everyone else and that is a good thing.

Life is not fair, but we have to make the best of it.

No one is going to make your dreams come true for you; that is your job.

You cannot grow if you do not listen to yourself.

Know when to let go and know when to hold on.

Get up early, take a shower and get dressed

Enjoy the moments I will never forget

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not

Stop putting yourself down and lift yourself up

Savage Bad Girl Quotes for Instagram

I do not worry about what people think of me, because my actions speak for themselves

Live your life, love who you are and do what you do best

A genuine smile is worth more than a thousand words.

Don’t compare yourself with others.

Start living your life and doing what you want to do

Nobody said it was easy being perfect.

You are beautiful no matter what they say.

Don’t listen to negative people and do not let them influence you.

You are enough and you are worth something now. Stop waiting for others to change just to feel happy in your skin.

I do not judge anyone and I do not care about their life or how they live.

Suck it up, put on some eyeliner, and carry on

You are strong; you are beautiful; you do not need to change anything at all

Don’t settle for being less than.

Do what makes you happy instead of what other people think is cool. Be yourself.

I do not care what other people say because they cannot change who I am.

My life is beautiful and I am going to live it the way I want to.

Always stay true to yourself and never say yes.

Don’t let other people tell you how you should feel because that is their perspective and not yours. The only person who can change your life is you, not other people.

Be as strong as steel and as soft as butter.

Pull up your big girl pants and start living the life you deserve.

Keep moving forward and do not let anything hold you back.

Be yourself and do not ever change for anyone, especially the people who matter the least in your life.

Make today be the best day of your life because it is here right now and you only live once.

Smile always and forget about all the drama in your life; happiness is what matters.

I worry about people who care about me not myself, I am much stronger than they think I am.

It is better to be a happy and positive person than to be the opposite.

I do not let what other people think of me stop me or control my happiness. I do what I want and always stay true to myself.

My mind is free and my soul is free and nothing in this world can change that.

Don’t change for anyone, especially someone you do not even love.

Don’t let others decide how you should feel.

I love who I am and I love how my life is going.

Live your life the way you want to live it, live for yourself and not for others.

Follow your dream; think about what makes you happy before anyone else does.

It is so much more fun to keep a smile on your face than to be mad all the time.

I do not care what other people think about me, I know who I am and that is good enough for me, plus my life is beautiful.

Be unapologetically you, be proud of who you are.

I want to live my life and enjoy every aspect of it. Smile always and never let anyone bring you down.

People will come and people will go and that is alright cause in the end you are who you choose to be.

Don’t ever compare yourself to other people because you are amazing and there is only one you.

Stop worrying about what other people think of you and just enjoy your life.

Everyone has their own opinion so do not let them steal yours.

There is no one else like you in this world, so be the best version of yourself.

Every day be kind to yourself and never stop loving who you are.

I love my life and I am grateful for it and everything in it.

Happiness comes from within and that is why I always keep a smile on my face no matter what.

If you love yourself first then everyone else will too.

Don’t let your past bring you down; look forward to your future.

I am not scared of being myself.

Anyone who judges you doesn’t know who you are and what makes you happy in life, so do not let them tell you how to live it.

Be yourself and do what makes you happy.

Bad Girl Captions for Instagram

Always be yourself and never let anyone influence who you are.

Don’t listen to people who do not understand who you are because they won’t understand anything about you.

Don’t let anyone put you down, because in the end you only have one life to live so live it for yourself.

I am beautiful. I am strong. I am powerful.

Don’t let people take away your happiness because they only have themselves to blame.

They will never understand you or what you want so why bother trying to explain anything to them?

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback and it is okay to give it, so do not be afraid of it.

You are beautiful, no matter what anyone else says about you. Be proud of who you are.

I do not have time to focus on anyone else is life when I have my own.

I am going to live my life and not let other people tell me how to live it.

Stop taking everything so seriously and just relax, because in the end the only thing that matters is you and your happiness.

Other people will never understand you, so why try to explain yourself to them? Let them worry about their own lives.

Don’t let your influence be taken for granted

There is a fine line between humbleness

You can choose to engage in life or passive aggressively complain

Don’t compliment me when I do not ask for it

I do not need your validation, I am already complete

It doesn’t matter if you found happiness elsewhere

I have my own definition of happiness that does not include other people is opinions

No one is listening to the haters but me.

And no one is friends with the haters but me.

Just because you post negative pictures doesn’t mean you are not beautiful

Live your truth and do not let anyone steal it

You can never make someone else is story, because they are only telling their own.

The lies you tell yourself to believe in love always comes back to you.

Everyone has a right to their opinion, but this right doesn’t come with an obligation to listen to them in the future or act on them now.

Don’t worry about what people think about you, worry about what you think of yourself.

You can take the best parts of different people, but you cannot take their worst

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it

Cause that is where I have found my happiness

The more time you spend with a certain type of person, the more they spoil you.

I do not need your validation I am already complete.

You can choose to engage in life or passive aggressively complain.

Don’t compliment me when I do not ask for it.

It doesn’t matter if you found happiness elsewhere.

You can take the best parts of different people, but you cannot take their worst.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Cause that is where I have found my happiness.

I am not looking for a man I am looking for my life partner, and he is busy with someone else right now.

I cannot help you if you do not help yourself

I know what I want, and I am not afraid to get it

You are not the girl you were five years ago

I still say no because I do not like to be told what to do

Why try? You are only going to get hurt. I guess it is a good feeling knowing that someone tried.

Short Savage Bad Girl Quotes

I love my job, so I work hard. That is why I am able to buy everything.

You have a body that you aren’t ashamed of

I do not care if you tell everybody

I do not struggle, so I do not know what to say.

If the only way I could help you was by telling you how to live, then I would be the last person to help anyone.

A positive mind set is important in any relationship.

My life is perfect, everyone will tell you how wonderful it is.

If you cannot think of anything to wear, just wear whatever.

I know what I am worth and I will not sell myself short.

It is OK to feel good about yourself.

I am not the smartest person, but I work hard enough that it’s not going to matter

The most successful women compliment one another; they are never threatened by each other.

Happiness is a personal choice and nobody else can make it for you.

Yes, I am an amazing woman and you are about to find out why.

I do not care if you know me or not.

I have my own life, I have come this far and I have no problem doing it alone.

We are all going to die someday, do what you want now!

Life is too short to spend with people that bring you down.

No one else is going to love you more than me.

Life is too short to spend bringing you down.

If no one else would like you and love you, then it is not the right person for you.

You are a beautiful woman and I be proud to be seen with you

I can make your life better or worse and believe me I am going to do it.

I chose my life and I am going to live it.

I am tired of being used, I decided to use you.

No one could ever be like you. You are amazing, strong, and independent.

Nobody knows me better than me; the only person who can judge me is myself.

Never let a man define how successful you are or continue to tell you what you should do with your life.

You have to live your beat, and you have to die with it too.

People should treat me better. I am a good person, why cannot anyone see that?

I work hard so I can buy everything that I want.

I do not need a man to feel successful. You cannot define me or tell me what my life should be like.

Nobody is going to respect me until I start respecting myself and my body.

If you love me, love me for who I am. If you do not like what I have to say, just walk away.

I am nice, smart, beautiful and successful. I have done everything that anyone could ever ask of me.

I am not perfect, but I am learning.

Life is too short to be with people that bring you down or make you feel small.

Nobody has the right to tell anybody how to live their lives; everyone should teach others how they want them to live their lives.

I do not need to be perfect, because I am already perfect.

My life is complete, it has nothing left for me to do. I choose a happy life and that is all there is to it.

If you cannot see what you want for yourself in an hour, then how can you possibly show somebody else that?

Stop trying to make people who are completely different from you like you.

I know what I want out of life, and no one can tell me how to get it . . . no one.

I am not perfect, but I am learning to be.

Some women want their men to pay for everything and anything, but that is where the relationship is going to end.

People who invest in me will be richer for it than those that do not.

I am truly blessed, because I can do anything.

I work hard so I can have a nice life and enjoy myself with my beautiful friends and family.

Nobody can love you better than me.

Just because I am just surfing doesn’t mean I cannot stay.

Keeps you on your toes.

I do not want to be friends, I want to be your best friend.

Find out who you are and show the world who you are.

Don’t lie when your lips are moving. Trust in what they say and learn from their mistakes.

You are not obligated to listen to anyone or anything.

People won’t hold the cards forever.

I do not hurt, I just play hard.

Turn your mistakes into falls and use them as stepping stones for new opportunities.

I do not want to be your last choice, I want to be your only choice.

I tend not to notice things that I cannot have.

The best revenge is massive success.

Keep calm and stay cute.

I am fine, relax and just let me be great.

I am my biggest fan.

I work hard so I can play hard.

It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not.

I do not want to be a princess, I just want to marry one.

I just have one life to live, and I plan on living it up.

Take people out when they tell you there is nothing left to lose.

I was in a very happy place, but some people just do not understand that I am happy without them.