Funny Golf Quotes for Ladies and Sayings



A list of funny golf quotes for ladies. These are perfect for anyone wanting to add humour to their game. Explore our side-splitting collection of funny golf quotes explicitly curated for women golfers. Get ready to giggle on the greens and share a chuckle with your golf buddies. Swing by for a dose of laughter today!

Funny Golf Quotes for Ladies

Tee off with a giggle, lady golfers! Laughter makes every swing better!

To all the ladies on the green, remember: A good swing and a good laugh go hand in hand!

Golfing ladies, let is put our way to joy and humour on the course!

Ladies, swing like nobody’s watching and play golf with a side of funny!

On the golf course, ladies, the most humorous shots are the ones we take with humour!

Here is to the ladies who play golf with a twinkle in their eye and a funny quote in mind!

Ladies’ golf club motto: Swing, laugh, repeat!

Golfing gals, remember, a missed putt is just an opportunity for a funny story!

To all the lady golfers out there, let is keep the greens green with laughter!

Tee up for a day of humour and camaraderie, ladies! Funny golf quotes make every round better!

To all the lady golfers out there, may your swings be as smooth as your wit and your putts as accurate as your humour!

Ladies’ golf is about hitting the fairway with charm and nailing the green with laughter!

Golfing ladies, remember: A good caddy and a good laugh make for a perfect round!

Inspirational and funny lady golfers bring their A-game to the course and the clubhouse!

Here is to the women of the golf course who know that a bad shot can be fixed with a funny saying!

Women’s golf is a beautiful blend of skill, humour, and camaraderie on and off the green!

To the lady golfers who aim high and inspire us all, may every round be filled with love and laughter!

Lady golfers know that the best partner brings humour to the fairway!

To the women who gave us golf and called it their own, thank you for the love, quotes, and sayings that keep us smiling on the course!

Golfing ladies, remember the exciting thing about golf: No matter how good you are, there is always room for humour and improvement!

In golf, women’s charm and humour are the best handicaps!

Lady golfers aim for success and inspire others with their motivational spirit on the golf course and in life!

Par-tee on, ladies! May every round of golf be as enjoyable as a retro golf charm!

Jokes Funny Golf Quotes for Ladies

To all the lady golfers, swing with style and talk on the golf course with humour!

Golf is a game that Dave and many lady golfers know is made better with laughter!

On the PGA tour and women’s golf, humour is the ace up our sleeves!

Ladies’ golf is a field of dreams where foul shots turn into opportunities for witty comebacks!

As Bobby Jones once said, golf is a game played on a five-inch course – the distance between our ears!

For lady golfers, the end of the day is when the sun sets on another round of laughter and love for the game!

Ladies, let is swing like Adams and keep the clubs talking on the course!

When you want to play, remember golf is a game whose aim is laughter and fun!

Golf clubs may seem like weapons singularly ill-designed, but for us ladies, they are tools of joy and camaraderie!

Profanity may not influence the ball’s flight, but laughter certainly does! Happy golfing, ladies!

Whenever I talk on the course to my caddy, it is a chance for humour and great company!

Remember, golf has three roads to ruin: foul shots, wrong partners, and missing out on laughter!

To all the ladies who called it a game, may every round be filled with love for the sport and a good laugh!

In golf, the best and funniest players are often the same people!

To the people who gave us bagpipes and called it music, we will stick to the beautiful partner called golf!

A golf partner is consistently slightly worse than you, but that is the perfect recipe for a day of humour and competition!

Ladies, when you get so many calls to play with friends, it is a sign that golfing brings joy and laughter!

No matter how badly you play, remember a ball on the fringe can still lead to a day of fun and adventure!

In golf, a ball in the bunker may seem like trouble, but for us ladies, it is a chance to show off our skills!

Golf Quotes for Ladies

Foul shots come in groups of three, but so do the bursts of laughter and memorable moments on the course!

Ladies, do not worry if you have a fourth lousy shot – it is just another opportunity for a funny comeback!

Like us, golf is a small ball aiming for a smaller hole but leaves a big footprint of joy!

Bobby Jones knew it well – golf may seem singularly ill-designed for the purpose, but we make it a game of wit and grace!

To all the ladies who play golf, may your swings be as smooth and confident as your humour!

On the course, ladies, let is prepare for a day of laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories!

For us ladies, golf is more than a sport – it is a journey of joy and friendship, just waiting for us to explore!

To the lady golfers, may your swings be as smooth and funny as your favourite golf quotes!

Ladies on the green, let is tee up for a day of laughter and camaraderie. Funny golf moments await!

Golfing ladies, remember: A witty golf quote is like a hole-in-one for the soul!

Being a golfer and a lady means you bring both skill and humour to the course!

To all the ladies who love golf, may each swing be a stroke of inspiration and joy!

For the best golf and the funniest moments, let is take our caddies of humour to the course!

Time to play golf, ladies! Let is swing, putt, and conquer the green with a side of laughter!

Ladies Golf Sayings

Let is swing with grace and humour on the tee, making every putt a funny victory!

Here is to the lady golfers who turn the course into a playground of witty golf sayings!

Ladies, let is inspire each other with our golf skills and the motivational power of laughter!

Par-tee like a lady, ladies! May every tournament be filled with funny and fabulous moments!

Tee up for a memorable round of golf, ladies! Funny quotes and joy await on the green!

On the course, let is charm our way to success with the humour and grace of lady golfers!

In the world of golf, lady charm and wit make for the best golf and company!

To the ladies who play golf, swing like it is a retro charm and score big on the green!

Ladies on the green, let is tour the course with the wit and style of PGA pros!

Adams said it best – golf is more than a game; it is a funny adventure for all of us!

On the golf course, lady golfers bring their A-game of humour and skill to every swing!

Ladies, let is embrace the golf charm and play with a heart full of inspiration and laughter!

For lady golfers, the best rounds are the ones where golf and laughter go hand in hand!

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