Good Night Friends and Family Messages Quotes and Images

Good night friends and family messages are a recent trend in social media. Good Night Messages has become one of the most popular things to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform that you may use. While good night messages can be sent anytime during the day, they are often shared at nighttime because it is an endearing way to say goodnight to those who matter most. Good Night Friends and Family Messages is a blog where you will find many great ideas for your next Good Night Message!

Good Night Friends and Family

“The stars are shining bright tonight, and I hope they keep on giving you joy. The moon is up there smiling down at us, so let is give her a smile in return!”

“The night breeze is cooling as the sunsets. It is time to let go and dream about your future, free from the worries of today!”

“I cannot thank you enough for the positive impact that your words have had on my day. You make me smile, and I hope to be able to do so again tomorrow!”

Good Night Friends and Family Messages

“I love you, and I am trying to get some sleep. Before my eyelids close for the night, though, let me send a quick thought your way: thank you for being such an important part of my life! Sweet dream, baby.”

“You are a kind and thoughtful friend. You make others feel at ease with your incredible personality!”

“I hope you get to enjoy a good night is sleep tonight. May your dreams be filled with happiness and comfort!”

“The night is your canvas. Paint it with stars and let each one inspire you to be more!”

“I have been looking for someone just like you. You make my day a little brighter, and I hope that smile will be with me when we both go to sleep tonight!”

“I always look forward to your bedtime, moon. Do you know how it is – that perfect moment when you turn off all the lights and close yourself into darkness? That is where I want my good night thoughts: bright & full of hope for tomorrow morning! I am wishing you… Good Night!””

“When the sun starts to set, take a deep breath and release all your troubles.”

“I know we have had our ups and downs, but I will never ask you for anything. Good night!”

“I am forever indebted, and I hope that we can continue our special bond for as long as possible. Good night!”

Good Night Family and Friends Quotes

“May your night be filled with rest, love, and happiness!”

“The person who knows you best will tell you that nothing makes them happier than seeing their favorite person smile. You are such a joy to be around, and we hope this helps take away any anxiety or stress from tonight!”

“Your warmth reminds me of the moon, which is always beautiful. Have a good night!”

“My love, tonight as you sleep, I will be with your dreams. The time spent together in a dream is enough to make me happy and contented for the rest of our lives!”

“I will always be wishing you goodnight. Moon and stars help to guide me through the dark, but they cannot replace your light in my heart or on this earth.”

“We all have our moments, and it is my job to make life lovelier for you on every single one of them. So good night from me!”

“I am wishing a friend of mine who deserves it all the best this night! You are one in a million, so goodnight and sweet dreams.”

“Our love is so strong; it is in our brains and hearts. We are always thinking about each other that makes the relationship perfect. Good night”

“I can picture you in my mind, and it has made this separation so much easier. We are always thinking about one another no matter how far apart we are at the moment. You are on my mind all day long. Good night dear.”

“I know that when you are feeling down, the moon is always there to lift your spirits. Have a good night!”

“As you sleep, I will be here to keep the light on for us. Thank you, my love and goodnight!”

“I do not know what I would do without you! You are the very last thing in my thoughts before sleep. Let is hope tonight is a good one for us, together as always.”

“The sound of our hearts beating is like the moon shining in concert with us. Have a good night!”

Good Night Blessings Family and Friends

“I love you more than words can express. You are my queen, and I will never stop missing, loving or honoring the incredible woman our heroine in life together.”

“Sweet dreams, my darling. Know that there is a special place in my heart for you, and I will never forget the love we shared. Good night sweetie pie. And know I will always love this-you.”

“It is time to sleep, so close your eyes and drift away into dreamland. Forget about today; think only of tomorrow when I see you again, my dearest love. Good night”

“I know that our relationship is special, and I want nothing more than for it to remain completely unbroken. Good night!”

“Although we may be parting ways today, I wish you a good night and denote that your life will always remain lovely.”

“I cannot help but feel blessed to be able to gaze upon your beauty all night long. You are the brightest star in my life; sleep well, sweetheart!”

“You are my dream come true, so I will keep you company on your nightly flights. Sweet dreams!”

“With you by my side, I cannot keep the lights off. My body knows that it is time for sleep, but something else in me keeps us awake at night, missing our love letters and stolen moments together. Goodnight!”

“When the sun sets and darkness falls, I will open my heart for you. You are more than welcome into this sacred space where love dwells in abundance; goodnight, sweetheart!”

“I have never felt this way before, but if you haven’t told me that my love for and miss of your bright smile is driving the pain in my heart away. You are everything to me, My queen.””

“My love, I will try my best to explain why we should love each other. Sleep well tonight!”

“The separation pains me. I long for the day we do not need to be apart anymore and hope you have a good night.”

“I love you more than my own life, and it hurts not to see your beautiful face or hear from you. You are everything in this world that I want for myself; please do not ever leave again! Good night dear.”

Good Night Messages for Friends and Family

“This cold weather is making me sad, but I know you will be warm wherever you are. Always remember that your love means the world to me, and keep those dreams of mine coming!”

“I am so excited about this evening. I hope you have a wonderful dream and continue to feel my love through your dreams, during sleep or waking moments!”

“As I think about you every night, I hope this will bring us together in our dreams. Have sweet dreams, my love!”

“You always know how to make me feel better. I am thinking of you whenever something beautiful like the moon comes across my path! Have a great night”

“The moon is a lot like you: beautiful and full of wonder. Keep up the great work! Have a good night.”

“Your love has taught me so much. I will do everything in my power to reciprocate those feelings of yours! Sweet dreams, darling.”

“The way you make me feel is so new; I will never get tired of your love. You are the best thing in my life and always will be! Have a sweet dream.”

“I am an expert at waiting. Maybe one day, we will get the chance to kiss and wake up next to each other always! While I wait for that exquisite moment in time when you are mine again, may your nights always be long-haired with sweet dreams.”

“You are a light that shines on my every day. Every moment I spend with you brings happiness and joy to this world; thank you for being such an important part of who I am! If only your beautiful face could be seen by night too-goodnight gorgeous.”

“Not being with you all the time is a real bummer. I miss when we didn’t have to part company, but for now, let is just wish each other sweet dreams!”

“You are in my thoughts every night, and I am not going to let a little thing like the distance between us keep me from seeing you. Have a sweet dream tonight!”

“I cannot help but think about you when I wake up in the morning and before bed. There is just something special between us like no one else will do! Goodnight, sweetie-think positive thoughts tonight for our future together.”

“My love, my dreams are all about you. When I close them at night and go to sleep -you are the first thing on my mind. I’d always rather be dreaming of your sweet face than anything else in this world!”

“It is been too long since we spoke. You are always on my mind and it is driving me crazy! The symptoms point to one problem: missing you!! Good night, sweetie pie!!!”

“There are so many reasons to love you just like there are stars in the sky. I know that sounds silly, but it is true! Good night dear.”

“When I am with you and feel your love surrounding me, it is an amazing feeling. Good night darling!”

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Sweet Dreams Good Night Family and Friends

“I never forget about you, so it is no surprise that my dream self sees me in yours. Dream of love!”

“Your presence is what makes the stars shine so bright. Have sweet dreams tonight; I will see you in my dreams!”

“I am so happy to be able to hold you, honey. Let me tell you how much I love and care for each of your perfections in this moment. Sleep well, honey.”

“Your smile, your voice, and all of the moments together make me so happy. I enjoy every minute with you because it is pure bliss! Good night my love”

“The sun will shine through the darkness, and I will be with you until then. Good night my love”

“I cannot sleep without telling you that I love you. Good night, sweetheart!”

“I wish I could keep you warm in this cold weather. It is so hard without your love, but please have a nice dream about me and remember that everything will be alright, sweetheart!”

“I hope you are doing well and that one day everything will be fine. I love you so much, my sweetheart! Have a good sleep tonight to take care of yourself”

“You are my starry night. You bring me to wonder and awe with your beauty, but something is missing here – you! Sweet sleep my love/”

“Do not be afraid to open my heart, for it is full of love that you could never guess at first glance. Good night sweetheart”

“I love you more than anyone else in this world. It has always been for eternity, and I will never stop loving or wanting your company; good night my sweetheart.”

“It would be so hard to live without you. You mean the world to me! I am glad we can share this time and good night from here on out, my love.”

“I love you and I feel like an invisible string connects us. You make me happy when everyone else makes me sad; it is nice having someone there who understands all my flaws as well as their own! Good night sweetie pie :)”

“It is hard to count the reasons why I love you. There are too many stars in sky, and they cannot all be numbered! But this much is true: You are unique, which makes every day new with your smile by my side- goodnight.”

“As the moon shines bright and beautiful, it is not as lovely compared to our love for each other. Sleep well!”

“This is what I wanted you to know before bedtime. Your smile makes me happy, your voice sounds like music in my ears and every word that comes out of it feels like an electric charge running through my body! Sleep well tonight, sweetie pie”

“I pray to God, who makes my heart beat faster with each passing day. If it were not for your kindness and love in this world, I would have never found solace or hope again. Good night beautiful.”

I hope you have enjoyed your day and I will see you in the morning. Good night friends and family!