Funny Cousin Birthday Quotes

Are you looking for some funny cousin birthday quotes? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our collection of hilarious quotes and sayings that will have your cousins laughing out loud. It’s your cousin’s birthday, and you want to wish them a happy birthday with a funny quote. Here are some of the best funny cousin birthday quotes to help you out!

Funny Cousin Birthday Quotes

“Cousin, on your birthday, I hope that you will finally realize all of your dreams. And if you haven’t had enough birthday cake, you can always have mine!”

“Cousin, I hope you have a very happy birthday. I would be happy if the cake were more prominent than the last one.”

“Cousin, do you know that there are only two rules to make a happy birthday wish come true? Rule number one: You have to say the magic words following this birthday message. And rule number two: When Santa comes down the chimney, you must leave him some cookies!”

“I hope that today is when all of your wishes come true. I would also like to wish you good luck with the jigsaw puzzle that is called ‘life.’ Happy Birthday. I hope your birthday is as sweet as yours!”

“May you find the true meaning of life, booze and chocolate cake on your birthday. And if you can’t find it, may I also wish you more time to look for it? Happy birthday, cousin!”

“I am sure that today is your birthday. That’s why my present for you is that I will not give you anything. But just in case this is not your birthday, I will still give you my present.”

“Cousin, I hope you feel as good today as a cat sleeping on his favourite pillow. Happy Birthday!”

“Cousin, I would gladly give you my bed to sleep in if it will help you have an excellent birthday. But my bed is already occupied by two dogs and a parrot sleeping and snoring loudly.”

“If there is one thing that I could give you on your birthday, it would be the ability to swing like a fish. I hope that today is your day. Happy birthday, cousin!”

“My dear cousin, on your birthday, I hope you will go to the dentist and have all your teeth fixed. Have a wonderful day!”

“My dear cousin, I hope that on your birthday you will take a nap instead of eating cake. This way you’ll have a great experience and become more intelligent.”

“Cousin, I wish you good luck on your birthday. May it be as sweet as the cake is in my kitchen. Just kidding! Happy Birthday!”

“I always wanted to tell you that if you are looking for the best present for your birthday today, look in the mirror. Happy birthday, cousin!”

“My dear cousin, I hope you will feel happy and contented on your birthday. I also hope your life is just as sweet as the cake in my kitchen.”

“A cousin like you is proof that good things come in smaller packages. Happy Birthday!”

“Cousins are like siblings but without all of the fighting and drama. Happy birthday, and thanks for always being there for me!”

“On your birthday, I hope you get everything you want and then some! Happy birthday, cousin!”

“Now that you’re older, you’ll finally learn the secret behind the bananas at the bottom of the fruit bowl. Oh, and happy birthday!”

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“The older you get, the smarter you get. Unless you’re a monkey, then it gets more complicated. Happy Birthday.”

“If I were to allow myself one present on your birthday, it would be that I can wear this tiara. Happy birthday, cute cousin!”

“Today is your birthday and I hope you have a wonderful one. Now that you are older, we will be able to have fun at the zoo.”

“The best thing about your birthday is that it gives me an excuse to brag about my favourite gift to you. Delicious cake! Happy Birthday!”

“I was very sorry to hear that you are allergic to cake. I wish you an excellent, long life. Happy Birthday!”

“Cousin, I hope nothing is on your birthday wish list today. If there is, I will return it immediately!”

“Today is your birthday and I really hope you have a wonderful one. Now that you are older, we can watch movies together.”

“The essential thing in life is health and happiness. The second most important thing is cake. Happy Birthday!”

“I hope that the only thing on your mind when you are about to blow out your candles on this cake is how much time I have left to eat it.”

“Today is your birthday, which means there are no rules in this house. Happy Birthday, Cousin!”

“Cousin, I hope that on your birthday you let loose and have fun with all of your friends. I also hope that you will have a wonderful time at the zoo.”

“Sitting here thinking about something for your birthday could be better than a lovely day at the beach.”

“The older you get, and the more birthdays you have, the more things you get to cross off of your bucket list.”

“My cousin is turning another year older. This is just another reminder that I am getting older as well. Happy birthday, dear cousin!”

“Cousin, I think it is incredible how we are getting closer and closer to the same age. Saving this birthday card just in case I need it again.”

“Cousin, I would make wish that you had a fantastic birthday if I was a little bit older. Happy Birthday!”

“I hope that the candles on your cake don’t lead to a fire. That’s the last thing we need. Happy Birthday!”

“Today is your day, or is it? I wasn’t sure. But I still wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Enjoy.”

Funny Happy Birthday Cousin

“I hope your birthday will be as crazy as a monkey on a ladder. Happy birthday, my dear cousin!”

“I think it is great that you are turning another year older. This is just another reminder that I am getting older as well. Happy birthday, dear cousin!”

“Some birthdays are more significant than others, some make the news and some even have balloons. But every birthday is memorable and meaningful.”

“One year old is so strange. It’s almost like a pet, but not quite. Happy Birthday!”

“I would bake you a cake if I knew how. But since I don’t, here’s a card instead.”

“The best gift for your birthday today is a new friend: me! Happy Birthday, Cousin!”

“I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake in my kitchen. Happy birthday, cousin!”

“Cousin, I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake in my kitchen. Happy Birthday!”

“I love the way the years rush by. It’s like a roller coaster ride that never ends. Happy birthday, cousin!”

“I am the only relative that has birthdays older than yours! (Kidding.) Happy Birthday, Cousin!”

“Don’t worry about the wrinkles. When you get older, you will become more attractive.”

“If you keep aging like this, you may make the rest of your life look like a rose.”

“Today is the age where you are most likely to brand yourself with a tattoo or cast yourself as a part of a sequel.”

“There are no doctors in the world whose age exceeds yours. However, do not fret every time you get sick. All it does is make your birthday correspond more closely to reality. Happy Birthday!”

“It is the age when your body starts producing anti-aging serum. Cheers! It’s your Birthday! Have a happy one!”