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The last summer quotes are a collection of the last year’s most popular quotes. The last summer quotes provide an interesting and humorous look at what we all did last summer, no matter how much or little we remember about it.

This is a blog post with some of the best last year’s most popular last summer quotes from different people around the world.  It includes many short sayings that will make you laugh while also making you feel like you were there!

Last Summer Quotes

“I break into a strawberry, and my senses are overwhelmed with the summer.”

“Summer has filled her veins with light, and this small town feels like it is blazing in the noon sun.”

“Summer bachelors are like summer breezes; they never seem as cool as they pretend to be.”

“I feel summer in the coolness of my mouth as I bite through a fresh strawberry.”

“The song is in full swing this time of year. It sings itself all day, every day for the whole summer long!”

“Summertime never meets an end, but every year passes without fail until there are two left: Summer & Fall.”

“One should maintain some of their summery attitude and spirit in the middle of winter.”

“In the summer, light fills her veins, and warmth washes over her heart.”

“I feel like summer had taken me over as I was walking down the street and enjoying the warm weather.”

“It is easy to forget now how effervescent and free we all felt that summer. I remember the carefree days of sitting around in the park with my friends for hours without a worry in sight!”

“The sound of grilling meat and the smell of the 4th of July barbecue are sure signs that summer is here.”

“The summer breeze makes me feel alive.”

“God created June to make up for the short Spring season.”

“I felt the sun’s rays on my skin and knew that summer had taken over.”

“It was a summer of laughter and long, languid days. Friends swam in the pool while we watched from our lawn chairs under an endless blue sky.”

“Summer has filled her veins with light and is washing the dirt of winter from her heart.”

“Summer bachelors may be tough on the outside, but they love summer breezes.”

Last Days of Summer Quotes

“The heat of summer brings the song out in all it’s glory.”

“I was drawn into the all-encompassing heat of summer.”

“I will never forget the way your voice would chase away the summer blues and make each day feel like a new adventure.”

“It was summertime—the season of the sun, sandals, and ice cream cones. I wondered if there would ever be a day where it felt like home to me.”

“The warm summer breeze feels so good on my skin.”

“Summer is the time of year when everything good and magical happens. It is a season for flirting with friends, laying in hammocks reading novels, going to outdoor concerts under starlit skies–it seems like summer never ends!”

“People crave the smell of barbecue during their summer vacation. It is like they are living in the south or something and just cannot get enough!”

“It was a summer day, and I felt like the heat had taken over my body.”

“I never knew that summer could be so intoxicating-it is like it has taken me over in a way no other time of year ever has before!”

“Summer has made her veins full of light and washed her heart with noon.”

“The gentle summer breeze makes me feel carefree and happy.”

“The voice of the song rings true in summer.”

“Where were you the summer I fell in love? How could anyone forget your voice when it was always playing on repeat.”

“I used to think that summertime was a song. Now it is all I can hear running through my head, and when she starts singing again, the sound is deafening.”

Last Weekend of Summer Quotes

“The cooling effects of the summer breeze on my skin make me feel energized and ready to take on the day.”

“I always knew you were the soundtrack of my summer, but I never realized how much.”

“The months of June and August are the most magical times of the year.”

“The summer is the time to be in California. Everything good, everything magical happens between June and August during this paradise of a season.”

“The smell of barbecue still lingers in the air, reminding us that summer is not over yet.”

“I always thought it would be so nice to have just one season live inside me all year round- but now I know better than ever before: there is no such thing as forever.”

“One should hold on to a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.”

“Summer is the season of love, and these are the months to feel that magic.”

“Even in the middle of winter, one must maintain a little bit of summer.”

“The birds sing, and the bees buzz in summer. The hot sun shines down on nature is little creatures, encouraging them to be at their best for all of us to see.”

“The sun is warm, and I can feel the summertime inside of me. The smell of hotdogs cooking fills my nose as we walk to get ice cream cones for dessert.”

“Summer has filled her veins with light and is now full of warmth, love, and a renewed sense of life.”

“Summer is the season for barbecues, and one smell that always lingers in people is minds is those smoky, juicy burgers.”

“On a summer’s day, the light breeze can feel so refreshing.”

“Summer brings with it such a special time for romance- June into August signals pure bliss among couples everywhere.”

Last summer quotes are often the last thing we want to think about. What if last summer was not a happy time for us? We may have loved last year, but last summer was awful, and it is hard to get past those memories. For some people, last summer is a season of hope where they can start fresh with new opportunities. Whatever you did last summer, there is something you can learn from it!

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