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70s Captions for Instagram

Someone told me they were going to take me back to the ’70s. I was like, Oh, no. That is a different decade.

What is not to love about the ’70s? It was a time of great music and fashion.

Lately, I have been thinking about the ‘70s a lot. You know, it wasn’t all bad….

I have scars from in the ’70s. I got hit by a moving van, a tank, and a bus.

When I hear the words ‘television’ and ‘comedy’ together, I think of the ’70s.

I went back in time to the ’70s yesterday to see if people were happier. They were, but they also had shorter life spans.

What was it like in the ’70s? There were no group chats, no emojis. They did have pay phones and Pac-Man though.

Yes, it was kind of like being in the ’70s… Except we have computers now. I miss the ’70s sometimes.

It is really like I was transported back in time to the ’70s. Except for my iPhone….

The only thing I miss about the ‘70s are my shoulder pads. They were perfect for me.

I used to have shoulder pads in the ’70s. They were awesome. I also had a bell-bottoms and wore a lot of red.

Not only was the ’70s a time of peace and love, but it was also very exciting.

The ’70s, in my opinion, are the best decade ever. I would want to live in this decade all over again.

I miss the ‘70s so much. I hope I get to go back there someday.

The ’70s. Oh, I wish I could go back to the ’70s!!!

Have you heard? The ‘70s are back! It is like they never left.

I want to go to the ’70s. I think it would be awesome being in the swingin’ seventies again.

The ’70s were amazing! There was this thing called MTV, but I do not know if it was invented in the 70s or just popular during that time.

What a great time to be alive in the ’70s. I can only remember the Captain & Tennille.

The ’70s rocked! There was this guy called Elvis Presley, and he was divine.

The ’70s were something else, huh? Remembering my fond memories of the decade makes me smile from ear to ear.

Ah yes, the 70s were great. Big hair, bell bottoms, and terrible music–my dear sweet teenage years.

The ’70s is one of my favorite decades. I cannot even explain why. I just love the ’70s so much.

It was the time of the 70s when we had mostly disheveled hair and bell-bottom pants.

The 70s were pretty rad. The only thing I can remember was the music.

The ’70s were, by far, one of the best decades in my life. I do not know what it is about it. It is just such a fun time to be alive in.

I think the 70s were overrated. All I remember from that era was disco, and how much it sucked to be around people who loved disco music.

What was the 70s like? Oh, nothing ’bout it. I just remember disco, bad music and bell-bottoms.

The 70s. That is when disco and bell bottoms ruled the land.

It was the ’70s all over again. Oh what a time to be alive!

The 70s are something special when you think about it. There was a lot more freedom.

I cannot remember the ’70s, but I really want to.

The 70s was a fun time. We had disco, bell-bottoms, and peace on earth. That is all that I can remember about it.

It was in the ’70s that all my fond memories were created. I can still remember them so clearly.

The ’70s was one of the best decades in my life. I wish it was the ’70s again. It’d be so great to be alive in that time again.

The ’70s are something else. Who knew bell-bottoms will come back as a fad?

It is really cool that the 70s are coming back into fashion.

Our lives were so carefree. We had no worries like the kids nowadays do.

I know right? Well, we will just have to wake up and cry at the drop of a dime.

I have always wanted to visit the past is decade, but I never got around to it.

The 70s were a good time. They were a little more conservative, but it was fun being a teenager.

The 70s were an awesome time to grow up in, I was a teenager back then, and I can only reminisce about it now.

We had the best toys during that time, we didn’t have video games yet like kids nowadays do.

Childhood sure was fun during the 70s.

Not only did we have toys, we had games as well.

Playing Monopoly was something to look forward to back then. Swimming was still fun- and hot!

Well, the 70s were damn fun. It was an awesome decade.

This decade is so much cooler, it is always summer. I mean, this summer is crazy gorgeous!

I tried wearing floral print yesterday, but people thought I was wearing a bikini. Ha ha ha!

It is a great day for you to wear a flowery shirt and fit leggings today!

Going back to the 70s, I loved reading books during that time.

I travel back in time whenever I read a good book.

Yeah, reading books is just relaxing.

With all these new gadgets nowadays, it is hard to read regular books these days.

Well, I like reading kinda old and classic novels, so this isn’t too bad.

I can sometimes read twice as much as I want because the books are so old.

The only bad thing is that there is no internet in the past- the future is great!

There was no social media back then, but we had something that was just as good: phone calls.

Seriously, phones only had a few buttons on them back then. Today’s phones have sooooo much more.

Phone calls were just as amazing as they are nowadays. We used to call our friends everyday!

I remember when we had to say Hello? and Goodbye on the phone before there was texting.

What? That is insane, we said hello and goodbye on the phone back then!

We had no email back in the 70s either, I wish technology wasn’t advanced so quickly.

Yes, we had to send actual letters back in the 70s.

My grandma passed away a few years ago, but I still look at her collection of vintage postcards.

I know right? Postcards were cool back then. I sent my boyfriend one, and he didn’t even know what it was!

It is always great to see people taking pictures with their vintage cameras these days.

Vintage cameras will always be my favorite type of camera.

It is great to see vintage cameras nowadays too, it is amazing seeing how people use them.

You can just get your favorite vintage camera and turn it into a smartphone too!

We had no GPS back in the 70s either, but we did have maps.

To me, I never cared much about having a GPS in my phone. I like old maps because there is no distractions.

There is nothing better than walking with someone in the middle of nowhere and trying to find a certain landmark.

It is always sad seeing old landmarks not being used anymore.

It is crazy how from when I was a kid and my mom was a teenager, it seems like the world around us has changed so much.

Vintage fashion is something that I love to try.

I have always wanted to wear bell-bottoms, but I will be honest, I rarely do it!

They are the most iconic attire from the 70s and they haven’t changed much over time.

They were still fashionable in the 70s when I was a kid.

I am so happy that bell-bottoms are back in style again!

Everyone is wearing retro shirts and jeans these days, it is really something to be proud of.

They do make me feel like a teenager again.

I have never felt more freedom than when I wore bell-bottoms.

I think it is also a great feeling because bell-bottoms are always in trend.

It is been a while since I have worn bell-bottoms, and I feel like the 70s never left me! It was an awesome time to grow up in.

Besides the vintage fashion, I miss the peace that I had as a kid.

The 70s were fun back then, but for my generation, it was pretty rough.

70 Captions for Instagram

I do love technology though. It is amazing to see our phones becoming smarter every day.

The 80s were a great decade to be in. It was stylish, fun, and full of eye-catching prints.

I hope that the 70s are just as great as they were before!

Well, I think my nostalgic trip down memory lane can go here.

I am going to go on ahead and make some bell-bottoms for myself.

I just had the best time of my life reminiscing about the 70s!

It was great growing up in an era where we didn’t have technology to rely on, and where our parents were always around.

I am glad I got to wear bell-bottoms, with a matching pair of starry lips, while doing so.

Bell-bottoms were always my go-to attire when there was a party going on.

Growing up in the 70s was a lot of fun. Peace [waves hand], war [makes peace sign].

I think it is great that people are looking back at their childhood and remembering those times.

It is great to be able to look back at that part of your life and remember it fondly when you are an adult.

I feel like my position as a teenager was so unique, it is really fun looking back on the past and remembering the good things.

Yup, those were some good times. I had a lot of fun with my friends back then.

Yup, those were some good times. We used to make prank calls and play games together.

I miss the days when I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Those were some good times. Just hanging out and talking everyday was as great as it is nowadays.

Those were some good times. Back then, we didn’t have to worry about having the security of our phones!

Those were some good times. I remember when people only went outdoors in sunscreen!

I was so lucky to grow up in that time, it was a fun time of my life.

The 70s are considered by many to be the epitome of peak style. But what happened to that sweet style?

After a brief period of disco and bellbottoms, the era transitioned into more conservative fashion and a new attention span.

The early 70s were a time where everyone was trying to look good for the camera—not just for the movies, but for their portraits, too!

The 70s was an age of the family—and it was good. The country was more unified due to more children being born and put in group homes.

In the 70s people pretended to be good, but that was just an act. Like 30 years later when we pretend to care about 9/11 and what is going on in the world.

The early 70s fashion was very silly and over-the-top with gaudy colors and overly huge platform shoes…

Best decade ever! You couldn’t get your driver licence without having a 70s license plate frame on your car.

70s-inspired clothing adorned the people in the 70s

70s shirts were my favourite back in the day – always layered and huge, usually with a flower print. Must have been all about being carefree.

70s fashion for women was based around fun, hippy ways such as bellbottoms and huge hair bows!

The 70s were amazing year for fashion, from bell-bottoms to flared jeans with strappy sandals.

The 70s were a time of glamorous dresses, funny hairdos and great music.

The 70s were a magical decade filled with great fashion, great films, and great songs. We will always remember that special time.

The 70s: a decade filled with disco, bellbottoms and the VW Bus… A time when everybody wore crazy colours!

Fashion in the 1970s was all about self-expression. You could wear what you wanted. It was an era for daring and boldness.

The 70s had all the best music, fashions and styles. I will always remember the 70s for their great music!

When people say the 70s had no fashion, they clearly weren’t looking at all the appropriate HABERDASHERY back then.

For all the lovers out there…taking in the 70s-inspired fashion trend of bellbottoms.

The 70s was a lovely time to grow up. It was when disco reigned supreme and groovy became a way of life. Everything was about peace, love, and happiness.

The 70s was a great time to be alive. There was a lot of hope and people certainly were free to dress how they felt.

Captions for Instagram 70s

The 70s were characterized by bellbottoms, discos, peace and love—and a lot of hair dye.

The disco era was in full swing, along with bell bottoms, and feather boas! Ha! What a fun time.

The 70s were great! You had to love the music and everything was built for comfort.

1970s was a decade full of huge changes in the world. Music was my first love and disco was the only way!

I cannot help but feel like I am going to wake up in the 70s any second. They seem to make everything more fun, even a workout. Thank you, SoulCycle!

A lot has changed since the classic ‘70s films that our parents loved, but we still manage to be inspired by them now.

Call it a throwback.

The 70s are back. I am not sure what they put in the water, but it is definitely making us happy!

Decades ago ‘70s fashion stood out because of it’s funky flair—with bellbottoms, wide-leg pants and puffy shirts.

The ‘70s were a great time to be alive because the hippie movement was very popular and there was the great music coming out of California.

There were so many fabulous fashions from the 70s: bell bottoms, puff sleeves, and many more.

The ‘70s saw the rise of disco and disco music, and we cannot forget the big hair! Definitely a blast from the past!

Though the 70s are over, it will never be forgotten.

Great music, great fashion—that is what the 70s were made of.

There will come a time where I will look back at the past and think to myself I am so glad I was born in the 90s.

I may not have lived through these times, but I can still appreciate what was going on in this time period.

Yes, I have seen the 70s on TV, and it is not too far from what I remember.

If you were born in the 70s, you did have a good time.

I couldn’t imagine seeing The Planets of Uranus without the music to go along with it.

I had to make sure I got the right kind of TV shows, songs, and dances as if I lived back in the 70s.

Being born after the 70s is a good thing, especially since it is only technology that is improved since then.

The 70s were a beautiful time full of great music and great movies…one of these days we need to see Aliens again.

Superhero movies were all the rage in the 70s.

I had a lot of fun playing with my toys as a kid, and now I get to play with them as an adult.

Experience wasn’t as important in the 70s as it is now, because we just had fun.

I felt so inspired by the music of this generation…it made my heart soar.

We really need to go back to those days when we had freedom, peace and great fashion.

Superhero movies are okay, but nothing compares to the great music that was created during the 70s.

1970s fashion was mostly black and white…but I wouldn’t call it simple.

I am sure the joy and music of the 70s will never die.

Sometimes all you need is a nice hot pink shirt, and you will be ready to go.

Wish we could go back to those days when peace was all people wanted from this crazy world.

The 70s were a generation of it’s own—I miss them for some reason.

Somehow I feel nostalgic knowing that I was too young to experience it back then.

Great fashion, great music, great movies. What could be better?

People in the 70s had some funky style…I like it.

It is not often that you get to see pictures of your parents when they were younger…it is nice.

I love the 70s…it is my favorite decade.

There is something special about being born in the 70s.

The 1970s was a time when people still had some freedom, peace, and great music.

I got to see a lot of the 70s on TV, and I couldn’t wait till I could see it in real life.

Dancing around with my friends in the 1970s made me such a happy child.

I love looking at pictures of the past, especially when I lived through it.

The 70s were a decade where peace and freedom were in full swing.

My favorite decade—the 1970s.

I do not understand people who are too young and ignorant to appreciate the 70s, but whatever.

There was no better time like the 70s—maybe it is just nostalgia.

I always wanted to see how I would live in the 70s when I was little…but that never happened.

I miss the music of the 70s…listening to it now makes me feel nostalgic.

Going back to the past is always fun, especially when you get to see some old friends.

The 1970s was a great time for fashion and music—one of these days I will find a way to go back there.

I never met my grandparents, but it is still nice seeing pictures of them back in the day.

I really miss the life style of the 70s—the music, fashion, and peace didn’t change much.

Those were some tough times we lived in, but I like to think of it as a time worth remembering.

We all have memories from our childhood that no matter how old we are, we will never forget.

Not many people can say that they actually lived in the 70s, but I am one of those lucky few.

I love reminiscing about the 70s…it was the best decade ever.

When I saw all those superheroes in those movies, I wanted to be a superhero too.

I have a lot of fond memories of the 70s, especially the music and fashion.

I remember seeing The Planets of Uranus without the music to go along with it.

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