Scott Stabile Quotes on Life, Love, and Loss

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Scott Stabile Quotes

“Don’t wait for love. It will come when it comes.” ― Scott Stabile

“The more I dream, the less I care about what others think of me. So stop waiting for others to define your worth and start writing your own story!” ― Scott Stabile

“A wise man once told me, ’When you get the right person, it is not about being perfect for that person. It is about being right for you.” ― Scott Stabile

“All I want is you. Your truth. Your presence. Your love. Without you … nothing else matters.” ― Scott Stabile

“True love doesn’t have a happy ending. It has no ending.” ― Scott Stabile

“If you cannot handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell do not deserve me at my best.” ― Scott Stabile

“Don’t wait for love. It will come when it comes.” ― Scott Stabile “Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” ― Scott Stabile

“No one except yourself will ever define you. No one has the right to define you but yourself.” ― Scott Stabile

“It is only in falling that we learn how to fly.” ― Scott Stabile

“No one except yourself will ever define you. No one has the right to define you but yourself.” ― Scott Stabile

” If you love someone so much, set them free. If they return to you again, it is yours. If it doesn’t come back… well, that goes to show you how powerful love is.” ― Scott Stabile

“People will tell you what you want to hear in the beginning so they can get something out of the deal. But eventually, they will let you in and start sharing their own truths.” ― Scott Stabile

“Never underestimate your potential and never stop dreaming.” ― Scott Stabile

“Sometimes ’no’ is just another word for ’not yet.’” ― Scott Stabile

“Life is made up of little miracles, do not ignore them.” ― Scott Stabile

“I have learned that no matter where I go, there is only one place I can call home. And that is within me. So stop thinking about where you can go, and start thinking about what you can be.” ― Scott Stabile

“There are no mistakes in life, just lessons.” ― Scott Stabile

“No one except yourself will ever define you. No one has the right to define you but yourself.” ― Scott Stabile

“If you are not will ing to make mistakes, you will never achieve anything new.” ― Scott Stabile

“Often, the hardest steps are the first steps.” –Scott Stabile

“Laughing at yourself is a true sign of intelligence.” –Scott Stabile

“You do not have to win every fight in life. You have to win the most important ones.” –Scott Stabile

“The best way to figure out your path is to get lost on the way.”–Scott Stabile

“Don’t spend your time and energy trying to prove who you are. Spend your time and energy trying to prove what you can become.” –Scott Stabile

“Speak up. Speak out. Never be ashamed of who you are.” –Scott Stabile

“Even if there is nothing in it for you, take pride in being a good person. For example, smile at every stranger you pass. Say hello to people who won’t say hello back. And do not stop doing these things until their meaning has changed from “pretending to be nice” to “feeling like a good person.” –Scott Stabile

“It is more important to ask questions than have the answers.” –Scott Stabile

“The most courageous step is to take ownership of your life, forgo the notion of control, and become more available to whatever may come your way.” –Scott Stabile

“Life is not just one missed opportunity after another. In fact, when you look at it from a certain point of view, each missed moment can be viewed as a new creation. Therefore, there is no such thing as failure; there is only life.” –Scott Stabile

“When life becomes too hard for you, remember that there are people who care about you and will be there for you as long as you allow them.” –Scott Stabile

Scott Stabile Quotes Let Them Judge You

“No one can define what is beautiful. What matters is how people respond to it. You see, if someone sees beauty in you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You are beautiful.” –Scott Stabile

“In life, it is not about getting anything you want. It is about wanting what you have.” –Scott Stabile

“Know that everything you need is already within you.” –Scott Stabile

“The truth is that we never stop loving people. If someone loves you and leaves your life, it doesn’t mean they stopped loving you. It just means that they love themselves more than they love you.” –Scott Stabile

“When you care about someone, you are responsible for showing it tangibly.” –Scott Stabile

“Consider the possibility that there may be something inside of you that is bigger than any mistake you have ever made and stronger than any unhappiness in your life.” –Scott Stabile

“When people are unwilling to show their weaknesses, they rarely have strengths worth sharing.

“Don’t be afraid to show people who you are. Remember, everyone has a story to tell. Yours is one worth listening to.” –Scott Stabile

“If you feel like who you are on the inside doesn’t match the person you are showing the world on the outside, take heart: the gap between who we are and who we pretend to be is what creates beauty and art.” –Scott Stabile

“The most important things in life aren’t easy. They require us to sacrifice some of our wants and wants in return.” –Scott Stabile

“You need to feel good before you can feel gratitude. So, get to feeling good first.” –Scott Stabile

“Gratitude is not just about feeling grateful. It is also about being will ing to act that way.” –Scott Stabile

“We do not get to choose who we love. We only get to choose whether or not we are will ing to treat them with love and respect.” –Scott Stabile

“Be yourself. The rest will follow inevitably.” – Scott Stabile

“Open your heart, see the world, experience all that it has to offer and all that it has to teach you.” – Scott Stabile

“Don’t wait for love. It will come when it comes.” – Scott Stabile

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. The most successful people I know are good at loving themselves.” – Scott Stabile

“Live with the conviction that sometimes silence is the best answer.” – Scott Stabile (Born to be Heard)

“Don’t wait for love. It will come when it comes.” – Scott Stabile (Born to be Heard)

Big Love Scott Stabile Quotes

“Don’t wait for love. Then it just happens so easily that you HAVE to catch your breath, stop and say ’WOW!’ And more will follow.” – Scott Stabile (Born to be Heard)

“Egypt is a great place for people on the go.” – Scott Stabile (Living with the Legends)

“Life is a very unpredictable adventure. You never know what might happen. Just watching the news can give you a sense of that.” – Scott Stabile (Living with the Legends)

“We are all citizens of the world. We are all equal. As such, we must work together to make this planet a better place, a safer place, and one where everyone has the freedom and opportunity to fulfill their hopes, dreams and aspirations.” – Scott Stabile (Living with the Legends)

“Life is a very precious gift, and it is worth fighting for. As corny as it may sound, it is not about how long you live, but about how well you live!” – Scott Stabile (Living with the Legends)

“The moment that we indulge in negativity is when we separate ourselves from our true selves. We become something that we are not.” –Scott Stabile

“Do not be fooled into believing that human beings are somehow better than other animals. They are only different but still no less brutal. All of them want the same thing: to live, to thrive, and to love others.” – Scott Stabile

“We are all beautiful.” – Scott Stabile

“The truth is never cruel or hurtful. It is always honest and it is always good.” – Scott Stabile

“Sometimes it is better to be alone than to live a life that is not your own. But make your home in yourself. Stay close, but do not get too close.” – Scott Stabile

“You can choose how you live your days; you cannot choose the storms that may come along. But you can choose what you will do when they come.” – Scott Stabile

“How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.” ― Scott Stabile, I Am You.

“Your mind is a beautiful place to visit; do NOT want to live there. No matter how nice it looks at the moment, there is no way in hell you will ever be able to afford it.” – Scott Stabile

“If you cry in pain, you have been hurt. If you laugh in pain, it is because you have been healed. The best way that I know to heal is through laughter.” – Scott Stabile

“I do not think of myself as an actor. I think of myself as a human being who happens to be good at acting.” – Scott Stabile

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars. And sometimes, you have to lose everything familiar to you to gain everything that has been waiting for you.” – Scott Stabile

“If you are not will ing to make mistakes, you will never achieve anything new.” – Scott Stabile

“True love is not the kind of love that never hurts. No, true love should hurt when it is right. And when it hurts, we should realize how much it means to us.” – Scott Stabile