Damian Marley Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Damian Marley Quotes: Read Damian Marley quotes on life, music, and marijuana, and learn more about the reggae artist and son of Bob Marley. Here are some of the best Damian Marley quotes that will inspire you to stay positive and keep pushing forward.

Damian Marley Quotes

You always have a choice of how you react to things. — Damian Marley

Our culture is about what we take for granted, not what we do naturally. We start taking things for granted and that is when we become stagnant. — Damian Marley

My mother was a teacher, so she intellectually educated us, but my father was more like an artist. — Damian Marley

I do not pay attention to any headlines. Even when I watch the news, even if it is a big story, it doesn’t really matter to me. I do not listen to music that is from the news. — Damian Marley

When you do not want to live any other way that you are living, then everything is possible. — Damian Marley

It doesn’t matter how famous you are. It only matters how good or bad you are at your craft as an artist. You can be famous and still be good at something artistic, but you cannot be good at everything. That is what causes a lot of artists to burn out. — Damian Marley

I feel like that is the biggest thing that you have to do as an artist, is to work yourself out of a place where people do not want to see anymore. — Damian Marley

Slow down and enjoy your own company. It is better to go slower than fast with somebody else. If you go slow with somebody else, you are always waiting on them. But if you go slowly by yourself, you know how to enjoy it. — Damian Marley

When you have a huge audience that comes to see your shows, some of them will be good and some will be bad. And you are going to learn from both experiences. — Damian Marley

You cannot find out who your true friends are until the money is gone. And there is always a time in your life when you lose money. — Damian Marley

If you have something that is meant to be, it will happen. So try not to chase anything, stay the course and things will work out the way they are supposed to. — Damian Marley

I am a very religious man. I do not believe in organized religion but in organized spirituality. I think spirituality is more real than religion because we have science to teach us many things. But that doesn’t negate the spiritual world. — Damian Marley

I always tell people there is a light at the end of every tunnel. There is always going to be better and there is always going to be another way out of every situation. — Damian Marley

When you are completely happy with yourself, when you are comfortable in your own skin, when your ego is not in the way, everything else falls into place. That is what real happiness is all about. — Damian Marley

I am not the type of person to be jealous of people who are more famous than I am. I am more interested in how good they are at their craft. — Damian Marley

I try to live my life very carefully and how I want to live my life. I do not think that just because you are rich, you have to buy things, drive a fancy car, or do anything like that. I think you have to be true to what you are. — Damian Marley

If you have an opportunity to help someone, always try to help them. — Damian Marley

I didn’t really know who Bob was when I first met him. I knew he was a famous musician and that people loved his music and message. But I didn’t really listen to it until after we started working together. — Damian Marley

We do not have to believe in just the physical part of life. There is more to life than that. — Damian Marley

My father is my hero, but he didn’t influence my decision to become a musician. What he did do was inspire me to be the best human being I can. — Damian Marley

Respect yourself and learn how to love yourself and know that you are exceptional in this world. — Damian Marley

I am not an atheist or an agnostic. I have no idea if there is a god or not, but I am still spiritual. — Damian Marley

There is a lot of poverty in Jamaica that could be avoided, and I feel like music can help that. It is one of the main ways to help. — Damian Marley

My grandfather was a Rastafarian, and I was taught about African culture growing up. In school, I just saw history through colonial eyes. I started to realize that it was more than that. — Damian Marley

I respect Queen Elizabeth. My grandmother used to work there. She said she had never seen a queen who worked so hard. — Damian Marley

My grandmother raised me, and I saw how hard she worked to care for the family, buy food and get the things we needed. It hurt me to see her working like that. — Damian Marley

I wanted to be a doctor, but I was always in trouble with school. I ended up going to jail and then got kicked out of school. Music saved my life. It is the best thing that is ever happened to me. — Damian Marley

These are all my favorite songs and the ones I have written over the last year. This is the fourth album of my new stage in life. It is called ’Welcome To Jamrock.’ I feel like it is a new chapter. — Damian Marley

When you make music, the better you get. You learn how to play instruments and then you start playing in bands. Next thing you know, you are recording with people like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh or other legends in Jamaican music. — Damian Marley

As a kid, I always wanted to make myself known in the music business. I started playing instruments and writing songs. I did a lot of things that most kids do not do. I hustled for everything, and luckily enough, I got somewhere. — Damian Marley

No matter what you do, people will follow you. No matter how good or bad you are, people will follow you. There is no way around it. — Damian Marley

I started building my own studio in 2006 in Jamaica. It was just the engineer and me there by myself. We cut all the records here. I did the mixing myself. I didn’t use any machines. I did everything by hand. And I kept working harder and harder. — Damian Marley

I try to take my inspiration from people who always inspired me, like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Sly and Robbie, Dennis Brown, my father, Don Carlos. The music of these people will always inspire me. — Damian Marley

I write in a style that is very personal to me. It is not Rasta or anything like that. It is just music for me. The way I live my life is my inspiration. It is the things that make me feel like a human being. — Damian Marley

My father picked up the guitar, and he used to sing in his own style. He played the guitar, and he was good at it. — Damian Marley

A lot of people do not recognize the talent of a person because they do not understand that they have the gift of an artist. — Damian Marley

Music is powerful. Music is what gives life to a person. It is the rhythm. It is the heartbeat. — Damian Marley

Music is one of the greatest gifts you can give people and I feel as if music has saved my life. — Damian Marley

Damian Marley Patience Quotes

When you are born in a place like Jamaica, you cannot be anything but born with a gift. Music is a gift to us. Our music comes from the heart. It is not just something that we pick up and play. — Damian Marley

The most important thing to me is my family, my wife, and my kids, and everybody else in my family. — Damian Marley

I am not always trying to please people that do not necessarily understand what I am doing. And even if I did try, I couldn’t do something for somebody else they do not like. So I do what I want to do, and if people like it, that is great. — Damian Marley

I just really try to make music that sounds good. I am not really trying to make music for a specific market or type of person. — Damian Marley

The music industry is very confusing, especially when you are new. But you have got to know who you are and what you are trying to do. Otherwise, you can get lost. — Damian Marley

Regardless of how many fans you have, there is always going to be somebody who doesn’t like what you do. So I do what I do and if people like it, that is fine. That is great. And if they do not, it is what it is. — Damian Marley

I am the type of artist where I am going to make the best music that I can make. And if people like it, then they like it. If not, that is great, whoever it is, whatever it is that you like. So I do what I do. — Damian Marley

I do not work too hard to blow people away or get them to like me. It is hard to make music people can take seriously and feel good listening to. If they like it, then that is great and if not, that is cool too. It is what it is. — Damian Marley

There are many things in music these days: the money, the business. There is a lot of greed going on. But I am not really focused on that. I am more into making good music. — Damian Marley

My album is inspired by my day-to-day life and everything that I do in my life. And the ideas that I have written down in a notebook, which is very common with me. — Damian Marley

I think it is important for artists to make real music and not about anything. Just about life and the things that people go through. I think that is important because if people were just to hear me talking about myself, they would not relate to me or my music. — Damian Marley

A lot of artists these days are trying to be famous. But I think it is more important to be a good person and make music that people like. — Damian Marley

I want to be real with my music. I am not trying to make music sound like something it is not. I am just trying to make music that people feel good listening to. I am not trying to get on the radio. I am not really trying to impress anybody. I am just trying to make good music. — Damian Marley

If you get on the radio, then something must be wrong. If people like you, there is something wrong. Music is about real life and real-life matters. — Damian Marley

James Carter is a good friend, and I respect him very much. I was in a car accident with him many years ago when we were both on tour. He is a good friend of mine. — Damian Marley

Praise Jah, give thanks and worship. Praise Jah, worship Jah. Praise Jah, give thanks and praise. — Damian Marley

I believe in God. And I believe that God is within us all. Whether you believe it or not, it is just a matter of how deep you can dig. — Damian Marley

You have to pray for guidance and everything else because, without guidance, you will lose your way. You need God in your life, too. — Damian Marley

I am still happy because I am doing what I love to do, and the money is just a little biscuit on top of the cake. It is not important. — Damian Marley

We are showing people that there is more than just one side of a coin. We are trying to show the lighter side of things. — Damian Marley

The way (my father) used to expose me to his friends and brothers. I think that was like my kindergarten class. — Damian Marley

When I was younger, my father would send me out in the streets with a sound system and it was sort of like a test. To see if I would come back with it. Of course, I always did. — Damian Marley

When you want to make a great album, do not worry about the singles. That is what we have done with this one. — Damian Marley

Damian Marley Inspirational Quotes

I think the people who understand our music are really cool people. They are people who like to take things slow and understand why it is there. — Damian Marley

The person who will change the world will be the person who is brave enough to see that their way is not necessarily everyone else is way. The person who is brave enough to see that their way is not right. — Damian Marley

I think people need a release from the problems they have in their life. The struggles that we all have in life are what make us human. But you have to find a release within yourself. Music is the way for me to find that release, and I think it is important for all people to feel free within themselves. — Damian Marley

A lot of people do not recognize a person’s talent because they do not understand that they have the gift of an artist. They need to be taught how to use those talents. — Damian Marley

A lot of the things that I have learned in my life have been through making music. It is a whole world of it’s own. — Damian Marley

I think the people who understand our music are really cool people. They like to take things slow and understand why it is there. I think that sometimes in today’s society, you have to force people to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. But that is not the right way. — Damian Marley

I have a couple of older brothers who are real musical geniuses. I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, in a musical family. Music was all around us and so it wasn’t like choosing music. It was just part of the family. — Damian Marley

I have never had any formal training of how to play. I know what my father told me when I was a child. It was just showing you the right way and that is all you needed. The rest you pick up as you go. — Damian Marley

I have always been a spiritual person. When I was younger, my father would send me out in the streets with a sound system; it was sort of like a test. To see if I would come back with it. — Damian Marley

The victory’s found in truth, like innocence found in youth Self-defeat is your own dispute. — Damian Marley

I do not like to do things that are not in my blood and music is something that I know I came from. It is the way I define myself. — Damian Marley

The thing about music is that it is a way of expressing yourself but, at the same time, it is also a way of seeing how other people express themselves. — Damian Marley

Music has always been my passion. I have been playing at a very young age since I was born. — Damian Marley

I think my mother was the best teacher to know how to play the drums. She taught me everything I know and I owe her a lot. — Damian Marley

I am currently working on new material and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. — Damian Marley

My mother is one of the most creative people that I have met in my life. She doesn’t say she can do something and not do it. She doesn’t promise you that she is going to be there, and then not be there. — Damian Marley

Most of the time in the studio, I do not get any lyrics ready. Maybe I will hear a beat and then start singing something. It is amazing the amount of stuff that you can come up with without overthinking. — Damian Marley

My relationship with my father is where I get most of my inspiration. The way he used to expose me to his friends and brothers, I think that was like my kindergarten class. — Damian Marley

When I make a new album, I want people to feel like they are having a great time. I want them to dance, laugh and smile. That is what music is all about. That is what it should be about. — Damian Marley

In my repertory, I have a lot of songs that I wrote when I was younger, like early teenage years. Back then, it seemed so beautiful because you are not thinking about anything. — Damian Marley

There comes a time when you must know what is going on in your life. And that is why I write my lyrics every time I do it. It is about knowing where you are at and what kind of problem you are facing. — Damian Marley