Savage Birthday Wishes for Best Friend



The savage birthday wishes for best friend are difficult to write but, if you want them to be memorable and impactful, it is worth the effort. You cannot just wish someone a happy birthday anymore without adding something of value. This article will give you some savage birthday wishes for best friends that they will not forget soon!

What better way to wish your best friend a savage birthday than to send them savage messages for their big day? This list of savage birthday wishes will have you wishing they were celebrating with you!

Savage Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

List of savage messages:

I hope the person who gave birth to you was not too disappointed in themselves.

Happy Birthday. I am sure it is not as good as last year when we went out and partied all night long, but enjoy this cake!

I feel my nose tingling as I smell something foul. Apparently it is you and apparently your birthday is today, so go take a shower, enjoy the day!

Dear friends, I have noticed that you are not getting any older. That is because the last time we talked was such a long time ago! Am I right?

I always knew that you were a sourpuss, but I never thought it was going to be this bad. Happy birthday!

Even though you have found no girls worth dating yet, I still hope your birthday is great and unforgettable. Keep trying!

Happy Birthday, little sis! I hope your day is as wonderful and special as you are.

Wow, you are old! I hope we get to enjoy your company for many years.

You have finally turned 18 today. I remember the times when we used to fight, and you always cried like a little baby; it was so adorable! Happy birthday, sweetie.

For your birthday today, I am giving you the things that make our relationship so perfect- sarcasm, a bucket load of trouble and a handful of naughtiness. Happy birthday!

You are the vinegar to my fine wine. Happy birthday, old friend!

I am so excited to celebrate your birthday with you! You deserve the best, and I promise to make it as epic as possible. Happy Birthday, brother/sister from another mother!

I want you to have all the things that come your way every day. And today I have got a lot of them for you in this bucket!

Today is your birthday and I am giving you what we always share- sarcasm, a bucket load of trouble, and handfuls of naughtiness. Happy Birthday!

Your enlightened way of life is proof that the old-fashioned idea about healthy living is not all it is cracked up to be. You are a shining example for us all!

Wishing a big happy birthday to the guy who makes me feel like I finally have a little sister! Happy B-Day, Mike.

I hope you have the best day of your life, and I know that is what she would want. What better way to celebrate than with an ice cold beer?

Twenty-one and still a virgin? A sex toy should be the least of your worries, friend.

You are the vinegar to my fine wine. Happy birthday, old friend!

Dear friends, I hope you are well. Have any of you noticed I have not aged a day in the past few years?

I am sorry you have not found your true love yet. If my sister were here, she would have been the perfect match for someone like you! Happy birthday, loser!

Polar bears are the most carnivorous of all land mammals, hunting seal after seal with a success rate that rarely tops two percent.

Happy birthday! I am so excited to celebrate you. You make every day a great one and it makes me smile when you are happy too.

I hope you have been feeling well because I sure have smelled nothing sweeter than the scent of your terrible body odor. Have a happy birthday and go take a shower at least today!

You are 18 now. Remember when we used to fight back in the day and you always cried like a baby? Happy birthday!

Savage Birthday Wishes for Friend

Happy Birthday, babe! It is your special day today and my favorite thing about this date is that we get the opportunity for just us two (and some cake) – all in celebration of how exceptional YOU are!!!

On your birthday, do not frown! Smile to help fight wrinkles. Congratulations on turning another year older.

For your birthday today I am giving you what is in the box- a bucket load of trouble, and sarcasm. Happy Birthday!

I am sure you are feeling like a fine wine today, but I think vinegar is more your style. Happy birthday!

On your birthday, be sure to smile because it is the number one way in which people can prevent wrinkles. All of us want you so happy that we are going to give you all a round of applause!

You are 21 and still a virgin. How? I hope you like this new sex toy I got for your birthday!

It feels like just yesterday when we met and became besties. But here is what no one tells about being immortal: it gets lonely sometimes!

I am so glad I get to call you my brother. And, do not worry – today is your day!

Celebrate your special day with a smile that will make you look years younger! Celebrate your birthday and say hello to healthy, youthful skin.

Wishing a big happy birthday to the guy who makes me feel like I finally have an older brother! Happy B-Day, bro.

Happy 18th birthday! I remember the time when we were kids, and you always cried like a baby. Much love, your favorite sister from another mother.

You are a year more mature, wiser and beautiful. Stay that way forever!

Cheers to you on this very special day. What day is it? It is the one where your mother is uterus welcomed in it’s newest resident- YOU! Happy birthday, my child.

You are aging like vinegar, and I am the fine wine. Here is to you on your birthday!

Here is to the person who gives me sarcasm and a bucket load of trouble every day. I am so glad you are in my life because without that, there would be no naughtiness. Happy birthday!

Wishing a big happy birthday to the guy who makes me feel like I finally have my very own little sister! Happy B-Day, bro.

Happy Birthday Wishes Savage

You are a shining example of someone who is living the healthy life, and it is been amazing to see you grow. Happy Birthday!

I am not sure what you did to deserve this, but here are my best wishes!

Smiling on your birthday is great for wrinkles! Congratulations, you have made it to another year.

What?! You are how old? That is like almost dead in doggy years. here is hoping you make the most of your few remaining years. Happy birthday!

Dear friends, Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends. Have you noticed that I have not gotten “older?

For my birthday today I am giving you what you give me every day- sarcasm, a bucket load of trouble, and a handful of naughtiness. Happy birthday!

I hope you enjoy the card as much as I enjoyed making it. It is a bucket list of all your favorite things and features an original drawing by me! Enjoy, happy birthday!

It is your birthday! Smile all you can. It will make wrinkles disappear in no time at all and will also bring a little cheer to everyone else on the planet too. Congratulations!

You are like a bottle of wine. Some bottles age into the finest vintages, while others turn sour and spoil with time. You are one that is gone bad – happy birthday!

Cheers to you on this very special day. What is your birthday? It is the day that means so much more than just another number!

You are still going strong! You are living proof that healthy rules of life do not work. Happy birthday, you are so young looking and energized for your age!

I can tell by the smell that it is been a while since you have taken a bath. How about today? You are not getting any younger, are you?

You are how old?! You might as well be dead in dog years! I hope you make the most of what time is left. Happy birthday, friend.

Hey! It is your birthday, and I just wanted to say thank you for making the best day of my life even better by sharing it with me.

You have grown up so much and yet I still remember when we were kids. Baby, you cried like a baby when you lost the fight! Happy birthday, my little friend.

You must be the most awkward virgin I know! But do not worry, we are going to change that. Happy birthday buddy!

In conclusion, savage birthday wishes for best friend can be a great way to make their day. You want them to feel loved and appreciated on their special day, so why not let them know with some savage words?

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