Man Hitting Woman Quotes

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the most popular quotes about men hitting women. We’ll also provide some context and analysis to help you understand these quotes in a deeper way.

Man Hitting Woman Quotes

No matter what she does, never hit a girl – unless you want to lose everything. You could lose your job, reputation, or worse—the respect of everyone who knows you.

A real man will never raise his hand to a woman. A real man doesn’t need to put his hands on a woman to prove anything.

A real man is gentle with women. He respects them, honors them, and he takes care of them. He doesn’t abuse them physically or emotionally. He doesn’t hit them. He doesn’t shame or criticize them. He never raises his hand against them. A real man respects a woman.

Hitting a woman is cowardly. Hitting a man is an act of violence but hitting a woman is gender-based cowardice.

Hitting people should be the criminal’s choice, not the law’s. Hitting women is not an option for those that want to live without fear of being called unmanly and weak.

He who hits a woman has forgotten that he was once in the same position and needed to be reminded of it.

Never hit a woman because you’re angry; when she hits you back, say you’re sorry. That’s not hitting anyone. That’s just being a coward. Try hitting someone who isn’t one of the most powerful creatures on this planet.

Hitting women, even when they deserve it, is not the way to show how tough you are. It’s cowardice. We are not cowards. We are men. We will step up and fight for what is right.

Hitting a woman is the sign of an impotent man. You’re weak. You need to beat somebody to be strong.

An effective leader takes care of the people under him, not just with his words but also with his actions. If a leader slaps a woman, that’s not how to make his people respect him.

Don’t hit women with your hands because that shows you’re scared of them. If you want to show them who is boss, show them what you’re capable of doing with your mouth.

Don’t hit women; either talk to them or hug them. Hugging is always better than hitting. Hitting doesn’t solve anything; it only creates more problems.

An act of violence against women is a sign of an insecure man. Don’t hit women because the world will laugh at you and your weak ego.

If you hit a woman, you lose respect. You’re not brave enough to handle the situation like an adult, so you must resort to violence. Weak. You’re no man.

Hitting a woman is not a sign of stature or strength. It’s cowardice. You are not a man if you’re so small that you have to hit a woman to make yourself feel better.

Never raise your hand against a woman. Hitting women is no more than cowardice and surrendering your masculinity for the sake of your ego. A real man does not hit women.

Hitting a woman is the sickness of the weak-minded. It’s a sign of cowardice and insecurity, not manhood.

Don’t hit women. It doesn’t work, is wrong and there’s no real reason to do it. You can always talk to them instead.

A real man is willing to confront problems face-to-face and solve them without resorting to violence. A real man pools his anger instead of exploding in violence. He is confident enough to realize that hitting a woman signifies a weak man.

Men who hit women are cowards. A real man would have the courage to stand up for her without resorting to violence.

If a man has to hit a woman, he’s weak. Real men don’t need to hit women; real men are enough for women.

Never raise your hands against a woman because you’re showing the whole world you’re weak and one step away from hitting your mother.

Unless you want people to think of you as nothing but an insecure coward, never raise your hands on a woman.

It takes a real man to admit his mistakes and apologize to a woman he’s hurt without the expectation of reciprocation; it takes an even bigger man to grovel for forgiveness and not get angry when she dishes it back out.

It is never right to hit a woman, not even in self-defense. If you have lost the argument, leave. But do not hit a woman.

I know you probably feel forced to defend yourself when a woman hits, but try to remember why. She’s angry — that’s her job. And she is never wrong. You are wrong, and it’s your job to listen to what she has to say.

If you have the chance to hit a woman, don’t do it. She’s a coward who won’t call you out on it, and if you hit her, she’ll go through life thinking that she’s better than you.

Never Hit a Woman Quotes

One day you will hurt a man and not know why because he is just like everyone else. But the next day, when you hit him with your car and kill him, at least now you will know why. And it’ll be your fault.

Never hit a woman. You may temporarily gain control of her body via the act, but she will surely make you pay for it over and over in your mind long after she stops fighting back. Always be a gentleman.

If you hit a woman, you are a coward who has no respect for women and it is obvious that you have been hurt by a woman before.

A real man knows better than to hit a woman. She challenges him to be the best he can be, which is why he won’t. A real man appreciates women and adores them. A real man cares not about what he looks like but about how he lives his life.

Men who hit women are thugs and sick, sick men. They are weak, tired and tired of living in this world where women dominate everything from politics to the economy. But even worse than that, they are cowards afraid of women.

Women who hit are cowards. They take their anger out on the weakest person around them and think they’re in control. When someone hits you and you have to hit back, that doesn’t make you wrong; it makes them wrong.

I will never be a coward like those men who hit women. You are no man unless you refuse to hurt women. A real man would never hit a woman.

Any man who hits a woman is a contemptible coward who deserves to be derided and reviled in equal measure.

The next time your friend hits on her or around her, tell him that he’s wrong, that hitting woman is terrible. Make him see that it’s not normal or funny.

A real man who respects women would never hit one. If you’re a man who hits a woman, you’re not just wrong; you’re pathetic.

Never hit a woman, no matter how bad she makes you feel. You will regret it later and it will break your heart.

A real man would never hit a woman because he is strong enough to find honor in himself and be honorable. A real man takes responsibility for his actions and words and never blames anyone else but himself when he makes a mistake.

A real man isn’t afraid to say sorry. A real man doesn’t have to prove that he is a tough guy. He already knows it. A real man protects the women and children in his life, not the other way around.

If you are a woman who has been hit by your husband, boyfriend, or any other guy, know that you do not deserve it. Don’t settle for it and don’t let anyone tell you it’s normal. It is not.

A coward hits a woman and then says sorry later. Don’t be like that guy, be better and correct.

Beating a Woman Quotes

If you’re a man who hits, stop saying sorry to her the next day and realize she deserves your respect. If you’re a woman who hits, ask for yours.

If you hit women, then you are not a man at all. It takes courage to admit when you are wrong. If she has hit you, acknowledge that she’s right and that you’re wrong.

If your girlfriend/wife ever hits you, don’t return to her. Self-respect is more important than any relationship built on violence. Don’t be a coward.

If you hit women, you’re a miserable excuse for a real man and that is all there is to it. You are weak. Real men don’t hit women, ever.

A real man knows he is more prominent than his problems and can overcome them. A real man doesn’t let women get to him. A real man doesn’t give in to his emotions or take a hit from anyone. A real man never hits women, ever.

No man has the right to raise his hand against a woman. To do so is to strip him of every last ounce of his manhood.

A man who hits a woman is the lowest of the low. He’s a coward who can’t distinguish himself from a bully.

I don’t believe in violence. I was brought up that way. My father was a pacifist and never raised his hand to my mother.

If you hit a woman, then you are the lowest of the low. You’re not an adult male. You’re an immature boy who has just been caged.

I don’t believe in hitting women. I also don’t think so in punching babies or kicking puppies. Women are not puppies, babies, or inanimate objects.

If you raise your hand against a woman, you are no more of an adult than the ten-year-old boy who has just been thrown out of school for starting fights. You are not a man.

A man who raises his hand against a woman is technically not a man but an immature juvenile delinquent.

A man who hits a woman is not a man. He’s just a violent bully in search of the attention of women.

It doesn’t matter how often you hit her. She’ll still love you. To be a man, you need to love yourself.

Never hit your wife, no matter how often she disappoints, hurts, or angers you. She’s the only one you can’t possibly hope to have been a man.

Suppose you want to show that you are masculine and that women can trust you, never raise your hand to her. She might hit back, but at least she will know that she can trust you to stop when she tells you to.

Only cowards raise their hands to women. If you ever do it, make sure everyone knows what a coward you are.

To hit a woman is not proof of manhood but rather a sign of cowardice and immaturity.

Beating up to women is a sign of an insecure male.

Man Hitting Woman Quotes

Men who mistreat women are cowards and bullies, nothing more. I refuse to be either. I will not hit a woman.

Never raise your hands against a woman. The whole world will laugh at you when you hit a woman.

A real man doesn’t raise his hand to a woman. A real man doesn’t hit women. A real man respects women.

I stand for the truth and will never hit a woman, no matter what she does to me. We are men, not cowards.

If a man hits a woman, he only tells the world that he can’t accept her as she is.

A man who hits a woman is always wrong.

A true man doesn’t raise his hand against a woman and she will respect him.

The day a father raises his hand to his daughter, that is the day he’s no longer my father.

To hit a woman does not make you a real man. To beat anybody makes you a coward and a bully.

A man who beats his wife is not a man. He’s just a violent bully.

A man who beats his girl not only does not respect her, he doesn’t respect himself.

Hitting women is wrong. A real man doesn’t hit women. He defends them.

If you’re a coward, hit women. But if you’re a man, never hit a woman.

A real man would never hit women. You are no better than mean and silly children if you do.

A woman who hits is a coward with no honor. Never hit a woman.

Hit a Woman; You’re Going to Hell. Period.

A hit may last, but bruises don’t. Hitting women is stupid. These will last forever.

A man who hits a woman has no honor. If he does, he is weak, broken and worthless like the woman.

Any man who hurts a woman is not a man at all. He is an animal and should be treated as such.

You’ll never see a great man hit or beat up women (or even a child). It’s beneath him.

Hitting people is wrong. Hitting women is particularly despicable. Don’t do it.

I refuse to hit a woman and let other men hit women. I will fight anyone who does.

If you hit a woman, you might as well kill her because she will lose all respect for you.

A real man respects a woman. He doesn’t have to hit her to prove that he’s better than her.

If you have to put your hands on someone, you have no one to respect except yourself.

A man who’s never hit her can’t be a real man. If he ever hits her, he’s no longer a real man.

A man who is capable of abuse is not a real man.

Hitting a woman doesn’t make you a man. It makes you a coward.

If you hit your wife, you’re no longer a man.

A man that cannot control his temper is not a real man. A real man never raises his hand against a woman or child in anger.

A man is not supposed to hit a woman. A real man will not raise his hand to a woman.

A real man doesn’t beat women. He is gentle and kind. He treats her like his mother or sister. He will not raise his hand against anyone.

Raising your hands against a woman is the ultimate sign of your weakness.

A real man never raises his hand to a woman.

Hitting a woman is cowardice. End of discussion.

A real man would never step up and put his hand on a woman’s back like he would hit her.

A real man is one who never raises his hand to a woman.

A real man will never raise his hand against a weaker person, a woman.

If someone is hurting you, tell them to stop. If they don’t listen, then get help. Don’t hit a woman.

The day you become physically violent toward a woman is the day you lose your man card.