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Hiram Revels Quotes: In honor of Hiram Revels, the first African American to serve in the U.S. Senate, we have compiled a list of his most inspiring quotes. In celebration of Black History Month, we are sharing some of our favorite Hiram Revels quotes. Revels was the first African American to serve in the U.S. Senate.

Hiram Revels Quotes

“While it is desirable to build up the colored race, we must not sacrifice our best and purest white friends.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“The people of the North owe to the colored race a deep obligation that is no easy matter to fulfill.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“Radicalism sometimes becomes a crime, for it kills.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I know not whether God will forgive me if I do not win in my fight for the liberty of America.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“We are trying to do God’s will ; and if we fail we shall have to plead guilty before His judgment seat.

“I find that the prejudice in this country to color is very great, and I sometimes fear that it is on the increase.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I find that the prejudice in this country to color is very great, and I sometimes fear that it is on the increase. It is a growing sentiment in the North and West, but has not reached it’s highest point yet. In the South it is deep-rooted and wide-spread.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I know that the federal government has assumed no rights over the people of the South. It has not even attempted to establish it is authority. It is not able to do so.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I have always deemed it a part of my life is mission to show the world that the negro is not an inferior race, but a human being.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I have ever felt that the white man and brother should be as free as ourselves. I am for justice to all men and for kindness towards all. I am for elevating the race.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“As far as I have been able to ascertain, there is no community in the United States in which two races do not live together and there is no cause of friction between them.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“If people would only be content to mind their own business, they would be more careful how they speak of each other.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“When united, we stand; divided, we fall.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“When the colored man makes up his mind that he can do a thing or take a position and stick to it, he is a dangerous antagonist.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“It is sometimes deemed necessary to get rid of the Negro. The best way is to get rid of prejudice. Then the Negro will find no place in which he will not be welcome. He will be as welcome as any white man.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I know but little of the history of my race in America, and I know nothing of it’s future.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I do not know whether we are inferior to any other people as a race, but I believe a portion of our white brethren are not able to treat us with the consideration that is due us.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“Good men are scarce.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“Let us know each other better, and avoid unjust prejudices against each other. We have no right to judge our neighbors by their color or their race.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“We must be honest with ourselves, and acknowledge that this evil [slavery] exists in our country, and we cannot take it off at once. We must face the facts. It is a difficult task, but it must be faced and overcome.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I want you to remember that the worst enemies we have to fight are prejudice in our own hearts, and this is only overcome by good feeling among men.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“Whatever my race may be, it has not been degraded by a contact with yours. Whatever I am, I am, not because you are white, but in spite of the fact that you are white. You cannot degrade me. By working together we elevate one another.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“We have been so long the subject of abuse that we have almost become the slaves of those who abuse us.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“The colored people are a simple, child-like people, easily led when they have a good leader. They are kind, sympathetic, honest and true. They are not disposed to quarrel with anybody on account of any injustice that they have suffered. They have a great deal to lose and little to gain by being offended with anybody. They are will ing to overlook wrong, and do not bear malice or ill-will.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“The color of the skin makes no difference. A man may be the best man in the world and yet be a Negro, who will possess all the qualities of a white man but in color. It is the man who is in the body that counts, and not his color. I am satisfied that there are thousands of good men among us of all colors.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I am a member of the Spartanburg Methodist church, which belongs to what is known as the Missionary district, which has no interest whatever in race-prejudice. The Methodist Episcopal Church South has been so long connected with slavery that it has lost it’s true character. It was not created to support slavery or perpetuate this great crime; but when the Methodist Episcopal Church North and South united in 1839, the support of slavery was necessarily made a part of the church. It is an established institution with them, and cannot be removed. It has been a great stumbling-block in my way.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“We are not to blame for being black. We are not responsible for that. God made us as we are. We cannot help it. We are not to blame for the color of our skin. We are not responsible.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

Hiram Revels Famous Quotes

“It is a great mistake to believe that we cannot make a man accept an idea because of his black complexion or his dark hair and eyes, but it is just as much a mistake to suppose that we can make him accept the idea of God because he is white.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“There has been much said about the Negro’s inferiority, but I have never yet heard of a man who could prove one instance in which the Negro had succeeded in place of a white man. The reason of this is because he had nothing whatever to do with it. It was not his fault that he was white, and not one reason for his success can be found in his being black. It is one thing to prove inferiority and quite another thing to prove superiority.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“As a general thing I am opposed to any kind of intermarriage between whites and blacks. It is not so injurious as to whites and Indians. It is not so injurious to whites as to blacks. It is one of the most evil things that can be done.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“Persons who are in favor of intermarriage between the white and black people regard it as a great step toward amalgamation, and it is a step in that direction. It is an evil that in it’s nature can never do any good.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“In the nature of things prejudice cannot be eradicated by legislation. It is more or less a matter of education, and it will take many years to eradicate it.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I have been in favor of the election of colored persons to office, believing that one colored statesman is better than a hundred white demagogues. I do not believe that you have any rights that I am bound to respect, except those which I have voluntarily granted you. It is my right to refuse the grant.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“Our people are not prepared for complete social equality. The general public does not know enough to be able to treat the colored people with proper consideration.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“In my humble opinion, the white race and the black race are not made to live together on social equality. In some localities this may seem necessary, but it is not the best thing for us as a distinct people.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I do not think in these days that we need fear any danger from an intermarriage with the white race. The prejudice against color is not so deep and lasting as it was forty years ago. I believe that in after years we will have no trouble from this source. There will be an amicable separation.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I have not been satisfied with the policy of the United States in regard to it’s colored people. I do not believe that we have been treated as men, either by the Congress or President.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“We have a legal provision for our citizenship; but that is only a drop in the bucket. It is not sufficient. We are free at last, and yet we are as much slaves as when we were first brought here to this country. There is a little liberty, but only a little. It is not the full liberty that we were once in danger of losing.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“We must be better off than our fathers, and do more toward attaining the full equality with white men that we so bitterly claim. We have good cause to be dissatisfied as a people, and as individuals.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“There are many good and honorable men among us who have colored skins; for instance, the late Governor Orr of Georgia. If you would only let them do what they can and will do to help themselves, you would be a whole lot better off than you are now.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“The people of the North owe to the colored race a deep obligation that is no easy matter to fulfill. The duty devolves upon the people of the South, who, in their turn, must do the same.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“We must look forward to the time when our people will rise in power and authority. I am sure they will never be satisfied with justice as it is now administered. We shall have to pass through the gates of separation before we are able to enjoy the full enjoyment of liberty.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

“I am not afraid of the power of Europe. I would listen with patience to proffers made by France and Germany for an alliance. I would even entertain a proposition from England that surely gives me no cause for alarm. I have been to England and know something of the temperament of the people of that country. I am in favor of a reciprocity treaty with Mexico.” — Hiram Rhodes Revels

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