Happy Sunday Prayer Message Text Sms

The happy Sunday message prayer is a plea for the happy and well-being of all people on earth. It is not only to give thanks for one’s own blessings but also to pray for the peace of all peoples in the world.

Dear church family, happy Sunday prayer message

– We are happy to come together and worship Our Lord Jesus Christ, prayer text message.

– We hope you will join us in praying for all of those who need help from the Lord. Happy sunday prayer wishes.

– To God be the glory! Amen.

Happy Sunday Prayer Message

“Sundays recharge our souls and make us feel closer to family. Hang onto the hope for a great day ahead because Sundays are here!”

“I hope you have a beautiful Sunday, and I am sorry for the time we will not spend together. Thankful that God created this day to refresh our souls and bond families together in love so they can persist through all of life’s temptations.”

happy sunday message prayer

“I wish you were here to tell me what an influential person I am and how much joy I bring into your life. But, until then, this should do the trick!”

“Dear friend, so many folks are feeling down in the dumps this season. What better way to get a lift than with some good cheer and warm wishes from your pals? May you have an excellent day!”

“God will fill your cup with overflowing blessings today. Keep smiling, Sunday!”

“I hope I fill your Sunday with peace and love. You deserve it!”

“A life of toil is difficult and hard, but the rest you enjoy on Sundays can pave way for an everlasting peace.”

“I am blessed to have a day of rest. May the Lord bless all my operations in this coming week, and may I be guided by his divine grace always!”

“God loves and cares for us always, even when we don’t deserve it. The Father is constantly in the business of fathering us, but today may you experience His love as never! Have a blessed Sunday.”

happy sunday message prayer

“I wish you a wonderful day with happiness! Have an enjoyable Sunday morning.”

“You deserve to have a good Sunday morning, just because you’re exceptional.”

“May our souls find peace in the Lord, even though they await their day of rest. May we have a beautiful Sunday to surround ourselves with all things good and pure!”

“May the good Lord wrap His Almighty arms around you and your family today. May He fill them with peace, love, joy, and hope for a great week ahead!”

happy sunday prayer image

“God never cannot pick us up when we call upon Him, even in our lowest points. His mercy is always available, so you can always have a beautiful Sunday!”

“If you’re not feeling great today, don’t worry! Tomorrow’s a new day. You’ve got this! I hope the rest of your Sunday is just as good and beautiful.”

“Sundays are a time for us to prepare our minds and bodies, so that we can face the week ahead. Make it an outstanding day!”

happy sunday message prayer

“Blessed are those who fear the Lord. May the blessed ones of God guide all your operations in this coming week, and may you have a happy Sunday!”

“May hope fill your soul with all the joy and peace of God’s Holy Spirit so that it may fill you to overflowing in this new week. Blessed Sunday, my love!”

Happy Sunday Prayer Sms

“May the rest we enjoy on Sundays pave way for an everlasting peace after our earthly toil. Happy Sunday!”

“You deserve to enjoy a worry-free, doubtless, and fearless Sunday. Enjoy!”

“May the Lord of peace bless you with His presence on this peaceful Sunday morning. Enjoy your time in His amazing grace, my love.”

“Thank God for Sunday’s the day of rest! How would we be able to recharge and refresh if there were no weekly breaks? Have a great one.”

“I wish for you to have a beautiful Sunday morning. You deserve this day and all the happiness it brings!”

“Dear God, I don’t know what to say because I am not a religious person, but at this time of the year, it is in my heart. Today we celebrate you are with us always and bless our days from now until eternity – Amen!”

happy sunday message prayer

“Our souls are at rest because they found peace in the Lord. That is why we can enjoy a beautiful Sunday as our bodies get deserved R&R today.”

“May we fill your Sunday morning with joy and happiness?”

“Sundays are a good time for families to come together and bond. It’s also the day of rest, so take advantage of that! I hope you have an enjoyable one ahead.”

“May the good Lord wrap His Almighty arms around you and your family today. May He give all of us peace, love, joy, hope for this week ahead – have a beautiful Sunday!”

“His wisdom blesses you if you fear the lord, and your daily operations will be guided. Have a wonderful Sunday!”

Happy Sunday Message Prayer to My Love

“Thank God for Sundays! How else would we get rejuvenated and refreshed if we had to work week in, week out? Have a great one.”

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace so that by the power of His Holy Spirit, may you abound in hope. Happy Sunday, beloved!”

“Sundays are the best days of all. They’re a chance to start fresh and have an exceptional future ahead!”

happy sunday message prayer

“Life is a beautiful thing. One day at a time, one moment to the next; it’s all we have and it should be cherished.”

“I hope the good Lord will wrap His Almighty arms around you and your family today. I pray that He fills your heart with peace, love, joy and hope for this week ahead of us all. Have a beautiful Sunday!”

“I hope you have a peaceful day, my love. Let the Lord of peace keep you safe and sound throughout it all!”

“May our souls find peace in the Lord, and may His love may also bless us on this beautiful Sunday.”

“I will bless you with overflowing blessings today. Happy Sunday!”

“May the rest we enjoy on Sundays pave way for an everlasting peace after our earthly toil. Happy Sunday!”

“The antecedents of the mighty God are so strong that they will give you a worry-free and fearless Sunday. Enjoy!”

“May the God of hope and joy fill you with all peace, love, and light. May this power keep your heart full until next Sunday when I see you again!”

“Sending you a Sunday greeting. I hope your week is going well so far and that the coming days are full of blessings for both body, mind, & soul.”

happy sunday message prayer

“I hope that you’re feeling better, and I miss being there to see the sunrise with you. It felt so good when we were together last time; I can’t wait for our next date!”

“You are blessed if you fear the Lord, and your day will be guided accordingly. It’s Sunday, so that means it is a time for worshiping God!”

“God is there to help us, even in our darkest times. You can always call upon Him and He will answer you – no matter what your situation may be!”

“Sundays are a time to spend with your loved ones and celebrate the beauty of family. We hope you enjoy this day. May it bring rest for your soul.”

“Whisper your prayers, shout them loud or groan…God hears them and sees your sincerity. May you find succour in His presence today! Have a happy Sunday.”

“God is always in the business of loving for us, even when we don’t deserve it. He’s constantly fathering us with His abundant love today as well!”

“May the rest we enjoy on Sundays pave way for an everlasting sleep after our earthly toil. Happy Sunday!”

“May the Lord of peace give you a happy Sunday this morning. Enjoy your time with Him in His presence, my love!”

“May we fill you with hope today. You are blessed and adored, my friend!”

“Thank God for Sundays. How else would we have time to take care of ourselves if the weekends did not break our workdays up? Have an even greater one!”

“Sundays are the best time to have a fresh start. Make it count by doing something fun or different from your routine for today!”

“God is here to fill your cup with overflowing blessings. What a way for the day of rest and worship to come! Happy Sunday.”

“Each day is a new opportunity to make progress. Think about the possibilities and what you can do today! Have an exceptional Sunday, everyone!”

“God has given us a day of rest to enjoy and revel in His glory. Spend it without worry, with a faith that He will guide your life for the greater good!”

“Today has been a long day, and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. As the miles get longer between us, my heart will overflow with love for you. Happy Sunday!”

“May the souls of our loved one’s find peace in Jesus Christ as they rest, and may we take this time to remember their lives? May you have a beautiful Sunday.”

Happy Sunday Prayer Text Message

“Never forget that the mercy of God is always available to you, even at your lowest points.”

“May the rest we enjoy on Sundays pave way for an everlasting peace that will follow our earthly toil. Happy Sunday!”

“Sending you hug and best wishes for a peaceful Sunday! Have fun in the sun this weekend.”

happy sunday message prayer

“May the good Lord and His power always be with you. May your heart find peace in Him, love from Him, and joy for today. Have a beautiful Sunday!”

“God will fill your cup with overflowing blessings today. Happy Sunday and enjoy the day!”

“I wish I could look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you, but until then, this will have to do. Happy Sunday wishes to the one who is always on my mind!”

“I hope you have a good day. I wish that your start is as fresh and exciting as the end of it, and that each moment brings with it joy for all those around you.”

“Blessed are those who fear the Lord. May a healthy respect for God’s will and presence guide all your operations in coming days, lest you risk sinning against Him!”

“May the hope that God has placed within your heart keep you safe from all harm. Happiness and joy will fill your soul. Have a blessed Sunday!”

“May our souls find rest in the Lord even as our bodies get deserved sleep today. Have a beautiful Sunday, friends!”

“I wish you a wonderful morning and I hope that each moment of this day brings happiness to your life.” 

The happy sunday sms prayer message is a way to end the day with positive words and thoughts. It brings peace to your soul, so that you can enjoy the happy Sunday night ahead of you.

This happy sunday message prayer is for all the lucky people out there. It’s not about being happy, it’s about how happy we are with ourselves and our lives. Focus on the good things in your life.