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Rev Run Quotes: Looking for some words of wisdom from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world? Check out our collection of Rev Run quotes!

Rev Run Quotes

“Marriage is not a dress rehearsal! Make it work!” — Rev Run

“The True Spiritual Warrior fights the inward battle to overcome the enemy within himself.” — Rev Run

“The only people you can change are your thought processes. Your family teaches you how to think, your parents teach you how to act, and nobody teaches you how to BE.” — Rev Run

“My mother married a non-believer. That impacted me. She used her position as the house is matriarch to talk about religion when I was an adolescent. That made a huge impact on me.” — Rev Run

“I am so proud to be Black! ’Cause I was born in the ghetto and raised in the hood, like a proud son of the hood.” — Rev Run

“Sometimes people just want to hear you say something nice because they do not have anything nice to say. Don’t demean yourself by denying the truth and talking just to fit in.” — Rev Run

“You cannot change the world, but you can change someone is day. By just being nice to them.” — Rev Run

“The only way you will ever have a better life is if you take a risk and go for it.” — Rev Run

“Deep down inside, our hearts are broken, but we still win. Because the true test of our character isn’t how much pain we have been through but how we have handled that pain.” — Rev Run

“No matter where I am or what I do, I always think of Brooklyn. It is like Brooklyn’s stuck in my head like glue. There is nothing I can do about it. It is just there. Always.” — Rev Run

“Success is not how much you have, but how much you give.” — Rev Run

“So what do I do? I find a way to make it my life is work to prove everyone wrong. I want to be the son my father never had.” — Rev Run

“I used to travel with a lot of bad people. But they weren’t around when I was at the lowest point in my life. They didn’t see me crying. But they still do not respect me.” — Rev Run

“I am not a rapper. I am not a dancer. I am not an actor. I am a renaissance man.” — Rev Run

“There is something about Cosby that fascinates me. He seems like the Everyman. In some ways, he reminds me of myself because he does try and help people for the sake of helping people.” — Rev Run

“I am a survivor. I am not a victim. I am a victor, not a victim.” — Rev Run

“My father was my business partner. He owned the business; I just worked for him. He taught me the importance of hard work and the value of education.” — Rev Run

“When God called me to preach, I was like, ’Oh no! Don’t do it!’ but now it is like I am being used to making others believe in God. Now it is my turn to share God’s love with others.” — Rev Run

Rev Run Words of Wisdom

“I am the eternal optimist. I do not think any one organization can do the work that God does.” — Rev Run

“I would have never made it without my church. I do not deserve much of anything, but God has given me a lot and that is what I want to give back to him.” — Rev Run

“I believe nothing is more important than having faith in God. Faith is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited to the mind, but faith is unlimited. It is a tool that will get you through anything.” — Rev Run

“I do not believe in staying in one place for too long. I like to move – change the scenery and meet new people.” — Rev Run

“If you were to put a gun in my hand with two bullets and tell me I can defend myself with one or save a family member with the other. I am going to use both bullets on the gun and save my loved ones.” — Rev Run

“My momma taught me that everything happens for a reason. If you live to see tomorrow, something else will happen for good.” — Rev Run

“Sometimes things just happen that you cannot control or explain. For example, it wouldn’t make sense if I were to explain why my head is put on the side of my face. It is just there. It is as natural as hair and lips are to a face.” — Rev Run

“I am proud of my body. I have done a lot of work to get in shape. I am proud of myself for having the dedication and patience to work out every day.” — Rev Run

“I believe that whatever you put into something is what you will get out. If you treat others with respect, you are going to get respect.” — Rev Run

“I do not know if I am smart or not. But I do know that there are smarter people than me, but they cannot see what I see or do. And that is why I try to spread the message of my vision worldwide.” — Rev Run

“My mother always told me to be good and nice. As a child, I didn’t know what she meant by ’being good and nice, but now I get it. Being nice means you are a good person, trying to do good. Being nice means being humble.” — Rev Run

“I try to be a good person. I am not perfect by any means, but I try.” — Rev Run

“Rain or shine, I do not like the cold weather. I feel like campfire songs after the rainfall out of me.” — Rev Run

“Yes! Good people make the world go ’round and bad people bring it down. We must believe in ourselves and make a difference in this world. We must understand that everything is not about us.” — Rev Run

“If you love God, then God will show you the way. If you do not believe in God, then God will let you know his love for him.” — Rev Run

“It is not about what is on your head. It is about what is inside of it.” — Rev Run

“I am a person just like everybody else, but at the same time, I have something special to offer because I am the son of Bill Cosby. And I have a message for the world.” — Rev Run

“I do not hate anyone. It is just how people sometimes act that makes them look bad. I just like to be nice to everybody unless they are not nice back.” — Rev Run

“My father was a man. He did a lot of things right and he did a lot of things wrong, but I have to respect him.” — Rev Run

“When I say something’s beautiful, then it is beautiful. There is no in-between for me.” — Rev Run

“You cannot beat God and his love. When you try to fight him, you cannot because he is within all of us. We must believe in ourselves and do what God wants us to do. — Rev Run

“I wish there wasn’t a colour barrier I am supposed to overcome. I try to be the best person I can be.” — Rev Run

“My father is my best friend. We have a lot in common and talk often. When he was growing up, he didn’t get a lot of love, so his father was his hero.” — Rev Run

“They look at you as if you are not human, like something else. They see you as something that is not human, like some animal or something. I suppose that is why there are darker people in the world. They are looking at us with confusion.” — Rev Run

“I have a fear of God. I just believe in God. When it rains, I feel his presence.” — Rev Run

“I am a goofball, but I am serious when the situation calls for it.” — Rev Run

“A lot of bad people want to try and put me down. But I know the truth about me, so I try and ignore them.” — Rev Run

“I am happy to be a man. I am not happy to be a boy because I want to be a man. After all, there is more freedom. There is more freedom in being a man than being a girl.” — Rev Run

“I believe in the message of the Lord Jesus Christ and I try to live my life like he would expect me to live.” — Rev Run

“I am not perfect, but I strive for perfection daily. I believe perfection is no such thing, but I am trying. No matter what happens, I will continue to strive towards perfection.” — Rev Run

“I believe that a man is only as good as his word. If he makes a promise and doesn’t keep it, then he is not a man.” — Rev Run

“The hardest thing to do is to love everyone. It is not impossible, but it is very hard. I like to spread the word about why it is important to have love in your life.” — Rev Run

“I have gone through some very dark moments in my life. I have had many bad things happen to bad people around me and me, but I do not hate anyone. I do not think that is who God wants me to be.” — Rev Run

“I just want people to know that they can change their lives and make something of themselves if they try. If they keep trying, they will achieve their dream.” — Rev Run

Rev Run Quotes About Love

“Many people do not know that I am half-black and half-white. It is shocking to them. They ask questions like, ’How come he looks like a white boy?’ People need to see me as a human being, not just as Rev Run the rapper.” — Rev Run

“I am not the biggest or most famous guy in the world, but I do what I do because it is my passion. I can make a living doing what I love to do.” — Rev Run

“I have a beautiful wife and family and I am happy. I have a lot of good things in my life.” — Rev Run

“I always try to look ahead to see what the next step is. What is going to happen in the next ten years? I try to be a good person, so that is how I live my life.” — Rev Run

“I am not just a rapper. I have business ventures and other things that I do. When it comes to being the son of Bill Cosby, my father is the boss.” — Rev Run

“I am very proud of my parents. They are still here and they are very nice people.” — Rev Run

“Catch me on tour all over America, Europe and Japan. I will be there with my wife and we will be happy to see you.” — Rev Run

“I feel good about where I am in my life. I try to do my best and stay humble. It is only a matter of time for me to accomplish what I want for myself.” — Rev Run

“I am not perfect, but I try. When I say something, people criticize me because they think it has to be perfect. My words are not always perfect, but I try. I try harder and harder every day.” — Rev Run

“Nice is a good word to describe me. I am not a bad person. I just want to be nice.” — Rev Run

“I started as a rapper and wanted to become the best rapper in the world. In the end, my focus shifted from being a rapper to being a person that people could look up to and try to be like.” — Rev Run

“I have seen people do some terrible things. I believe in good and bad because I have seen both in my lifetime. People hurt others because they do not know how to love. It is not right.” — Rev Run

“When you are doing a movie or a television show, you have to be aware of your character and make sure it is not something that will hurt everyone else around you.” — Rev Run

“If I say something wrong, then I am going to say sorry because it is not okay to be mean. It is not okay to be cruel. I do not mean it and I apologize.” — Rev Run

“I have a lot of good friends that are music artists. I try to get them to listen to my music because they love me as a person.” — Rev Run

“My father is my best friend. He is around all the time and we talk all the time, so we have a friendship thing going where we are always together when we are together. We have a lot of fun when we are around each other. We laugh and we talk about stuff. It is excellent.” — Rev Run

“My father is my hero because he is been through everything I have been through in my life and he made it. He made it out and I want to be better than him, so that is what makes my father my hero.” — Rev Run

“Believe in yourself because God believes in you. Just have faith in yourself. That is the most important thing in life.” — Rev Run

Rev Run Quotes About Life

“I am just me. I am not going to change. I am not going to be someone that I am not because that is who I am.” — Rev Run

“When you go through some hard times, you have to keep your head up.” — Rev Run

“You always gotta know and understand your God, know and understand your power, and know and understand your position. You have to know where you stand at any given time.” — Rev Run

“People do not know the ups and downs of being a rapper. They are always pushing me to be something that I am not, but I am still going to be what I am.” — Rev Run

“There is only one Jesus Christ [who] is the world’s saviour. There is no other way to be saved. There is only one way for you to go through life: with Jesus Christ. That is the only way.” — Rev Run

“I think that my father knew what he was talking about. He saw everything in his life, the good and the bad. He saw a lot of people that loved him and people that didn’t love him. He saw a lot of people that hurt other people.” — Rev Run

“I help people with my music. People do not know how hard it is to be a rapper. Sometimes getting fans is easy and sometimes, not so easy. A lot of people do not know or understand the pain it takes to be in the music industry.” — Rev Run

“The worst thing that ever happened to me was being arrested for smoking weed. That is about it.” — Rev Run

“I think that with God, anything is possible. I have to keep a positive attitude and if you work hard, you can achieve any dream.” — Rev Run

“I do not like bad things happening to people. I try to help people. I am just a good guy and I am proud of who I am.” — Rev Run

“I think that it makes being famous and being a musician more difficult than being an actor or a model because you are expressing your feelings and you are putting your soul out there for the world to see.” — Rev Run

“I want people to know they can do anything if they try hard. It is not easy, but it is possible. Everything is possible.” — Rev Run

“If people say something to you that is not nice and do not want to hear your music, then turn it up and put it in the back of your car where others can hear it.” — Rev Run

“There are two kinds of bad people: those who do bad things and those who know what they are doing but choose not to do anything about it. You have to be a good person but do what is right. Sometimes you might fail, but you can try again.” — Rev Run

Rev Run Quote of the Day

“My father is a gentleman. He doesn’t tell us what to do. He lets us make our own decisions.” — Rev Run

“My father says that a lot of times the bad gets all the publicity and the good stuff never gets talked about.” — Rev Run

“Don’t let anyone tell you who you are or what you are not. Even though you might fail sometimes, you can try again.” — Rev Run

“Some people want to be famous and do bad things to get there. They are not just out to do good stuff with their fame. Some people are just doing bad stuff and no one is talking about it or paying attention to it. Those are the ones that I do not like.” — Rev Run

“I do have a bad side, but I do not want anyone to see it because I am good on the inside of me. I just do not let people see it. I have a dark side, but I hope for the future. I believe that is what holds me together.” — Rev Run

“There has to be someone who is looking out for you and protects you so that you can make it in this world.” — Rev Run

“I think everybody is born with the same amount of talent because we are all human beings. No one is better than anyone else. We are all human and do the same thing when we are kids. I think that if you are a good person, God will take care of you.” — Rev Run

“I want people to know that I do not want to be famous. I want to shine lights and make an impact in the world. That is my goal in life.” — Rev Run

“I want someone who really loves me and cares about me more than themselves, more than their own fame or fortune. I just want to find a woman who is pretty and nice to me. That is it.” — Rev Run

“I have no haters. I just try to be a good person and do my thing without anyone getting in the way.” — Rev Run

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