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Lil Rob Quotes: Looking for some hilarious, heartwarming, or just plain inspirational quotes from Lil Rob? You have come to the right place! Check out our collection of some of the rapper’s best quotes.

Lil Rob Quotes

“Don’t knock it till you try it. There is plenty of room left. Grab up your favorite stuff and let is scram.” — Lil Rob

“It is all good. I am feeling like the king to the little kids was around, lol” — Lil Rob

“When life is good & you are in a body that feels good. You might as well be sipping on a chilled-out groovin brew.” — Lil Rob

 “What time is it? Time to party. When life doesn’t feel right. Time to party. When things go wrong. Time to party.” — Lil Rob

“I felt tonight is going to be a good night. I feel like something good’s about to happen, so do not stop the music.” — Lil Rob

“Let me tell you what time it is, time for a celebration, And the question you ask is: What are we celebrating for?” — Lil Rob

“Hey man. it is getting hot here, so take off all your clothes. Just throw them up in the air. There is a party going on.” — Lil Rob

“The sun goes down and the nightlife is starting to heat up., So get ready to dance because everybody needs a release. And for all you players out there, we got just the thing for you”. — Lil Rob

“All you gotta do is drink 1 cup of this Kool-Aid and all your problems will go away”. — Lil Rob

“The sun’s out. The clothes are off. Let is get drunk, high and gamble. Someone give me some money.” — Lil Rob

“Many people try to act cool, but they are just fools. There can only be one winner, so do your best cause you are going to lose anyway.” — Lil Rob

“When life doesn’t feel right, it is time to party. When things go wrong, then it is time to party.” — Lil Rob

“It ain’t nothin’ like a good cold brew on a sunny day with money in your pocket. To the ladies, get your bodies ready cause they looking for me tonight.” — Lil Rob

“The sun goes down and the nightlife is starting to heat up. So get ready to dance, because everybody needs a release.” — Lil Rob

“the only rap I listen to is the sound of my voice. Ask me what you want to know.” — Lil Rob

“Any promoters that want me to perform a concert or two hit me up, cause I am ready.” — Lil Rob

“I am feeling sexy and sassy. You might catch my show late at night. I am about to get some sleep now, but before I sleep, let me a tweet: Goodnight! — Lil Rob

“Lights out, everybody! — Lil Rob

“It is okay, it was a good run, but I am ready for the next one. — Lil Rob

“Tonight is going to be a night to remember. We are all about to have fun. Now let is get this party started!” — Lil Rob

“When life doesn’t feel right, it is time to party. When things go wrong, then it is time to party. — Lil Rob

“Good things come to those who wait. Take it from me. Really go for it. Investigate the facts, do not just follow the trend.” — Lil Rob

“Everybody wants a piece of you, but you gotta be an egomaniac. So if you are so rich, then give them a piece of your mind.” — Lil Rob

“So I am always reading my tweets and whatnot. Everyone is so full of doubt. I wish they’d all be quiet for a minute. Take a look around. I am alone on the dance floor.” — Lil Rob

“If you really love it, then you wouldn’t get bored. If you are not ready to party, then leave me alone.” — Lil Rob

“I am sorry, but I do not have time to be a role model. You can find me at a party or sipping champagne with my crew.” — Lil Rob

“Listen up, everybody, it is time to play. So make sure that your attitude is right because I need you to party tonight.” — Lil Rob

“I just want to say I had a perfect time tonight. And yeah, I know it is getting late, but let is keep partying.” — Lil Rob

“So be on your best behavior. Never let a lady get in between you and your money, because if she does, then you ain’t going to win without a fight.” — Lil Rob

“If the world would stop playing games and the world would chill out. We’d be alright, but the world is getting ill. So lets the party tonight!” — Lil Rob

“I always wanted to be a millionaire, and I am worth more than you think. I just wanna kick back and chill out tonight.” — Lil Rob

“And we will be in a state of mind that they cannot see.” — Lil Rob

“Well, it must have been something in the air. I couldn’t help but have a good time because the feeling was there.” — Lil Rob

“I do not know, but it must be something in the air cannot help but have a good time ’cause the feeling is there. All good people, all good people.” — Lil Rob

“Get on up, get on up, get on up and try it.” — Lil Rob

“Everybody’s got to wonder if you will ever get it.” — Lil Rob

“I am sitting by the window and I have got no reason to leave. I am looking out for a girl with a friend of mine. We need some music while they are gone. I have been on my own too long. I gotta get some love on the run.” — Lil Rob

“Get on up, get on up, and try it. Get a look at those wheels. You will never know just where you will go.” — Lil Rob

“I was def the most talented. I got a lot of skills.” — Lil Rob

“You have to have some money. You cannot walk up to nobody with nothing and expect them to buy you a drink.” — Lil Rob

“I just told her, ’We are going all night.’ ” — Lil Rob

“’Something good is going to happen.’ I do not know how it comes out that way, but it is right in my direction. It is weird. It is a gift from God.” — Lil Rob

“I was in the streets. Do you know what I am saying? I did my hustle, but I was never too far from music. Even when I was doing my hustle, I was still making music.” — Lil Rob

“I ain’t got no fun with them people like that. Take it how you want to take it. You cannot blame me if all of you cannot meet up with the lyrics and think it is reality. I will go as far as to say I am always trying to make people vibes.” — Lil Rob

“You gotta take it seriously. You cannot just have a fun time. You have to have respect for the art. And if you are going to put your work and effort in and do it right, then you do it right.” — Lil Rob

“I do not know. Sometimes they will just come to me and say, ’Yo man check this out.’ And I am like, ’Okay, what? Play it. Play it.’ And they go, ’That is tight. Play another one.’ I go ’Okay,’ and sometimes I do not know what it is.” — Lil Rob

“I relate to everybody. Just like every other artist. They want to talk about their stories, my stories, or whatever.” — Lil Rob

“I did dumb stuff when I was a kid, but you learn from your mistakes. You feel me?” — Lil Rob

“I do not feel like I am that deep. If people think I am deep, cool. I do not know what to say.” — Lil Rob

“But getting on stage, it is a whole another feeling. You can do you on your own time, but when it comes time to get up there and rock the crowd, man. That is when the fun begins.” — Lil Rob

“You cannot tell me nothing about rapping. I know what rapping is. I just do not know what the song is about.” — Lil Rob

Lil Rob Famous Quotes

“I do not have that relationship with anybody else in this business. Just the music and the fans. That is all it is, man.” — Lil Rob

“I am an artist. That is what I want to do, write songs and put my name on a record.” — Lil Rob

“But sometimes you all get bored because this ain’t all that bad. I hope you all keep listening and my music will be there for all of you. Because I will keep on coming with the good music, that is what I am about to do.” — Lil Rob

“It was just wild out there, man. We did it! It was amazing. You know, I turn up my tempo. I may not let everybody hear me go in full throttle like that. It depends.” — Lil Rob

“It is crazy, man. Somebody would be surprised at how many people can relate to what I say. It is basically like I am telling stories. But then it is got that little twist to it.” — Lil Rob

“I just try to tell as many people as possible, ’cause if you love music, you gotta have all my records.” — Lil Rob

“And a lot of women love me too; I have a lot of women that go crazy for me. It is crazy.” — Lil Rob

“That is what I am talking about, a person that is so famous that he cannot recognize the places on me. I am still walking around like I am in my hood, and they just do not know. Sometimes they think it is funny.” — Lil Rob

“I do not take it seriously all the time, but that ain’t no secret. That is part of my personality. It isn’t always serious, but I have funny moments too. I try to keep it balanced.” — Lil Rob

“I am so glad you could make it out here, man.” — Lil Rob

“And, for me to produce a kid like that is pretty crazy, too. It is crazy to think of all my life as a producer. It just keeps happening, man. It seems like everything is happening right now.” — Lil Rob

“I do not have kids, but I see kids as artists and people who are a part of the music. And I will be jamming with a kid.” — Lil Rob

“If I had my way, I’d just be chilling in clubs all day. But right now, I am on tour and that is what we are talking about. So I cannot be doing both.” — Lil Rob

“I was just in awe. It was crazy, man. It was just incredible, you know? I have been trying to get on the show for a long time and everything we do is incredible. So when it came to me getting on there and performing my song, it felt perfectly natural.” — Lil Rob

“It may sound arrogant, but I am like, ’Man, this is crazy. I am in a movie. ’ I am telling you, man, it was an absolute pleasure. It was the best movie experience of my life.” — Lil Rob

“I have no idea how that song come out that way. Like honestly, I do not. I do not know what goes on in my head, but with every song, it is crazy: ’Bout to make me a millionaire,’ or ’I do not even know why I do this shit.’ It is crazy. I do not even know.” — Lil Rob

“I have been doing this for a minute. I took some time off because I just finished a major album. My first album will come out in the summer of next year. And this is [his second]. But it has already done so well that it is my fourth album.” — Lil Rob

“[Eminem] He is crazy, man. He is a legend. I just love how he went in with the things he said and how he did it. It is crazy to me.” — Lil Rob

“I was seven years old and I was out at night, walking home with my homies, and my uncle came to me and said: ’There is a drug dealer right here on the corner.’ And there was like this dude right there. I guess he got scared of me. And then from that day forward, it is like, ’I am gonna be like my uncle.’ I was seven years old, man.” — Lil Rob

“People been trying to put me down or whatever. I do not care at all. I keep on stepping to the next level and that is about it. So the reality is just that: It is what you live in.” — Lil Rob

“We are talking about music. And that is what I love to talk about. I do not like to talk about me because there is nothing really to tell.” — Lil Rob

“Writing rhymes is just like talking. That is it. It just gets put into rap.” — Lil Rob

Lil Rob Famous Songs Quotes

“You cannot tell me nothing about rapping. I know what rapping is. I just do not know what the song is about. I do not know what rhyme would fit that situation.” — Lil Rob

“The thing that improved my first album was that it was different. It was a different kind of feel. Especially with the way I produce. Sometimes it might sound more like a mainstream sound, but I do my own thing.” — Lil Rob

“That is one thing I am proud of, too: that you have to have a message and cannot just rap about money, drugs and women all day. You have to have a purpose behind it. That is the kind of person I am too. Don’t get me wrong, I have that kind of song too, but it is all about my message.” — Lil Rob

“I was at the studio one day and he came to me and said: ’Man, I like your style. You are crazy! You got a crazy style.’ That was great for me.” — Lil Rob

“I wanna see what Hip-Hop looks like when I grow up. I wanna see what it looks like when we all become adults and be able to look back and say: ’Look at what we did! We did it!’ It is just good to have that proof of where you stand.” — Lil Rob

“That was funny, man. I was in L.A. with my homies and they asked me to come to the studio. And they played me this song. And I was like: ’Man, this is the style I like. This is the kind of song that I wanna do with my group. ’ This is crazy.” — Lil Rob

“I get a lot of money for a young kid. I am not going to lie to you. But I come from a family where there is more money than me. My uncle made records, too and got way more money than me. So I am doing good.” — Lil Rob

“I did [Rapstar] to show people what I can do. ’Cause many people think that: ’Man, he is just taking his time.’ But I am not. I am showing everybody my skills and what I have got. It is just me saying: ’You know what? Here it is.’ And that is it.” — Lil Rob

“I like all kinds of music, but Hip-Hop is the best music of all. I do not like pop-type music. I am just going to put it that way.” — Lil Rob

“I had my first script about a year ago. And many people, including Eminem, were in love with it. It was about a kid who is living in L.A. and he realizes he is an artist, and he goes out there and starts killing it.” — Lil Rob

“But I am not scared to stay underground. I do not like being ’out there where I cannot be at my own pace. It is a better place for me to be just looking in and being able to do my thing.” — Lil Rob

“I had so much fun. Honestly, I was more excited about it than anything, you know? I was so excited that the company loved it and all that. But it was the best experience ever. I cannot wait to do another one.” — Lil Rob

“We have this thing where I rap and then he freestyles and then we just go back and forth, back and forth. It is all kind of wild, man.” — Lil Rob

“I met a lot of people [on The Eminem Show]. I have met many people in the industry, but I am not really down with them. But my boy Proof is crazy. He is one of my best friends. He is just like me. But I will be the first one to say that because I love his style.” — Lil Rob

“We are going to try to do it. But it is hard because you have to have a bunch of things in place and think about it. It is not just doing it like, ’Yeah, let is do one. Let is do one.’ You have to have the whole thing put in place.” — Lil Rob

“The people that love me, they know. And I am grateful for them, for real. Because there are a lot of fans that say: ’You are just a little kid. What does he know? What is this new stuff?’ But people who know me, they understand.” — Lil Rob