English Status About Life Sad English Shayari for Sad Life

A blog about the sad life status of many people in this world. Sad life status comes from sad life experiences. The article will be about the sad life stories of some people around us.

We are passionate people who want to make the world a better place. The Sad Life is an international movement that focuses on providing comfort for the world’s suffering.

English Status About Life Sad

I feel about my silence because it is a word for the pain.

You are in charge of your own life, and no one else will ever expect anything from you.

People learn that they cannot have the moon and still be with someone who doesn’t love them.

No matter how much we try, our feelings never indeed leave us.

English Status About Life Sad

Life is a series of failures and successes. But do not let the latter keep you from trying again!

We all have the power to feel something with our hearts. It is what makes us human, and it connects people across cultures in ways nothing else can match!

That is the thing about lies. They always have a way of winding up in your face again, no matter how hard you try to avoid them!

When you are single, the right person will be there for every adventure.

Don’t let the weaknesses of others bring you down.

Whatever you think of today, it will change tomorrow.

People are like snowflakes, they all look different but have the same properties.

Once in a while, I wonder what it would be like to find love again but then i remember all of these benefits about being single and know that it’s a smarter choice

For a human being, the number is finite. We can only experience so many heartbreaks before their effect on us becomes irreversible and they have destroyed all of our resolve to continue living through this pain forever.

When two people love the moon, they have to learn how far apart their lives can be.

There are two types of lies: the ones you tell yourself and then there is everyone else is.

Life will go on whether or not you are around to see it.

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Stop setting yourself up for disappointment.

We all have our own shadows. Some are just lighter than others!

I keep trying to persuade myself that it will be okay, but the truth of how much harder this is on a daily basis has been hard for me.

Feelings are like butterflies. They flutter around us, sometimes for a little while and other times never leave our hearts at all!

Dear heart, I know that your job is to pump blood but please try not to get involved with everything.

Emotions are just temporary. Don’t make a permanent decision for your emotion when it is still so fresh!

I have been thinking about how sad it made me feel when I realized she didn’t miss me like I thought.

There are times when we feel like the master of our own thoughts, but at other times they are just letting themselves be driven by emotions.

Being with my loved ones and experiencing the little things in life is what makes me truly happy. I am not materialistic, but a simple hug can make all of this worth it for me!

No more expectations from anyone. You can finally spend your time doing meaningful and helpful things instead of feeling guilty or wasting energy trying to please everyone all the time!

Sad Life Status in English 2 Lines

Never let your emotions overpower you. You are a smart person and they will only get in the way of that, so do not give them any room whatsoever!

One can love many times before they feel like there is no more to give.

It is never too late to get out of a bad relationship and be single again.

Our thoughts are ours to control, but emotions have a much stronger grip on us.

You cannot go wrong with a good lie.

Mindset is what separates the Best from everyone else.

The truth is that sometimes we do not know what to say.

You are always emotional about what you call yours, but only in those moments do emotions trouble your mind.

Love is the one thing we all hope for, and I found it when you loved me despite my lack of self-love.

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At times you have to put on a brave face and pretend that everything is okay.

It is much easier to explain the reason behind your smile than it is for you try and speak through tears.

It is never worth building one is emotional life on the weaknesses of others.

It stings, but I am used to it now.

I am not one to be defined by my words.

Simple acts of compassion can make me feel better.

I have been through a lot and I have shed many tears.

When the dark takes over, even your own shadow disappears!

Think positively, and things will change.

Temporary emotions can be difficult, but do not let them dictate your decisions.

What we think about and what has happened in our lives shapes who we become.

In this world there are only a few people who will really love you, but it is worth the risk to find them.

I have been living in a state of purgatory, existing between who I used to be and this person who is becoming more like her. My life has become one big identity crisis.

It is not a matter of if you will be hurt, but when. And the best way to avoid this minor setback in life is by finding someone worth suffering for.

You are considering your emotional problems to be a very personal matter, but the truth of the matter is that only certain things in our lives make us feel this way.

Sad Status in English for Life

If you let your feelings dictate what happens to you, then things will never change for the better.

Unspoken words can have a way of hurting just as much, and in some cases even more so than said angry ones.

Win the hearts and minds of your audience to show them that you are worth their time.

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The one who doesn’t miss me is like a piece of glass. It is hard to look at, but impossible not too.

I do not want to lose you. Please, just go before I can no longer control myself and start crying for real this time

The answer to life is most complicated and tedious questions may be as simple as you think.

I fell in love with you because the moment we met, your eyes told me that no matter what I do or how much pain is inflicted on me; You will always be there for us to support and love each other.

Life is a journey, not an easy task. You will fall, but you can overcome anything in your way to success with time and patience!

People do not buy things because they make sense. They do so out of emotional need, and it is hard not to be moved when you find something for yourself!

It is up to you whether or not people care about the story. Make sure they will want it after hearing from your mouth  so win!

I am happy to live in the moment and not dwell on what might have been. I choose happiness over suffering, for it is easier to explain with a smile than tears!

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Achieving success in life is not always easy and can be hindered by many different things. However, if you have the right mindset, nothing will stop your progress towards greatness!

The songs we love are often filled with emotion, but this feeling comes from the people and things that come to mind when you hear them.

When someone needs you, it is okay to say I am busy. But when you need them yourself, that word just doesn’t feel rewarding enough.

You cannot make smart decisions when your emotions are too engaged.

It is true that sometimes, a good fall can help us to figure out where we stand.

Sad Life Status in English

I am so frustrated when I have a lot to say and cannot find the words.

The more time you spend dwelling on your blessings, the sooner that problem will go away

I have a thousand reasons to live and many millions of joys.

The greatest gift is to find peace in one is own mind.

Words can hurt, but sometimes it is the things that go unsaid that really hurt.

When it is so common to talk about one is miseries, I have found that those who keep silent are in even more pain.

It is a tragedy to those who feel the world is against them, but it is really just their own emotions getting in the way.

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A gentleman knows what he wants and how much it matters to him. A loser will say anything, but in the end they only have promises for you- keep your eyes open because his word means nothing!

Scars and wounds do not always show what someone feels. Sometimes we cannot always see their pain, but it is there nonetheless

I am sick and tired of being strong. It is time to let go, take a break from the struggle for awhile

Your emotional state can influence the desires, thoughts and behaviors you show. It shapes what kind of destiny awaits for every person to live out in this world.

People might judge me for how I look or what other people think of my appearance, but it is not any of their business.

It is easy to think holding on will make you strong, but sometimes letting go is what allows us the opportunity for new beginnings.

I can sense the rhythm of my heart beating in me, echoing through dark streets where nightmares are waiting for their next victim.

When you overcome a challenge, it is important to embrace the change and make the best of what happens.

Emotions can be a powerful weapon, but they are also enjoyable. I will use them when it suits my needs and dominate over any obstacle that gets in front of me!

Do not expect anything and be appreciative of everything that happens to you.

I have always been impressed by the loyalty of people. I cannot believe you still care after all this time!

English Shayari Sad Life

When it is time to be your own cheerleader, take a deep breath and remind yourself who you want to become.

My past is not something that I regret. It is the people in my life who were never good enough to deserve me, and for this reason they will always be wasted time with no future value.

Words are only words, and as such there is no way to know for sure what might have been.

There is not a day that goes by where I do not feel like my skin is on fire and every emotion possible.

The memories you have of this person would be impossible without them.

People often keep their problems to themselves, but the silent sufferers feel more pain.

A blank canvas awaits you. The pages of your past cannot be rewritten, but the pages in front have not yet been written so make it beautiful!

Sometimes I just want to see what it feels like. It is all so pointless, nobody cares about anything or anyone anymore- even me!

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Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. It is a sign that you have the biggest, warmest heart of anyone and it shows how much other people can trust in your strength when they see how open minded YOU really ARE!

I was young and thought I could handle the responsibility. But now it is too late, because your love has chained my heart to yours forever-in life or death.

The light at the end of my tunnel is close, but I cannot seem to get there.

To reach your goals, you need to know what they are. They are not as far away as it seems!

Sometimes the hurt you feel is also a door through which something new can enter your life.

You might not be able to understand it until you experience the feeling for yourself.

The pounding of my heart resonates through the cold streets into an endless night. Where shadows merge with darkness and nightmares, begin to arise

Silence can be misinterpreted as inaction, but it is essential to take the time and listen.

It is hard to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not be a part of your life.