The Ravenwolf Quotes: What Do They Mean?

The Ravenwolf quotes are some of the most popular and well-known quotes in the world.  The Ravenwolf quotes are a must-have for any fan of the show. Here you will find a collection of the best quotes from the show, Ravenwolf.

The Ravenwolf Quotes

“Men are like ticks: If you pull one off, it is somewhere else.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“She lives on in my heart, but in my heart. There is a thin line between love and obsession. I know it well.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“In the end, a relationship is not defined by who you are or what you have done, but who you have loved” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“Mistakes are one of the roads to enlightenment.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“It wasn’t until he fell that I knew he could fly.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“The universe is made up of infinite small universes and that is a good thing because, in that infinity, we have all of our choices.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“If you are always on the lookout for something to complain about and never able to find anything good, you are not living your life.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“I think the only difference between men and women is whether you are having sex or not.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“You are your own best friend or your own worst enemy. The choice is yours.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“The mere pleasure of living depends on a harmonious relationship with the outer world and the ability to adjust and adapt to it’s ever-changing conditions.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“An amazing number of people really believe that if they do not use a spell or ritual, then nothing will happen. I call it the “I want to win the lottery without buying a ticket” syndrome.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The only true authority in magick is your own will and intent. No one can tell you what is right for you but yourself. Sometimes other people is opinions can help us see ourselves better, but ultimately, it is our choice. No one else is.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“In this life, we are not ever alone. We have spirit guides and ancestors to help us. Some people think they do not have these. I always say to them, “What makes you think you are so important that spirit beings would come here to help?” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The closer you get to the truth, the more insistent becomes the lie.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The loneliest place to be is alone and free in a crowd.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Never take anything for granted, even your own life.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Nature always leaves behind something as a memorial, a memento mori. This doesn’t just hold for trees and mountains, but for people as well.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“You will be a magician when you can make the thought disappear from your mind that you have ever used magick.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Heart Broken hearts are much easier to mend than broken heads.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Nothing is more dangerous than an ideal with which one does not agree.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The Sun does not shine for all. No more does Love.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“No one knows what they can do until they try.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“I am a witch. I have been a witch all my life and I shall die one, if not by fire..” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Sure, finding it is the easy part, however holding on to it is another kind of project altogether.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Be with someone who wants to be with you just as much as you want to be with them.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“I have ever held the notion that a man’s place is not at home, but where he can best serve himself and others.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“We are not alone in the universe; we share this space with entities far beyond our limited understanding.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“What one has once enjoyed, they will always long for and wish to be reunited with.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“There is no such thing as oversharing. Only under sharing.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“You must learn that it is a lot more difficult to confide something to someone than to keep it bottled up inside.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The real secret of being happy is putting your dreams in order and doing what you have to do every day to make them come true.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“One person’s poison can be another’s medicine.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“When you have got the power to turn a little more than you have ever had, it is not just power that becomes your problem. It is everything.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“I am not afraid to die, but there is a long, long way from here down.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If you love someone enough, never let them go.” —Silver Ravenwolf

“If you do not know how to ask the right questions, you cannot get the answers you seek. If you are not asking the right questions, then you are asking the wrong questions.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“It is a curious thing to observe that our actions and decisions seem to be motivated more by our attitude toward ourselves than by our attitude toward others.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“Because we are truly connected through the fabric of life, when I hurt, you hurt too; when I suffer, you also suffer.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“I do not believe that one should ever look back, only to analyze.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

“Truth is not always beauty, nor beauty truth. It was a man who said that, and he was a poet. That a poet should see truth and beauty intertwined is just one of the ways poetry has gotten you into trouble.” ― Silver Ravenwolf

Ravenwolf Quotes

“Travel as a part of your journey, as a result of your journey, not only will it change you; it will change you in ways that you could never have anticipated. It will bring fresh perspectives on the way things were done before.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“I was not born a magickal woman. I became one.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“I love magick, but I hate gender roles. Anything that artificially draws a line between men and women is deeply unhelpful. It tells me that my experiences are not valid because they do not fit on a stupid chart.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Magic has no moral system. It only has results. You must be responsible for those results. No one is to blame if you do not get a good result because there is no moral system. Only cause and effect.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“I take the world in. I sort it out. Everything that gets poured back out is what I call my art.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If you do not sit down and deal with your stuff. your life will deal with it for you. The repercussions will hit you like a truck. You will stand there in the road, wishing you knew how it happened.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Failure to adequately prepare is preparing to fail.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“I can create change by changing myself. My outer life is the reflection of my inner. I can choose to be a person who creates change or a person who gets destroyed by it.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“You must take action to create change.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“There are no mistakes. It is only the nature of the process that is mistaken. The result is what matters.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If you are not creating change yourself, you are dragging others down into your struggle to survive. If you cannot move, you are going nowhere.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“My life is my art. My art is my life. I am an artist because of my life experience, not my other one. There is no separation.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If there is a door that needs opening, I am the woman to open it.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Our culture has done a good job separating men from women. as well as from ourselves. When the lines get blurred, we all get in trouble. I am not a woman. I am not male. I am Silver RavenWolf.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Good enough is never good enough. You should strive to do better than good enough better, stronger, faster and smarter.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you interpret it. You can change the way you approach things.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“There is a difference between being angry at something and feeling outrage. You cannot be outraged at anything. You are right to feel outraged, but wrong to be angry.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“They say you need to cross the street if you get hit by a car. If you get hit by life, you need to go forward.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Good things happen that first draw your attention. They become what you are looking to experience. You have to let yourself be drawn into them, no matter how strange, mysterious or scary they look.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Justifying your existence is not being self-absorbed. Intimacy with yourself is the true form of love.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“We are complicated creatures. Our lives unfold in complicated ways, and we have the unparalleled ability to complicate our own lives further.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“It is never a matter of ’do not be so hard on yourself. You are always being hard on yourself. You are just hard enough that you cannot see it.” ― Silver RavenWolf

Ravenwolf Sayings

“You can learn much about other people if you listen to what they say. I am an excellent listener and I think it comes from magick. It is almost like I am listening for a particular word or phrase to unlock magickal meaning.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“You are not your body. You are a spiritual being with a physical body. The two are well connected, but you are more than the sum of your parts.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If you are lost in your life, if it is not working for you, if you feel like you cannot see the way through, then maybe it is time to look for something else to live for. Maybe you need magick to make you whole.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“We are complex creatures. We want to be real. We want to live in the now. But we cannot because we are all connected to something bigger and more mysterious than us.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“I believe in balance, and I believe we can bring our lives into balance whether or not others do it for us.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Without intention, life goes by without you knowing why. There is no meaning and you are just floating around. You have to have intention. It is not something that you can just sit back and let happen.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“You have to stop surviving, start living, and start creating the life that is waiting for you.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“It is hard for me to write about something positive without it is turning into a lecture or lesson.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Negative things happen. It is what you do about them. That is where the power is.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Magick is like living water. It doesn’t have to be done on a regular, organized basis. You can sprinkle it all over your life whenever you feel like it.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“When we give up our power, we lose ourselves in the process of giving it away.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Your life today is not your reality tomorrow. And your reality today is not your future. Take responsibility for where you are now. What you do with the present moment determines how you will be in the future.” ― Silver RavenWolf

Ravenwolf Love Quotes

“Being able to change yourself is to explore your own and others’ inner realms because we all have access.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“We cannot predict what comes next, but if we prepare, then we can handle it.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Magick works in mysterious ways. It is like pouring water on a plant that doesn’t like water. It will grow where you want it to grow. It is just a matter of giving it what it needs.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The word amagick’ is not scary. At least, not to me. I think the whole idea of magick is about magick. But I do not think it is scary at all.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If you are will ing to face your greatest fear, you can create anything from yourself. It is like facing an enemy you are supposed to be afraid of. What is it? It is just a thing or a person. What is it really?” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If we are not moving forward, we are moving backward. But if we really cannot move forward, then we need to go back and figure out where our steps went astray.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If your words are positive and come from love, then they draw love to you. If you are filled with hate and resentment, your words will draw that to you.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The key to becoming a good magician is not to be afraid of anything. You only have control over your thoughts.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“You may think what you do and say affects other people, but it is only affecting you. You are the one who is living in your own little corner of the world, so this is where it all happens. This is why you have got to be prepared.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Most of what makes us feel helpless and alienated comes from the way we let our own opinions and experience shape us. We get to choose how we want to feel. We cannot control others, but we can control ourselves.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Fear is not a bad thing in itself, but what we think about makes it so. Fear is not objective. Things are only scary when we think they are.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Every moment you waste bemoaning your fate is another moment you are not living. Take a risk, let go of the past and focus on what you have to gain.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“There are things in the world that aren’t real. That is what magick is, a way to make the unreal real.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The world isn’t broken. It is just misaligned. If it were an honest alignment, we’d have everything we need right here and now. There wouldn’t be any problems.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“But what makes us feel so helpless and disconnected from the world? Can we not change things around us? When we live in an illusion and we do not see how everything is connected, then how can we find a balance?” ― Silver RavenWolf

Ravenwolf Quotes About Love

“The more you focus on loving yourself and what you want, the more you will attract into your life. Magick is about flowing in the direction of your soul’s tightest pull.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Our actions have consequences. Our thoughts and words have consequences. Whatever we do, we affect everything around us. By believing that we have choices, we choose blindly.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“It is not a matter of being good or bad. It is about what you think is important and what is not.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If you are living a life of service, you will attract gifts when you need them. That is how things work. They come in at the right time and they leave at the right time.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The universe is talking to you. It is just a matter of hearing it or ignoring it.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“Taking action makes your life real. Waiting for things to change and hoping that good things will happen is not how life works. If you want to make yourself whole, take action. If you want to make the world whole, take action. That is what magick is all about.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If you cannot change your past, then you have to change how you perceive it.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“You have to commit and take action if you are going to get anywhere in life. No one else will if you do not believe in yourself and your actions. Taking action is what helps us grow and learn.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If you are not taking responsibility for your own experiences, then you are bound to re-create the past repeatedly. Taking responsibility during a ritual means that you are going to be fully present in the circle with yourself.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“The whole point of a love spell is to force someone to fall in love with you, which means that you have no interest in them. If you did, then why wouldn’t they already be in love with you?” ― Silver RavenWolf

“When we feel disconnected from the world and unable to find balance and harmony within ourselves, then it is because our thoughts are not clear. They are muddled. We have to clean them up and get ourselves in order if we are going to have an impact on the world.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“We are living in a dream. We are living inside someone else is illusion. And because we believe in the illusion and we believe that there is something wrong with us, then we will continue to suffer.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“There are areal’ things that aren’t real. There are unreal things that are real, too. There is nothing you can count on being reliable or consistent other than yourself and your reactions to what happens around you.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“If you are not taking responsibility for your own experiences, then you are not in control of your destiny. You are just going through the motions and everyone else is doing it, too.” ― Silver RavenWolf

“How many people who write off the people who love them as crazy are those people saying that they do not trust their own perceptions? We do not always trust our perceptions because we believe that we are only seeing what everyone else wants us to see. And why would we trust what everyone else is seeing?” ― Silver RavenWolf

“When you are in love, you are will ing to take that risk. So if you do not take risks, you are not letting yourself fall in love. Falling in love means that you are will ing to fall on your face.” ― Silver RavenWolf