Princess Captions for Instagram

If you are looking for the perfect princess caption for your next Instagram post, look no further! We have got you covered with our list of the best princess captions for Instagram.

Princess Captions for Instagram

“Yes, I am a princess but I am also a human.”

“Everyone has their own princess story.”

“Princesses are meant to be brave and little crazy.”

“A princess doesn’t need rules to rule.”

“A real princess knows that being a women means fighting for what she thinks is right!”

“A real princess believes in true love, and always finds the man of her dreams.”

“Princesses do not need a reason to be brave. They just do it all the time!”

“A real princess wants everyone to feel like they are worth it.”

“A real princess knows that it is never too late to start your own dream.”

“A real princess always believes in true love, and true love always finds you!”

“A princess is more than just a title.”

“A real princess doesn’t have to be saved by someone else.”

“She is not afraid to sweat for what she believes in.”

“Believing that fairytales do exist is not a weakness, it is magical.”

“The way I see it, if you are going to be a princess, you might as well be flawless.”

“The Kingdom’s future is in my hands.”

“Since when has wanting to rule the world been a bad thing?”

“I wear the crown with pride because that is what a princess would do.”

“Being a princess means giving your all, even when you are tired.”

“Princesses are never sad. They are just happy to be who they are!”

“If you can dream it, you can do it! And dreams are free.”

“A real princess always stands up for what she believes in.”

“Being a princess means believing in yourself even when you are hurting.”

“Princesses never disappoint. They are just making the best of what they have.”

“If you love something, put a ring on it!”

“Somebody’s gotta be the ruler, right?”

“I am not afraid to get my hands dirty for what I believe in.”

“Being a princess means looking stunning, even when the world’s gone all Cruella de Vil”

“This is real life, and this is who I am.”

“Princesses land on the right side of history.”

“It is not what you do, but who you are, that matters.”

“You can run, but you cannot hide!”

“Cinderella’s no fool. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it.”

“I might not be perfect, but I am trying my best!”

“This is me, and this is how I want to be.”

“A princess and her best friend are just two peas in a pod.”

“Being a princess means living in the moment.”

“Princesses know their hearts are true and no one can ever change that.”

“Love makes you stronger. Not weaker!”

“Princesses always look beyond the surface of things, even when it hurts.”

“If you love someone, show them!”

“I will never stop fighting for what I believe in. Even if I have to be the only one.”

“Being a princess doesn’t mean giving up your dreams. It means chasing them!”

“Princesses find beauty in all they see, even when it hurts.”

“A princess and her palace are never truly apart!”

“Princesses do not wait for their clothes to change who they are.”

“Princesses won’t let their hair down until they have done their best!”

“A princess knows there is always a happily ever after.”

“Being a princess is perfect, even when it is imperfect.”

“I choose to be the one I want to be, the one I prefer to be.”

“A princess is never boring. She is always a perfect surprise!”

“Princesses always finish what they start.”

Princess Captions for Facebook

“The difference between a princess and a queen is that a queen can wear her crown with pride.”

“I won’t let anyone make me think that I am not good enough.”

“All princesses are different shades of beautiful!”

“Princesses do not need to be saved by someone else.”

“Princesses are never too proud to admit when they are afraid.”

“If you love to be the one everyone is cheering for, you are a princess!”

“A true princess won’t hesitate at the chance to do what is right.”

“A princess is a dreamer, a fighter and a lover.”

“A princess can be anyone you wish them to be.”

“Everyone has their own fairy tale.”

“They just do not all happen the same way!”

“How many you have is just a matter of knowing how to make it yours!”

“A princess does not sleep with a traitor.”

“A princess does not eat without knowing the source of their food.”

“A real princess knows she deserves the best and creates her own happily ever after.”

“A real princess is not afraid of her scars and doesn’t hide them either.”

“I am just a girl who believes in true love, dreaming about my own fairy tale in my head.”

“A princess doesn’t wear black and blue, she wears pink with a little purple!”

“A princess doesn’t get jealous of their best friend.”

“A real princess is all they want.”

“Even if people say you are different and do not understand why you act the way you do.”

“A true princess doesn’t need rules to rule.”

“Even if you are the only person in the world…”

“A real princess is worth fighting for.”

“A princess doesn’t give up on their dreams, they fight for them!”

“A princess is more than meets the eye.”

“A true princess knows that being a women means fighting for what she thinks is right!”

“Princesses do not care about being perfect, they just want to be happy with themselves.”

“A princess doesn’t give up on her dreams, she fights for them!”

“A princess doesn’t care about what people think, she cares about making her own choices.”

“A real princess is the one who makes the world go round.”

“Don’t let anyone tell you how to live life! Be a real princess and believe in yourself!”

“A princess doesn’t use someone else to make her feel good about herself.”

“A true princess knows their value and doesn’t let people talk bad about them.”

“A princess is brave even if the battle she has chosen is hard.”

“Don’t be afraid to show the world your real self.”

“A real princess doesn’t care about what people think, she cares about making her own choices.”

“A princess does not play with her heart.”

“Princesses can be both the good and the bad.”

“A princess knows her princess story.”

“Princesses do not give up on their dreams, they fight for them!”

“A princess doesn’t care about being perfect, they just want to be happy with themselves.”

“A true princess has a story in their mind and an adventure in their heart.”

“A real princess doesn’t need rules to rule.”

“You are your own fairy tale and you can make it better or lose it all very easily.”

Funny Princess Captions for Instagram

“A princess doesn’t give up on her dreams, they fight for them!”

“No one is better than you are.”

“A princess knows that being a women means fighting for what she thinks is right!”

“Princesses do not care about what people think, she cares about making her own choices.”

“A true princess is all they want.”

“A princess does not put her weapons on the table.”

“Just a princess, chilling in their castle.”

“They say a princess should act like one, but who can tell me what a princess really is?”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“A princess walks through thorns unharmed.”

“I am not a princess, but I am royal enough!”

“I made my prince charming happen, because life is too beautiful to wait for it.”

“When you believe you can achieve anything, miracles start to happen. We are all magical girls.”

“Princesses do not kill.”

“I am a princess, but that doesn’t mean I cannot be strong.”

“You wanna be a princess? You can be, if you want- it is for free!”

“All the boys want to marry a princess.”

“You just need the crown and your mother’s blessing!”

“You wanna be a princess? Try your luck!”

“I am a princess and I am beautiful, never feel less than if you are not.”

“If you are gonna be my prince, then I need to have a crown. And maybe a dress, but not just any dress But an amazing and magical one.”

“You can have anything in the world. But what you do not have is someone to call your own in return.”

“Always look like royalty.”

“Food is good for the soul, but being a princess is better.”

“Here, there and everywhere. Every girl is a princess.”

“I am not a princess, but I am rich enough!”

“To be a real princess you need two things: a castle and an amazing boyfriend!”

“It is hard to be a princess, but you can do it if you try.”

“Being a princess isn’t about what you want, but about what the world needs.”

“A princess has to leave her weapons on the table.”

“When the moon is full, let your hair down and let your dreams come true.”

“Lift up your head and crown yourself with stars.”

“I am a princess and I am rich enough!”

“Wanna be a princess? Try your luck!”

“A princess should always have her secret weapon with her.”

“Whoever finds me will eat more than I do.”

“A princess shouldn’t have to pay her own way.”

“I love you like a bodyguard who keeps arguing with me.”

“I would rather be a princess in the tower than on the throne.”

“I still cannot believe that magic is real.”

“They are not a member of the royal family, but they do have a particular place in their hearts for them.”

“The princess to be, is simply a princess.”

“After you have come this far, there is still a long way to go.”

“To be a princess is simply who you are inside.”

“The sprinkling of glitter in my eyes leaves me speechless…”

“If I were to be something else, I wouldn’t feel like myself anymore.”

“How I’d like to be a messenger for her, with a message that says “You are a princess.””

“Up until now, I have felt what it is like to be a princess.”

“What it means to be a princess, is not about being born into royalty.”

“A princess does not have to have pointy ears or wings!”

“That kind of girl doesn’t even exist!”

“I would love to feel the same light around me as her… That fills my eyes with tears of joy.”

“How it must feel to be a princess, is the kind of thing you can only feel when you are a princess.”

“The light around you fills your eyes with tears of joy.”

“A princess has the right to lie in her bed for eternity.”

“You are not being yourself if you cannot do that!”

“I hope that when I grow up, I will be able to take a nap like that.”

“I do not know what it would feel like to be born a princess.”

“You may have hair that is grown out of control!”

“She is the kind of girl who will wake up before you do, and laugh at you because she was not scared.”

“I am sure it is strange to see me wear pants.”

“Lately I have been feeling like a princess without being told so.”

“A princess plays with bunnies even in real life.”

“A princess does not need to check if her seatbelt is on.”

“I would like to think of you as my Angel, who left me here on Earth.”

“Cinderella went to the ball. The glass slipper did not fit me.”

“That is why we need to maintain our beauty, even in a world full of wars and disasters.”

“You already know that I am as beautiful as a princess. Just look at what I am wearing, right?”

There is a princess inside all of us, waiting for you to lift up your head.”

Princess Quotes for Instagram Bio

“The princess and the chicken, who laid an egg?”

“I had my eyes closed, and I didn’t know that you were there.”

“Don’t tell me you do not see what he sees in me.”

“You can be anything that you want, as long as you stay true to yourself.”

“Underneath it all, I am just a fierce warrior trapped in a princess’s body.”

“If you had told me that I will be beautiful, I would have believed you.”

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind do not matter and those who matter do not mind.”

“I got my prince, but he ran away with my heart.”

“A princess is not the one who owns a castle. A castle is not a symbol of a princess. A princess is nice and caring, and she loves to lend a hand to those in need.”

“A princess should know how to keep her hands clean.”

“Forgive my honesty, but I do not want to see your ugly face again!”

“I am not supposed to be here anymore. People have already forgotten about me.”

“You know what I am talking about, do not you?”

“”To him who has no heart, the world is like a piece of cake.””

“I had been dreaming of this moment from the time I was a child.”

“The last thing I am, is a princess.”

“If you are a princess, then what do you need my help for?”

“No matter what happens, I love you! You are my knight in shining armor!”

“The prince never once asked me to be his queen…and all because he realized that he doesn’t love me at all.”

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it is meant to be yours.”

“Love is all around us, but sometimes we do not see it.”

“I may not say this every day, but I love you with all of my heart.”

“I will never let you go.”

“Life is full of surprises, and I am glad that it found me at this time in my life.”

“The most important treasure for a princess is her heart.”

“My glass is half full, but yours is still empty.”

“You cannot put a price tag on love!”

“Thank you for giving me the greatest gift in my life! It is called life!”

“Can you hear the wind? The best thing is that you are with me.”

“You are my prince charming.”

“I love you, Nate. You are the prince for me. I do not need a crown to know that I am your princess.”

“Whenever I see your face, my world stops turning for a moment and everything turns into colors of pure blissful happiness.”

“I still remember the first time that I saw you. You are my everything.”

“Life is too short to wonder what if?”

“If you are born a princess, I guess there is no other way to be.”

“Lots of princesses have suffered lots of abuse”

“Princesses who break the mold go on to change it anyway.”

“Some say she has a heart full of gold, as others say she has a heart full of dirt.”

“A lot of people think her shy and reserved, but I know she is just smiling all the time.”

“Her smile can light up the darkest dungeon in my head.”

“A princess must not be tardy.”

“Princesses aren’t only from fairytales”

“With a little magic, she can become anyone.”

“I hope she knows that I love her like a sister.”

“People call her the perfect wife, but I know she is perfect as herself.”

“Even though it might look like she has everything, inside it is completely empty.”

“Just like my heart full of dust.”

“A princess never dies alone.”

“A princess’s real name is power.”

“The princess of my castle.”

“Princesses aren’t just for Halloween.”

“A princess can be a queen, but only if she wants to be.”

“Princesses can have horrible childhoods too.”

“Every princess knows that villains are just misunderstood.”

“Princesses are made of magic, not pumpkins and fairy dust.”

“Some girls were born to be royalty. and others were born to save them all.”

“The princess of my heart.”

“A princess can be tiny or tall.”

“Some dresses are made for dancing, and some are made for standing on the tallest of castle walls.”

“A prince is nice to a princess because he wants to rule the world with her.”

“Even if we are going through hell, I will still believe in fairy tales.”

“Princesses do not need a hero to save them, they just need someone to believe in them.”

“Some princesses are just waiting for a hero to wake them up.”

“All princesses need a knight.”

“Some princesses are the fairest of them all.”

“The prince of my dreams.”

“There is no royal handbook on how to be a perfect monarch.”

“Princesses do not need freedom, just love and trust in their hearts.”

“Of course you wouldn’t want to be a courtier, not if you had any other choice in life.”

“A princess is everything a prince wants, and also everything he needs.”

“She came from somewhere special, and she will always have a place in my heart.”

“Princesses are a lot of things: pretty, brave, kind.”

“As a princess I’d rather be strong than pretty.”

“It would be such an honor to marry the prince of my dreams.”

“But if the prince doesn’t love me back. that is okay too.”

“Because he is the prince of my dreams.”

“She is the princess of my heart.”

“My prince charming.”

“Some girls are made from money and others from magic.”

“Her smile lights up all the dark dungeons in my head, even though she won’t tell me where she is going.”

“A princess can be a criminal, but only if she wants to be.”

“What is the most terrifying thing about being a princess? The answer is nothing at all, because we are special and extraordinary, we are different and special.”

“Some girls are made of diamonds and others of fairy dust.”

“She was born with a fire inside her, just like all princesses.”

“She is the best kind of princess – the kind that doesn’t need saving.”

“If I could pick any person to be a princess, it’d be her.”

“As long as she is breathing I will never have to wait for her.”

“A princess saves people and no one saves a princess.”

“I am sure I was born destined to be her knight in shining armor.”

“I will always protect you, and I will always get you what you deserve.”

“When my heart stops beating, she will be buried with me.”

“You will always be my hero, even if I am not your damsel in distress.”

“They tell us we are perfect for each other, but I know we are just a match made in Heaven.”

“She is still the most beautiful girl in all the land.”

“I hope she knows that I love her more than all of my other girlfriends combined.”

“This was not written for you, but you should read it anyway.”