Good Morning Aunty

Good Morning Aunty is a blog about two brown girls living in America. We write about our everyday lives, struggles, and triumphs. Looking for a way to brighten up your loved one’s day? Why not send them a Good Morning Aunty ecard? Our collection of beautiful and inspiring cards are sure to put a smile on their face.

Good Morning Aunty

“Life is an adventure that has yet to be discovered and experienced by you. Just stay open to it all; let life take its course and enjoy every minute. Good morning, my precious Aunt. I love you.”

“Today is going to be a prosperous and rewarding day. You are in a great mood and will have more than you anticipated. Good morning, my darling Aunt.”

“Make some time today to learn something new. Your mind will join with the mind of Christ today, and you’ll be able to endure any challenge. Good morning, Aunt.”

“God has made a way out for you, no matter how difficult the day is. He’s always ready to answer your prayers. I pray that He will make your life more meaningful and affluent every morning. Good morning, Aunt.”

“The beauty of your character and your spirit’s richness is compelling and beautiful. May God’s blessings be continual to you today. I love you dearly, Aunt.”

“Today you will receive beautiful, hard-earned blessings, which will come in cash awards and recognition. You are a star and you’ll shine even more today.”

“The Universe has given me good news today. You will get a special surprise. Something wholly unexpected but excellent nonetheless. Good morning, my sweet Aunt.”

“You are an open book, and you’ll find no one like you. God will provide in all areas of your life and love you all day. Good morning, Aunt.”

“You are lovely in every way. Your beauty shows forth throughout your whole life. You’re a soul that holds an incredible secret. God wants you to shine bright today! Enjoy a beautiful day, Aunt.”

“You live a completely free life. You are crowned with anointing to fulfil every purpose and destiny. Good morning, Aunt.”

“You are radiant from within and from without, and you’re undoubtedly a person of substance. You have the power to bless anyone God puts in your path, Aunt.”

“You are the epitome of praise, faith, prayer and worship, and you will always be sure to answer to anyone who demands it. You are an answer-generating woman. Good morning, Aunt.”

“Your strength and experience will help many. You’re strong in your wisdom and you live a different kind of life each day. Good morning, Aunt.”

“You will accomplish the work of your hands today and feel like doing something special. There is no need to worry so much about tomorrow, but rather enjoy today as it comes occasionally. I know that you’ll live a good life every day, Aunt.”

“ You are eager to learn and grow daily. Take on the things of God, and you will trust in your faith to keep you safe. Your work is significant, and it will make a difference. Good morning, Aunt.”

“God called you for a particular purpose. You are in the midst of a growing season—the time to trust God for His provisions and take advantage of them. I know you’ll be able to do what needs doing every day, Aunt.”

“You came out of darkness into his light. God uses you to help others see the goodness of Him. You’re a light to many, aunt.”

“Doing things for God does not make you useless; it makes you more valuable. You keep your faith and your hope alive every day. Good morning, Aunt.”

“God is with you always and forever. Your past may be tormented, but God will never let it define who you are or what the future holds for you. You’re made immovable, unrelenting in your faith, and unstoppable. Good morning, Aunt.”

“He’ll use you to bring life to the hopeless and set captives free. Even though you’re going through a difficult time, don’t lose hope. Good morning, Aunt.”

“You won’t live a boring or stagnant life. God continues to do great things for you and through you. You hold on to your faith no matter what happens around you. I know that He will continue to make a difference in your life. Good morning, Aunt.”

“You’re an overcomer and a doer of God’s word. Your life is filled with hope, peace, and love, and you have no regrets. Good morning, Aunt.”

“God may use this day to set your heart free. He knows your potential and desires to learn from Him, not from the world. You’re made new in Christ, Aunt.”

“You’re here for a reason today—to make a difference for God over time. You are in the midst of a growing season, and you’ll embrace the challenges that come your way. Good morning, Aunt.”

“The God of hope will fill you with all joy and peace, and He’ll be with you always. You will not be shaken by anything today, Aunt.”

“You work to make a difference and have a purpose greater than yourself—to make God known among people everywhere. Good morning, Aunt. Welcome to another day.”

“You’re a mother, a wife, and a friend to many. You help daily with loving words, acts of kindness, and service. You are rooted in your faith, Aunt.”

“Your life is filled with meaning today—for yourself and others. God has great plans for you that never fail. You’re going to be an overcomer through Christ’s strength, Aunt.”

“You’re created with a purpose and a mission in life. You’re made to make a difference, and God will never waste your potential. Good morning, Aunt.”

“You may feel like God has forgotten you for a time, but He hasn’t. He knows your thoughts and plans before you do and is always with you. He will never leave you or forsake you, Aunt.”

Good Morning Aunt

“God has prepared your heart and mind for something significant. You can do that thing today because He has planted it there. Good morning, Aunt.”

“He will strengthen you and keep you safe every day. Your faith is unshakeable and your hope is unwavering. I know God will continue to make Him was known in your life, Aunt.”

“You’ve begun to trust in Him even though it’s not easy. God will use you in significant ways today and every other day. You’ll be an overcomer, Aunt.”

“You’re a woman of great value, and God knows the plans He has for you. He will continue to make a difference in your life and many others. You won’t regret choosing Him and obeying him, Aunt.”

“Your heart is ready to work for God all day long—to shine for Christ, who died for your sins as He rose again from the dead. You’re made to bear good fruit and make a difference, Aunt.”

“You may feel like everyone around you is against you, but they aren’t. It’s time that you start believing in yourself, your abilities, and the power of God. You will have a great day today because it needs to be so for you. Good morning, Aunt.”

“God has called you to do His work, and He’ll light your way every day. Don’t be afraid to step out on faith for Him. You’re a peacemaker and you want the best for everyone. Good morning, Aunt.”

“Make some time today to talk to God about your day, what He wants you to do and how He wants you to live it. Don’t make anything else more critical because it won’t last forever. Good morning, Aunt.”

“God uses you to give Him glory and bring hope to many. You have great plans for today and even greater ones for your future. I know that God will never let you down. Good morning, Aunt.”

“You’re strong in your faith and have no fear of anything on the earth or in heaven above. God is with you every day, and He’ll make way for you when there seems to be no way. Good morning, Aunt.”

“You are an inspiration to everyone. You’re one of those blessed people who pour everyone love, happiness and joy. Keep being marvellous, Aunt.”

“Your grace and beauty rival the stars above. May you have an increase in your wealth, health and wisdom for today. Good morning aunt.”

“Thank God for blessing me every time I think about my dear Aunt. Your prayers have been everything to me. I love you dearly. Good morning aunt.”

“It’s a blessing to hear your beautiful voice every morning and your sweet words that make me want to smile. I hope today will be full of love and good things.”

“You are precious and sweet. You have been through so much, but God has blessed you in every area of your life. I pray that He will continue to bless you in all ways and bring you many blessings today. Good morning, dear.”

“I know you are exhausted and tired, but I hope that today you will find the provision and strength to take one more step. I love you so much. Good morning, my sweet Aunt.”

“You are going through some tough times, but God is here. He will give a peaceful mind for today. Enjoy your life and have a nice day.”

“Whatever is happening in your life right now, God has a purpose for it in your life. He knows what’s best for you. I pray the day will go well for you.”

“I am grateful for the good things my Aunt brought into my life. May the Lord continue to bless her abundantly. Good morning, Dear.”

“I love you, dear. May God bring great blessings into your life today. Enjoy and have a fabulous day.”

“You are my inspiration, motivation and a good example. I am thrilled to call you my Aunt. Good morning, Dear.”

“You are the best and the most precious gift God has given me. I pray that you will have a wonderful day and all that is on your heart will come to pass. I love you, Dear.”

“You’re the light of my life, and I can’t imagine how much life I would have without you. I need you as a blessing in my life every day. Keep being amazing. Good morning dear.”

Good Morning Auntie

“Good morning, my sweet auntie. Money will come your way today–it is time to enjoy your wealth to the fullest.”

“You have so much energy and joy in you. It is time for you to let your dreams take shape and make sure that it turns into a reality.”

“An excellent financial year is about to begin for you. Make your first transaction a blessing. Good morning, Aunt.”

“It’s time to reach for the stars and worship God like never before. He will give you more than you deserve. Good morning, Aunt.”

“You are very courageous, and I know you can do anything under the sun. You deserve a seat at the top of the ladder. Enjoy your climb to fame and success.”

“Do not lose sight of your dreams, dear Aunt. Let today be a reminder never to stop believing in yourself. Keep your head high and keep reaching for the stars.”

“You have so much strength in you; you are a woman of great power. Use it wisely, my Aunt. Thank God for blessing you with it.”

“You have so much inner peace that few people get to experience. You will be a great asset to everyone around you. Today, your kindness and love will bring many blessings and success.”

“Kindness and understanding will guide you today in making wise decisions. Your words will inspire those who hear them. Have a good day, Aunt.”

“You are young at heart and full of life; you are beautiful like a flower. I wish you long life, happiness, health and prosperity.”

“You have so much potential to be somebody great. Keep reaching for excellence and make sure that you keep growing even more.”

“Journey to the realm of giants with faith. Believe in yourself and everything will fall into place. You are so full of energy and joy. I wish you much more of it.”

“You are a beautiful young lady, blessed with great beauty and power. I wish you a splendid path ahead.”

“The day is going to be better than you’d hoped. You will have pleasant surprises, and things will seem to go your way. Get up and have a good day.”

“Today is going to be beautiful, even if it rains. Your mind may feel clear and sharp. You’ll have a lot of good ideas today because you’re in a good mood. Good morning, my sweet Aunt.”

“Let today be a new beginning for you. You have the power to create your own life. Begin with one step at a time and reach your goals.”

“I have a feeling it is going to be another beautiful, fulfilling day. Enjoy it, my sweet Aunt.”

“Today is a new day for you; it has the potential for much better things. I know that today will be great for you and wonderful! Good morning, my precious Aunt.”

“Today will bring you many good things. New beginnings and opportunities will lead to new beginnings. Good morning, my darling Aunt.”

“You will have a day full of love and joy – starting with you in the morning. You’re unique and loved. Enjoy this wonderful day, my precious Aunt.”

“Today will be uncomplicated and uncomplicated; you’ll feel a lot of good energy in your life. Enjoy this day, my sweet Aunt.”

“You’ll receive important news and a fresh start today, something that will change your life for the better. Good morning, my wonderful Aunt.”

“Today will be filled with opportunities to make you happy to expand your needs and wants. You are worthy of joy, and I am sure you will experience a lot today.”

“You are going to have a blessed day. You’ll meet someone new who will fulfil your desire for love and friendship. Good morning, my sweet Aunt.”

“Today will be a day of fulfilment for you. You deserve a lot, and you will have it all. Enjoy the goodness of this day, my darling Aunt.”

“Let yourself feel deserving of a good life. Experience all the love and happiness that you can. Good morning, my precious Aunt.”

“I wish you a day full of beautiful surprises and pleasant surprises. A day full of love and good feelings. Good morning, my fantastic Aunt. I love you.”

“The day is going to be very rewarding for you. Your mind will be filled with good ideas. Expect a new beginning, and start each day on a positive note.”

“I feel today is going to be a special day for you. It will be different from the others. I hope it is, my sweet Aunt.”

“You will receive a wonderful surprise today from someone you love, something that will bring more joy into your life. Good morning, my dear Aunt.”