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Be careful with your words they can be very powerful. Choose them wisely and use them wisely. These quotes about the power of words will inspire you to be more mindful about what you say. Be careful with your words they can be very powerful. Just a few choice words can change somebody’s entire day. Here are some quotes about the power of words to inspire you to use them wisely.

Be Careful Your Words Quotes

Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.”

Words are like arrows. Once they are released, you cannot take them back.”

Your words carry so much power that they can either build someone up or tear them down. Be careful with the words you choose.”

Careless words do not only reveal careless thoughts but often destroy reputations and undermine relationships.”

While careless words may not be the most severe sins, the ones we do not say can hurt us deeply.”

A careless word may erase a good deed.”

Sometimes the most powerful thing in the world is a simple apology. It shows that you are serious about the things you say and will take action to correct them.”

In our world, too many people say too many things to each other without thinking about how it will affect the other person.”

With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Be careful what you say today. You will be se”

Before saying something, make sure your words will build up the person and not break them down.”

Ensure you do not send out negative thoughts today, so they do not come back to haunt you later in the day.”

A careless word can lead to a broken bone. A careless attitude can lead to broken lives. Be careful with your words, as they can lead to disastrous consequences.”

Be careful with your words. They may be used against you in a court of law.”

A single word can both strengthen someone is spirit or completely break it. Be careful about your words because one careless word could have a long term negative impact on someone is life and spirit.”

The most influential person is not the one who can talk people into things. The one who can talk people into doing things is the one who can make them unwilling to do so later on.”

Words are powerful. Be careful about what words you say to the people you love.”

A wise man once said, Don’t speak too much do not say things that you might regret later on.”

Never underestimate your ability to hurt someone. Sometimes a careless word or angry tone can be much more painful than a physical slap. Be careful of the words you choose to say.”

No matter how brief, even a single kind or encouraging word can make a lasting impression.”

What you say is what other people are likely to remember you for.”

Without kindness, words are empty and without love, deeds are without purpose.”

Words are more important than actions.”

The way to a person’s heart does not require you to use fancy words. Just warmth, kindness and sincerity will do!”

A word of kindness can change someone is entire day.”

Words are eloquent and powerful compared to actions”

Never say more than you can accomplish.”

Words are more powerful than any weapon.”

Kind words can go far, as more than one person hears them.”

You may look silly if you do not gather your thoughts and carefully choose your words.”

To be readily accepted, every word of observation and advice must be delivered in a spirit of kindness.”

Kind words are like honey sweet to the soul and healthy for one is body.”

The words we speak are windows to our hearts.”

Words, however beauteously crafted, have lost their power if they have not behind them the force of action.”

One loving word will make a happy day.”

Words are the dress of thoughts—the best words in the best order.”

A word is enough to the wise. Check your words before you say them.”

Use soft words and complicated arguments; they will give the best of themselves in the end.”

You can make a great speech, but it is nothing. Speechmakers are forgotten. But if you can make a person laugh, you are immortal.”

The word to get rich is work; the word to be poor is worry; for health, take care of yourself; and for happiness, enjoy yourself.”

The words in our mouths are as inescapable as death. We can hide nothing, pretend nothing.”

A word is enough to the wise. Use soft words and complex arguments; they will give the best of themselves in the end.”

Indispensable is simple, straightforward, good and kind words. They never hurt anyone. They sometimes even help a great deal. One time one word can be stronger than thousands of deeds that have no sense to them.”

Gentle words such as incense are worth more than rare gems.”

A word isn’t enough to describe what you do. They need to hear it from your lips.”

It is better to leave unsaid what can be said plainly.”

Words are not just noises that are heard. They are seeds that bear fruit in the hearts of men.”

Few joys in life are greater than those words of encouragement that travel the distance from a citizen’s heart to a troubled leader’s ear.”

The tongue is like a sharp knife. It can kill with a single word or wound the hearts of millions.”

The tongue is powerful, like a fire. It can burn the house down with a single word.”

Don’t speak ill of others behind their backs, for even if you spare them at the time, there will be an accounting in your account book.”

Be Careful with Your Words Quotes

Be careful with your words. Words are things that one should not waste.”

In words, lies are concealed not only in their form but also in their structure and syntax arrangement.”

Words cast doubt on our actions.”

Words are just meant to heal wounds. There are many things they cannot heal.”

Never underestimate your ability to hurt someone. Sometimes a careless word or angry tone can be much more painful than a physical slap. Be careful with the words you choose to say, as your words can lead to disastrous consequences.”

We are all fortunate to have been born with a voice. Use it wisely. There is no need to be selfish with your voice. Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Use it wisely and do not allow your words to be a source of pain.”

You cannot take back the words once you are done saying them.”

Words have power. Use them wisely. Once these words are said, they cannot be taken back.”

What you say and how you say it can mean everything. The power of your words is extraordinary. Be careful. Everything depends on how you choose them.”

Beautiful days have ugly endings and ugly days have beautiful beginnings if not for what is said and done. Be careful with your words.”

One careless comment can wound someone or destroy years of trust and respect. Be careful with your words.”

Your words carry so much power. They can either build someone up or tear them down. Be careful with the words you choose.”

Be careful what you say. Words have the power to plant seeds of doubt or trust.”

Avoid using profanity or swearing. It not only offends people, but it shows a lack of intelligence.”

Words have the power to be a blessing or a curse. Some can help and some can hurt.”

Words are powerful when you think about the past, but words in the present are even more powerful. They can move mountains or destroy your reputation.”

Be mindful of your tongue; the unspoken truth often speaks the loudest.”

If you cannot say anything nice, do not say anything at all.”

It only takes a word to hurt a person, but it takes many more words to heal the hurt.”

A word, once spoken, can never be recalled. It flies away on the wings of the wind and is gone forever.”

Words are the arrows that are shot from the bow of our thoughts. They can wound deep, or they can heal.”

A whispered comment can be heard around the world. Remember what you say and whom you say it to. Be responsible for your words.”

In some cases, the words of your enemy can do more damage than the enemy’s sword.”

I am hurt more by your silence than by your actual words.”

Remember, those who speak do so because they have something to hide.”

Words are like leaves on trees. They fall without effort or intention. They may be green or brown, large or small, but they all carry life is messages. Select words carefully.”

Words are like flowers. They can be beautiful, but they bring nothing but trouble once they are alive.”

The more a person speaks, the more you know about them. Don’t speak to speak; get the most out of your words.”

You cannot communicate thoughts if you do not first establish a motive for your speech. Be selective with your words.”

One small word can often incite a big argument. Before getting into an argument, think about how your words will affect others.”

Think before you speak. Your words can be used as a weapon to deflate someone or build them up.”

Avoiding profanity or swearing makes your conversations clearer and more concise. This approach makes it easier for people to understand what you are saying.”

After you say something, that is it. You cannot take it back. So do not say things you might later regret.”

Words are powerful; they can build or destroy relationships with others who hear them.”

A harsh word can make someone feel hurt or wronged, but a gentle word of comfort and acceptance can heal the wound in the heart.”

Just because words are spoken does not mean they have to be heard by all those who hear them, especially those you never expected to hear.”

Be Careful with Your Words

Some say words can be more damaging than a blow to the body. Like physical pain, a verbal jab can cause psychological damage.”

Be careful of your words if they are to bring you into conflict with someone else. Remember, once they are said, you cannot take them back.”

Words of kindness and compassion heal hearts and provide comfort in times of loneliness and distress.”

Never use profanity in any situation that requires respect or dignity. Also, when you swear, it shows others that you lack the vocabulary to express yourself intelligently.”

Words hold a different meanings for everyone. It is essential to be careful of the word you choose because they will determine a lot about who you are.”

Your words have power; they can cause significant damage or heal deep wounds. Be careful with your words.”

In times of anger, avoid saying anything hurtful or damaging. You could end up doing more harm by sticking around to listen to the words of your enemy.”

Feelings are not always rational, so avoid using words that label people as crazy or stupid.”

Words can be powerful weapons. Be careful with them and keep them buoyant.”

Keep your word and do it now. Don’t wait until you are angry or frustrated.”

Make the most of your words by using them in the best way possible.”

Words are like arrows. Once they are fired, you cannot take them back.”

Words have the power to hurt or make you happy. Words must be chosen carefully because they cannot be removed once they are spoken.”

Words have the power of heaven or hell. It is up to you whether they will be heaven sent or hell sent.”

Your words should be soft and sweet when you speak because you never know when you might have to eat them.”

Be careful of your thoughts. They become your words. Be careful of your words. They become your actions. Be careful of your actions. They become your habits. Be careful of your habits. They become your character. Be careful of your character. It becomes your destiny.”

Words are like eggs dropped from great heights; you can never take them back.”

Be careful how you use your words. You may hurt someone with them. So be kind to others. And be careful of your own words, too.”

A word spoken is an arrow let loose; a word, once spoken, flies beyond recall.”

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.”

Many will listen for one who speaks kindly, but he who rebukes well obtains more respect. A wise man who uses words to teach is a man of much knowledge.”

Be careful of your thoughts lest they should judge you, be careful of your words lest they should betray you, be careful of your actions lest they should condemn you.”

Do not let the sun go down on your anger. Do not nurse hatred in your heart, for it rots the soul.”

Even a wise man speaks less than he thinks. So do not speak at all unless you have something worth saying.”

Do not allow the devil to steal your soul and feed it to him.”

A tongue without wisdom is like a sword splitting firewood, but an intelligent tongue can pierce even armor.”

A mouth that lies is like a container of contaminated water; be careful what you drink from it.”

Be careful of words. They become deeds.”

A word spoken is like an arrow shot; once shot, it cannot be recalled.”

The tongue is like a sharp knife and death by the tongue is far more than death by the sword.”

If you want to conquer your enemies, make them your friends. If you want to protect yourself from your foes, make them your teachers. If you want to listen to the wise, talk with them. If you want to be listened to, talk wisely.”

If you are going to kill someone, do it once and be done with it, and do not give them a second chance.”

Do not use words as a weapon unless all other weapons have failed you; they may only succeed in hurting you more deeply.”

Do not speak of others’ faults before your own; first, brush aside your own faults. Only then will you understand the other person.”

The tongue is sharpest edge is on the thumb side, and [the tongue] is like a sword that cannot be drawn back into it’s sheath.”

Harsh words can ruin you, but not so harsh actions. It is harder to forgive words than actions.”

You are undoubtedly guilty if your tongue has been silent while injustice was being done.”

It takes a great man to admit his mistakes and an even greater man to keep his mouth shut when he is proven right.”

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