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Here are some of the best Sonny Barger quotes that show his wisdom on life, motorcycles, and everything in between. Check out some of the best Sonny Barger quotes that show his no-nonsense approach to life.

Sonny Barger Quotes

“A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” — Sonny Barger

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is been a philosophy that I have had pretty much all my life.” — Sonny Barger

“First you get the sugar, then you get the power and then you get to dance.” — Sonny Barger

“One person never does great things in business. A team of people does them. Steve Jobs said that. I believe it. You need a team of people to do anything in life to get it done.” — Sonny Barger

“If you know, use it. If you do not know, then get the knowledge.” — Sonny Barger

“It is easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble once you are in. I do not know many people that can do that.” — Sonny Barger

“I have always been a little bit dangerous. I think it is part of my makeup. But I think you need to be a little bit dangerous to make any change in this world.” — Sonny Barger

“I am the freckle-faced kid from Memphis, Tennessee.” — Sonny Barger

“It is not how much money you make. It is how much money you keep in your wallet and what you do with it afterward. That is what matters.” — Sonny Barger

“I do not think you should ever do anything to anybody unless they deserve it. You never need force. The other guy will give it to you will ingly if there is a reason behind it.” — Sonny Barger

“I am the type of guy that has never, ever run away from anybody in my life and I am proud of that fact.” — Sonny Barger

“My idea of hell would be just being alone with my thoughts. I would not like that at all. I think I would be crazy.” — Sonny Barger

“I am not a tough guy. I am a human being.” — Sonny Barger

“I do not like to dance, but I make up for it by telling a lot of dirty jokes.” — Sonny Barger

“I want to be left alone, you know? Just left alone and not have nobody telling me what to do and what not to do. I am pretty much a free spirit.” — Sonny Barger

“I think I kind of like being a kid. I do not care how old you are. You want to be a kid.” — Sonny Barger

“Girls who kick their feet out when they are dancing are not real dancers.” — Sonny Barger

“I have always had an eye on the future. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I am just thinking about the next thing that is going to happen. I do not let myself get too far ahead.” — Sonny Barger

“If I want to do something, I want to do it well.” — Sonny Barger

“I can take many things, but I cannot take an idiot. An idiot will drive me crazy faster than anything else in the world.” — Sonny Barger

“I am not going to be anything when I grow up because I am already grown. There is no reason for me to grow.” — Sonny Barger

“I do not have any friends. I have people I know.” — Sonny Barger

“You must fret about the things that are worth fretting about, but it is more important to be happy.” — Sonny Barger

“I am not a big believer in therapy and all that stuff. I think people must find their way and go through their evolution. I do not think you are going to find the answer in a book.” — Sonny Barger

“I am not your grandpa. You won’t catch me sitting in a rocking chair, listening to polka music on my Jim Beam decanter or anything like that.” — Sonny Barger

“You have to have a certain amount of patience and tolerance for other people and their shortcomings. You cannot always be right all the time, either. I have had to learn that. You have to take people as they are, not try to make them like you.” — Sonny Barger

“I do not try to impress other people. I am just me.” — Sonny Barger

“I think it is important to know what I am doing. It doesn’t matter how big a deal it is, but I want to know at least what is happening before I go in and do it.” — Sonny Barger

“If you want something bad enough, you can get it. Persistence is the key. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or trying to accomplish. If you want it bad enough and are persistent, then you can get it.” — Sonny Barger

“People are always looking for hope. Nobody wants to live in despair. Everybody wants to live a decent life and be happy.” — Sonny Barger

“Say what you have to say, do what you have to do, but do not step on anybody’s toes.” — Sonny Barger

“Live fast and die young. Old age sucks.” — Sonny Barger

“I feel sorry for people who do not drink. When they wake up in the morning, that is as good as they are going to feel all day.” — Sonny Barger

“I never drive faster than I can see and never drink faster than I can walk. It is not hard to live a life.” — Sonny Barger

“It is not what happens to you but how you handle it that matters. And how you handle it is up to you.” — Sonny Barger

“The more people I meet and the more people I know, the more I like my dog.” — Sonny Barger

“I think my biggest asset is that I am a good listener. Anyone who listens can learn something and keeps learning will eventually reach their goals. I am not a teacher. I am a student.” — Sonny Barger

“Anyone nice to you means you are not worth his time. If they had no time for you, there’d be no reason for them to be nice.” — Sonny Barger

“There are only two things that matter in life: the battles and the chicks. Everything else is just icing on the cake.” — Sonny Barger

“(We are) The biker gang that rides for freedom and justice. We are not looking for profit. We are looking for justice. If the people in power do not want us, then they will have to decide if they want to take us on or surrender.” — Sonny Barger

“I like to play with fire. I am saying it is good to be middle of the road, but in reality, it is bad.” — Sonny Barger

“I believe life is a roller coaster and you are free to pick where you sit on it and get off at any time you choose. It is up to you.” — Sonny Barger

“I love to smell smoke. It smells like victory.” — Sonny Barger

“Sometimes it is better to burn out than fade away.” — Sonny Barger

“If you cannot do time, do not do the crime.” — Sonny Barger

“If you are not will ing to risk the chance of failure, then you better not try anything at all.” — Sonny Barger

“Ride hard and far, most importantly, ride safe.” — Sonny Barger

“Live free or die. When I heard that, I knew that we had to fight for freedom.” — Sonny Barger

“I am real easy to spot when I ride a motorcycle. The police will stop me and say, ’Hey buddy can you come with us?’ To which I respond with ’Sure. Start walking.’” — Sonny Barger

“You have got to get out of your box and explore life, take risks, speak your mind and be yourself. Also, try to learn something new every day. Don’t be boring.” — Sonny Barger

“A man doesn’t keep going when he is worn out. He stops. And then someday in the future, he might start again.” — Sonny Barger

“Here is a little advice. If you are not dancing, you are falling!” — Sonny Barger

“Dogs aren’t smarter than cats and I am not any smarter than my dog.” — Sonny Barger

“(I have) No one to blame but myself. I am my worst critic and the hardest one to please. I am not easy to live with, but I know how to live life.” — Sonny Barger

“I try not to become a victim of my past.” — Sonny Barger

“It is hard for me to get the jitters, but I sometimes feel nervous before a fight. It is not personal. It doesn’t mean I am scared. I am just excited. I push myself harder in training than ever before.” — Sonny Barger

“(We have) An unspoken code of brotherhood. We are the biker gang that rides for freedom.” — Sonny Barger

Famous Sonny Barger Quotes

“I am not afraid to die, but I’d rather jump off a cliff than being beaten in a fight. Whoever wins, I lose!” — Sonny Barger

“I say when something’s not good enough, it is time to get rid of it. I am not afraid to ditch anything. Sometimes it is better to lose something than to hold onto it.” — Sonny Barger

“I am a good atheist. I do not believe in heaven or hell.” — Sonny Barger

“I am not afraid to die. Of course, I do not want to die and I am scared of dying, but if that is the worst thing to happen, why would you live? You are supposed to be happy when you die. Now I know that is a lie, but I still believe it.” — Sonny Barger

“God blessed is the life lived freely, unburdened by fear or doubt. That is what we are all out to prove.” — Sonny Barger

“I am an adrenaline junkie. I like the rush of getting into a fight and the adrenaline keeps me going.” — Sonny Barger

“I have been told either you kill, or you die, but it is better to live than it is to die.” — Sonny Barger

“I want to be remembered for the things I do and not for the things that stop me from doing them. I want to be remembered for the joy and not the sorrow.” — Sonny Barger

“I have some regrets. There are some things I wish I hadn’t done.” — Sonny Barger

“Everything happens for a reason and as hard as you may try, you cannot escape your fate.” — Sonny Barger

“I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but you cannot let them crush your life or bring you down. You need to stand up and learn from them. I have learned to live with my mistakes, but I wouldn’t want anyone else to.” — Sonny Barger

“I have got a few tattoos. a good one is an eagle and the rising sun. That is all I will say.” — Sonny Barger

“I am ready for anything, man or beast.” — Sonny Barger

“Man, it is so hard to find someone who can just be themselves, so you should all get out there and try it. If you cannot be yourself, then how the hell are you supposed to know who to love?” — Sonny Barger

“I am an old-school biker. I prefer the non-electronic music of the 70s like Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult.” — Sonny Barger

“If you want something, it is there for the taking. If you do not, it is not.” — Sonny Barger

“If you are scared of your own shadow, then let me be your shadow. I will never do anything to hurt or betray you.” — Sonny Barger

“Life is too short to do anything you do not enjoy.” — Sonny Barger

“I like being an outlaw biker. We are all bad guys when behind closed doors. But on the outside, you are whatever you are.” — Sonny Barger

“You cannot always get what you want; if you try, sometimes you might get what you need.” — Sonny Barger

“I do not regret a damn thing in my life. I might have done things differently, but that does not regret.” — Sonny Barger

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good.” — Sonny Barger

“You cannot make someone love you if they do not know you.” — Sonny Barger

“It is nobody else is business what I do with my life. I will spend my money on cool shit. I will take free time and do other things with it.” — Sonny Barger

“Sometimes the greatest lesson is in the simplest things. It is about choices, consequences, the real world, and living in it. If you really want to know what makes me tick, that is about it.” — Sonny Barger

“There is no known cure for stupidity. It is an incurable disease.” — Sonny Barger

“If you do not hit the line hard enough, in the beginning, there will be no end.” — Sonny Barger

“If you do not like yourself, then how can you expect anyone else to?” — Sonny Barger

“You can run, but you will only die tired. You can hide, but the cops get you in the end. Or you can fight.” — Sonny Barger

“No one is going to get it right all of the time. Life is a messy thing that is hard to follow. You have to grab it and love it. If you pick your battles and have a plan, you will have peace of mind.” — Sonny Barger

“It is not about what you like or do not like, but if you like yourself. If you can believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.” — Sonny Barger

“I have tried to be kind. But kindness is not always rewarded.” — Sonny Barger

“Try anything at least once. Just do not say you weren’t warned!” — Sonny Barger

“You will never get everything you want, but it is about finding what you want. And then, do everything in your power to get it!” — Sonny Barger

“Life is too short to be in bad company. I make things happen. And that is why I am where I am.” — Sonny Barger

“I may be the oldest rookie you ever saw! You should always choose your friends wisely. You cannot trust everyone.” — Sonny Barger

“If you are trying to find me, look where I am already. If you want to talk, then come get me.” — Sonny Barger

“It is not how good you are, but how good you wanna be.” — Sonny Barger

“You cannot make someone love you if they do not know you. But if they do know you, they will always love you.” — Sonny Barger

“I have been in jail and seen the inside of a hospital enough times. I am ready for my own private hell!”— Sonny Barger

“I do not speak for all bikers. I speak for myself because I am always right.” — Sonny Barger

“I do not clean my bike, I just grease it. ” — Sonny Barger

“I do not like to be in the kitchen when it is cooking!— Sonny Barger

“I would rather be where the party is than where the party has gone.”— Sonny Barger

“I live by three rules: Treat people the way you want to be treated. When they do not treat [you], react. React to everything. And if you really want something, it is there for the taking.” — Sonny Barger

“I have tried to be kind. But kindness is not always rewarded. I have tried to be good. But sometimes, you do not get a break.” — Sonny Barger

“I live by three rules: Treat people the way you want to be treated. When they do not treat you, react. React to everything. And if you really want something, it is there for the taking.” — Sonny Barger

“If you do not hit the line hard enough, there will be no end in the beginning. If you give it your all, no one will ever forget it.” — Sonny Barger

“You cannot make someone love you if they do not know you. But if they do know you, they will always love you. I have tried to be good. But kindness is not always rewarded.” — Sonny Barger

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