Short Birthday Captions for Yourself

There is no need to search elsewhere, because short birthday captions for yourself can be found right here. This post contains short birthday captions you can use on social media or in a personal text message to your friends and family. We hope this list of short birthday captions provides you with some inspiration!

What short birthday captions can you come up with for yourself? It is your day and we want to make it special. We have created short captions that are perfect for a short birthday message to cheer you on!

Short Birthday Captions for Yourself

Happy Birthday to me! I cannot believe that it is my birthday already. My short birthday captions for myself are:

I hope you have a great birthday. I hope it is short and sweet, just like you!

This year has been so much fun, and not even because of the presents.”

I am going to enjoy this day as if nothing was expected of me.”

Dear Self, do not worry about your age today. Tomorrow it will be older and stronger! Happy birthday from me to you my younger self.

The sun shines brightly on you, as the light of my life.

Keep calm and celebrate on! Celebrate the joys of life with this happy-go-lucky shirt.

I am thankful for my friends, family and the birthday cake I can look forward to eating later.

This is the year I finally have my dreams come true.

I am thankful to my mother for giving birth to me.

Happy Birthday to me! I am one year older and a little more of an adult.

I am a year older and wiser now. I cannot believe this is happening to me! One of my most precious moments in life, it is finally here: MY BIRTHDAY!!!

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

I am one year older and a little more mature, yet I have never felt so alive. It is my birthday!

I would rather have a roller coaster than an apple pie any day.

Dear self, it is your birthday today! Have a great one and do not let the age thing get to you.

Short Birthday Captions for Yourself

It is been another year of love and wonder around the sun. I hope you had a good birthday, my darling!

I propose a toast to the people who have made our lives full of joy and laughter.

This is the year I stop searching and start living.

I just want to thank my mom for giving birth to this wonderful child.

Celebrate the good times no matter what.

Hey, sorry about all the excitement this year. It is nice to know that you will be a little older next time around!

I am just here for the cake, but I will take a glass of milk and some fruit too.

I am grateful to have been born into this outstanding family.

I have to admit that you are one of those girls who come in just for the free food!

I pray to be older and wiser until I become toothless. Happy birthday to me!

Another year around the sun with my light of life.

I am so excited for today; the day that will be remembered as one of my best days ever!

I am so thankful to my mother for giving birth to such a wonderful child.

I owe you to my parents, who made me into a successful person.

Another year passes by and I am not any wiser. Every day is the same, just different days that blur together.

Time and age are irrelevant to the wisdom that can be found in our hearts.

I am getting older, but I still have a lot to learn.

You can be happy about so many things.

Short Birthday Quotes for Myself

Life is too short not to celebrate the moments that make it worth living.

I may not have many years ahead of me, but I will always cherish every moment as if it were my last.

Dear yourself on this fine day of celebration, I hope you feel as good about being old as me.

Thanks, Mom – you gave birth to someone pretty outstanding!

This is the year I can finally achieve my dreams.

Faced with adversity, keep your head up and celebrate on.

This is the year my dreams come true. I will let nothing get in my way!

Life is too short to not celebrate moments like these.

I am a year older, but I am not too old to celebrate. I cannot wait for all the festivities that this day brings. Presents and cake with family!

I was born with a sense of optimism and never stopped chasing my dreams, but I have always been careful not to make wishes on candles.

Happy birthday to my shining star.

I cannot believe this. I am old enough to be your dad, but you looked so good in that photo!

From the creation of life to the stars in our sky, there are many reasons we should feel happy.

I am so thankful for my mom, who gave birth to me, her minor miracle.

I am chasing my dreams and wishing on candles.

I made a wish for the first time in years after watching an interesting video about how they are used as part of traditions worldwide.

You are not getting any younger, but do not fret! You will be a year older next birthday. Happy Birthday to you!

I pray to become older and wiser until I am toothless. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you! You are not old yet.

It is your son who you gave birth to.

I am not trying to make a big deal out of it, but I prefer my age over the way some people act.

I am one year older now and I have become a lot more brave than before. It is my birthday!

I am so excited to see what the future holds on my special day!

I feel like I am getting older, but not wiser.

You never know what you will get when I am at the helm!

I am doubting that old cliche, age is nothing but a number.”

I am in awe of what I have been able to accomplish this year.

Never forget to seize the day and celebrate every moment.

I am just here for the cake, but I do not really know what it tastes like.

The light of my life grows brighter, wiser, and more beautiful every day.

Short Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Myself

I never seem to get a slice of that sweet treat. It is not fair!

I am a dreamer, and I have always wished for my dreams to come true.

The world is full of beautiful things, and everyone deserves to be happy!

I am just here for the cake. I cannot wait to get a slice of that delicious-looking chocolate marble cake!

Thank you for giving life to this outstanding person.

I never thought I could live without her, but yet she gave me life.

I pray for good health, wisdom and to live a long life. I enjoy living in this world with my friends!

I am the luckiest guy in town because today is my birthday, and I will be celebrated by blowing out a candle when we sing Happy Birthday” together.

I looked up to the sky, a million stars twinkling. I closed my eyes and made a wish on one of them before blowing out this flame that was burning in front of me.

I am not sure if it is wise to feel so old all the time, but this is just another day in my life.

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

Act my age? I am too cool for school. Act like an adult, you say? No thanks!

My birthday would not be complete without friends, family and, of course, cake.

I hope this birthday will be the last. I am so old that my teeth have fallen out and all of my hair has turned white!

On this special day, I hope everyone is as happy and well off as me.

I am here for the cake, but I might end up staying just because it is so pretty.

Thanks, Mom – your love made me a person who is pretty awesome.

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful mother who will put up with me and all my faults.

This is the year I can finally fulfill my dreams.

For the light of my life, another year has passed.

I have been eyeing this place from across the street and now that I am in front of these beautiful doors, you cannot keep me away!

Life is too short not to celebrate every chance you get! Happy Birthday, me!

I am so grateful for the friends, family and, of course, birthday cake.

This year my light shines brighter than ever.

The clock is ticking, and it is time to celebrate! Happy Birthday to you.

Happiness is a never-ending cycle.

What short birthday captions for yourself can you think of? We have compiled a list of short and sweet birthday captions for you. Say goodbye to those long, drawn out posts that no one really cares about. These short captions will make your post more interesting and meaningful! Short birthday captions for yourself are short and sweet. They are short, but they are also powerful. These short sentences can help you celebrate your special day in a way that is uniquely you! I hope this article helps you find the perfect short birthday caption for yourself.