Rumi Quotes About Grief

In the realm of human emotions, grief is a profound experience that can leave us feeling lost and alone. Yet, in the midst of this darkness, the words of the 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic, Rumi, can serve as a beacon of light. Rumi’s quotes about grief, loss, and healing offer a unique perspective, transforming our understanding of these intense emotions. His wisdom encourages us to view grief not as an end, but as a journey towards a new beginning, a path to deeper understanding and compassion. In this blog post, we will explore 30 of Rumi’s most poignant quotes about grief and loss, each accompanied by a brief explanation to help illuminate their profound meanings.

Rumi Quotes About Grief

  1. “Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.”
    • Grief, according to Rumi, can cultivate compassion, transforming pain into a powerful ally in our quest for love and wisdom.
  2. “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
    • Our wounds, our grief, can be the very places where we find enlightenment and understanding.
  3. “Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”
    • Rumi encourages us to see loss not as an end, but as a transformation, a change in form.
  4. “Your grief for what you’ve lost lifts a mirror up to where you’re bravely working.”
    • Our grief can reflect our courage and resilience in the face of loss.
  5. “I saw grief drinking a cup of sorrow and called out, ‘It tastes sweet, does it not?’ ‘You’ve caught me,’ grief answered, ‘and you’ve ruined my business. How can I sell sorrow, when you know it’s a blessing?’”
    • This quote suggests that even grief and sorrow can be seen as blessings, offering us opportunities for growth and understanding.

Rumi Quotes On Grief

  1. “Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as bird wings.”
    • Rumi uses the metaphor of a hand opening and closing to illustrate the ebb and flow of grief, suggesting that it is a natural and necessary part of life.
  2. “Whoever finds love beneath hurt and grief disappears into emptiness with a thousand new disguises.”
    • This quote speaks to the transformative power of love, even in the midst of hurt and grief.
  3. “One day your soul will carry you to the Beloved. Don’t get lost in your pain, know that one day your pain will become your cure.”
    • Rumi encourages us to see beyond our current pain, assuring us that it will eventually lead us to healing.
  4. “Your body is away from me, but there is a window open from my heart to yours.”
    • Even in the face of physical loss, Rumi suggests that emotional and spiritual connections remain open.
  5. “What goes comes back. Come back. We never left each other.”
    • This quote speaks to the cyclical nature of life and death, suggesting that separation is only temporary.

Rumi Quotes on Death

Rumi Quotes About Loss

  1. “Death has nothing to do with going away. The sun sets. The moon sets. But they are not gone.”
    • Rumi uses the metaphor of the sun and moon setting to illustrate that death is not an end, but a transition.
  2. “These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.”
    • Rumi encourages us to listen to our pain, to see it as a messenger guiding us towards understanding and healing.
  3. “This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.”
    • Rumi suggests that our perception of reality, including our grief, is limited and that death can bring a new, enlightened perspective.
  4. “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”
    • Rumi speaks to the enduring nature of love, suggesting that true love transcends physical separation.
  5. “The cure for pain is in the pain.”
    • Rumi suggests that the path to healing our pain lies within the pain itself.


Rumi’s quotes about grief and loss offer a transformative perspective on these universal human experiences. His words encourage us to see grief not as an end, but as a journey towards deeper understanding, compassion, and love. As we navigate our own experiences of grief and loss, may we find solace and wisdom in Rumi’s timeless insights.