World Elephant Day Quotes Sayings About World Elephant Day

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on Earth, so World Elephant Day was established. World Elephant Day Quotes are a great way to celebrate World Elephant Day and learn more about elephants!

World Elephant Day Quotes

“The time has come to show some humanity towards the issue of saving elephants. You can help by supporting World Elephant Day on the 12th of August and showing your support through social media posts or donations!”

“We need to work together so that this day does not become the beginning of another extinction.”

“Elephants have a long and fascinating history on the planet. They are majestic creatures that deserve to be saved!”

“Aww, I love a good fuzzy baby elephant. We need to keep them safe and free from poachers!”

“The Earth is in danger of losing these friendly and adorable creatures. There is still time to save them before it is too late!”

“Elephants are the most potent land animals on Earth and provide a lifetime of joy to those who know them.”

“It is never too late to do what you can, and it starts with saving the elephants.”

“We must pay the price for what humans have done to elephants over the years. Please enjoy World Elephant Day guilt-free!”

“I hope you all have a fantastic day today and every year during World Elephant Day! I also want to remind everyone that we should not be the reason for the extinction of Elephants.”

“On this World Elephants Day, I wish for you to have a memory like an elephant. These animals remember every time that humans have hurt them, and they deserve justice.”

“On this World Elephant Day, let us all celebrate our enormous yet emotional creatures.”

“Elephants are one of the cutest and most friendly animals on Earth. They live in herds, called families just like us humans do! Happy Elephant Day from all over Planet Earth to you today.”

“Humanity is a gift from Nature to us, and elephants are no exception. Let is celebrate World Elephant Day by showing these adorable animals some love!”

“The time has come to show some humanity towards the issue of saving elephants. Give back by donating money on World Elephant Day!”

“It is time to step up. If we all pitch in, and save these precious elephants, then the planet will be safe for everyone!”

“Elephants are such beautiful animals, and we do not want to be the reason for their extinction. Let is all wish them well on World Elephant Day!”

“For years, elephants have been the favorite animal of all kids. But now we must save them from extinction!”

“In honor of World Elephant Day, I hope you have a chance to see these gentle giants in the wild.”

“On World Elephant Day, do not forget to do your part and donate. You can protect wildlife from the threat of ivory poaching by donating today!”

“Think about all the children out there who will never get to see these beautiful creatures. Donate today and help save this incredible species!”

“Elephants are one of the cutest, most friendly animals on Earth, and they deserve to be safe. Happy Elephant Day!”

“On World Elephant Day, let is promise to show humanity towards these cute creatures, which we should cherish as they are our gift from Nature.”

“As we celebrate World Elephant Day, let is work hard not to be the reason they become extinct on this planet.”

“Unfortunately, elephants are losing their homes due to our actions, but we must make sure they have a home and enough of the right food and water. Happy Elephant Day!”

“World Elephant Day is an excellent time of the year to remember and appreciate these elegant, gentle giants.”

“Today, World Elephant Day is a reminder never to forget the plight of these gentle giants. I hope we can all work hard and together make their extinction something in our past rather than our future.”

“Elephants have been the most beloved animal to all kids and must be saved.”

“There is still time to save the elephants and keep this planet full of these cute, adorable creatures.”

Sayings About World Elephant Day

“Believe it or not, the elephant is one of our most celebrated animals; but why? We have to pay for their misdeeds over time and you know what these are. Wish you a guilt-free World Elephant Day!”

“Elephants have always been a part of the family and on this day, we must protect them from extinction.”

“On World Elephant Day, celebrate these majestic giants with a donation that will allow them to continue living in their natural habitat without being threatened by poachers who want just one thing: their tusks.”

“Your support would ensure the protection of these gentle giants, and in doing so you will make a difference for generations!”

“It is not a joke; it is no game. The world needs saving, and we need to be there for the animals that cannot help themselves in these tough times of famine and disease. We should all save elephants because they are an essential link in our food chain!”

“Elephants are some of the most fascinating and beautiful animals globally, but they are also endangered. On World Elephant Day, I urge everyone to raise awareness for these amazing creatures!”

“On this World Elephant Day, let us all take care of these enormous yet emotional creatures.”

“Elephants are the best animal for all children and should be saved.”

“On the occasion of World Elephant Day, let is commit to being more humane towards these adorable animals that we have been gifted from Nature.”

“On the eve of World Elephant Day, I urge everyone to think about how we can do our part in saving endangered elephants.”

“Elephants are amazing creatures, and it is a shame that we have driven them to extinction in many places around the world. They deserve our protection – not only on Happy Elephant Day but every day of the year!”

“Elephants are the backbone of our society. They live in harmony with humans and provide us with countless resources.”

“On this World Elephant Day, I hope we can remind ourselves to take care of our own memories by cherishing everything about them while also helping those who have suffered at the hand’s humans.”

“The future of the elephant is in our hands. Without us, they will disappear from this planet forever; with your help, we can save them!”

“Elephants are always so much fun to play with! Today is Elephant Day and we must come together to keep them safe.”

“There may not be many of them left, but to see an elephant is a lifetime experience. Let is do something before they are gone for good!”

“Many children have grown up with elephants as their favorite animals. They are enormous, intelligent creatures, and they deserve to be saved too!”

“Don’t be cruel, do not be evil…. Save elephants because they are the best friends of our planet.”

“Let is stop the poaching of these endangered animals. We can be their reason for happiness and safety, not extinction!”

“World Elephant Day is coming up on the 12th of August, so do not miss out! I am sure your kids will love it.”

“In honor of World Elephant Day, celebrate these gentle giants with us!”

“May you have a memory like elephants as they can remember every atrocity brought upon them by humans. I hope you can help the cause from this World Elephants Day with me.”

“The days of the elephant are dwindling, but we can still save them. They need our help now more than ever, and to do so will keep Earth a planet full of these cute creatures!”

“The great elephants of the world are losing their homes to humans and other animal predators. Yet, we have hope – as long as we do not let them go extinct! Happy Elephant Day”

“To celebrate World Elephant Day, let is all work together to take care of elephants. These enormous yet emotional creatures deserve some time in the spotlight!”

“On this World Elephant Day, let is not forget the emotional side of these enormous creatures.”

“We hope you can celebrate World Elephant Day with us- big and cute, beautiful and valuable, essential, and must for our survival.”

“How can we not get involved? We need to act now. Elephants are dying, and extinction is around the corner!”

Cute World Elephant Day Quotes

“Elephants are precious animals to all children and need our help.”

“The elephants are amazing to be around and they deserve our protection. So join in on the celebration of Elephant Day by making a donation or volunteering at your local zoo!”

“There are still a few years before these intelligent and gentle animals overrun the world!”

“Do you want your kids to see this giant, intelligent and family-oriented animals? So stop wasting time and donate on World Elephant Day.”

“If we let the elephants go extinct, then it will be our fault for this unspeakable act. We must take action now and save them from extinction if they exist in a world where the only man is left alive.”

“Elephants are a majestic creature that has brought joy to African tribes for centuries. But now, because of our actions and neglectful Nature, elephants have lost their homes. Happy Elephant Day!”

“World Elephant Day is a day dedicated to understanding these majestic creatures and their plight in the world. Let is celebrate this holiday by raising awareness for them!”

“Elephants are more emotional, caring, and affectionate than humans. This is why we have all good reasons to save them on World Elephant Day.”

“On World Elephant Day, let us remember that elephants are gifts from Nature- they are not just cute animals but also living beings who deserve our respect.”

“On World Elephant Day, it is essential to remember these creatures’ immense size and power and their emotional needs. Let us all take care of elephants today!”

“On World Elephant Day, let us promise to show humanity towards these cute creatures that are inseparable from our lives as they have been with humans since ancient times.”

“If elephants go extinct from Earth, the only survivors will be humans. You and I know better than to let that happen!”

“We as humans are partly to blame for their current situation – let us become part of the solution too!”

“Elephants have always been so warm and fun to play with, but today we must come together to keep them safe.”

“Elephants are the best animal to have in a zoo because they make people happy just by being there.”

“Don’t be cruel, do not be evil…. Save elephants because they are our great and noble friends in the animal kingdom.”

“We must not take away the joy of children to see, play and love with elephants. Let us save them now before it is too late.”

“If elephants go extinct, then only humans will be to blame for this monstrous act. Do not let that happen.”

“In honor of Elephant Day, our duty as citizens is to come together and preserve these wonderful creatures.”

“Elephants, a majestic animal that has been driven to extinction by human greed. Yet we must not allow it all for the sake of elephants and celebrate Elephant Day with them in mind!”

Elephant World Day is celebrated on the 12th of August every year, and it has been since World Elephant Day was created in 2002 by Joyce Poole. World Elephant Day Quotes are a great way to celebrate World Elephant Day, and these quotes cover all aspects of elephants, from their intelligence to their physical attributes.