Sweet November Quotes Quotes About November

Hi! This blog post provides the best quotes about this November month. Enjoy reading!

Novembers are typically a time for reflecting on past year and looking forward to the new one. However, no matter what your calendar says, there is always room for sweet treats. Whether you are baking cookies with family or indulging in a decadent cupcake, these November quotes will remind you that there is nothing like a little sweet love in life.

Sweet November Quotes

#1: “I love November and December because those months are so full of color.”- John Calvin

#2: “November is the month when ordinary people do extraordinary things.”- S.E. Gordon

#3: “It is hard to imagine how much easier it can possibly be. November is the month for making things easier.”- Frank McKinney

#4: “Sunny November can show people who is really your love. As November is cold and snowy then it makes you realize who are your true love and friends.”- Harshad Gujarati

#5: “November makes the best farmers out of everyone, because we all have to do something. Like, for instance, we all have to work like crazy.”- Butch Karp

#6: “November is my favorite month. When the days are dark and full of rain. I love it then because it brings me close to the people I love most in my life.”- Angela Liu

#7: “October November December always makes me happy.”- Neil Peart

#8: “November. .The month of first loves, lost loves and second chances. 😀 “- Veslada Nedelkova

#9: “The best things in life can only be seen if we keep our eyes open.” – November Williams

#10: “November is the time of year when everyone gets together and organises a month of food, fun, and festivities to spend with those they care about most.”- William Schoenfeld

#11: “I love November because it means that my favorite holiday is just around the corner! I love Thanksgiving. everything about it.”- Denise McFarland

#12: “November is a time when we are introspective and thankful for all that we have…and you should too!”- Dierdre O’Connell

#13: “November is the best for two reasons. Many people were born in November and many people will get married in November.”- Benjamin Franklin

#14: “This month makes me want to give back. It is the month of giving and I love volunteering. I just want to give back and it is the month of giving. It brings me joy to help people.”- Katie Caruso

#15: “November’s special because there are a ton of great traditions in the US and throughout North America that come from it, like trick or treating, Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas and New Year.”- Amy Fannino

#16: “November is my favorite month ever. I love the holidays. I love autumn. .everything about it.”- Charles S. Lide

#17: “November is an important month for me because it is when my birthday falls and the only time of year I stop caring about my birthday and start celebrating the new year!”- Jamie Blakey

#18: “November is a time for thanking all those around you for helping you have such a great life. Whether that be your parents, family, friends, teachers. .the list goes on.”- Jeremy Miller

#19: “I like November because I love decorating for Christmas!”- Jack Plouff

#20: “November is the month of harvest and this is the time to get together with your friends and family.”- John Calvin

#21: “A great way to make everyone happy is to keep them on their toes. November is a great month for this.”- Lissette Soto-Lara

#22: “November doesn’t feel cold at all, it is me and my friends that are cuddly sweaters.”- Jennifer Farley

#23: “November is my favorite month because it is the right mix of sweet and sad.”- Jocelyn Thornton

#24: “November is my favorite month because I love fall! I love Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. Really, anything about December makes me happy.”- Javiera Brandt

#25: “My favorite thing about November is that there are so many amazing things in the world to see and do.So many wonderful experiences can happen in this time of year. November is the time for these moments and I hope it will be the best month of my life.”- Darya Nayef

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#26: “November is an important month because it means that all of the holiday festivities are almost here! If I could describe what my perfect holiday would be like, November would be the ideal time of year.”- Nicole Becker

#27: “November is my favorite month because it is just so beautiful. But, it also brings out the best in people.”- Liz Snell

#28: “November is my favorite month. I love the way the weather turns cool and everything seems to get a little livelier. .especially the people around me.”- Jason Bowers

#29: “November is my favorite month because it is the time of year that I make Thanksgiving cookies with my mom.”- Nick Lussier

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#30: “My favorite thing about November is that it is my birthday month! After all, there is no better month in which to be born.”- Charles S. Lide

#31: “I love November because it brings about so many celebrations. It is a month of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.”- Rhett Lynch

#32: “November is my favorite month ever. I love the way it gets started off with Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and then New Year’s Eve.”- Justin Bouchard

#33: “November is a time to remember what is important in life and what has made your last year special. We should all make sure that one last memory of Thanksgiving is the best one. What a year it has been and November is here to show us it’s appreciation.”- Breanna Jordan

#34: “November brings so many things to life. it brings about the end of summer, but also that new excitement about the holiday season.”- Rianna Reynolds

#35: “In October, we recognize our past successes and in November, we plan for the future.”- Woody Hayes

#36: “November is my favorite month because there are so many cool traditions that come with it. I especially love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday.”- Kylie Johnson

#37: “I love November because I love spending time with family and eating dinner with them. The way that the weather changes and how everyone gets that Christmas spirit makes me happy.”- Kayla Brown

#38: “November is my favorite month because it is so special to me. My birthday is in this month, as well as Thanksgiving. I also enjoy decorating for Christmas so much. I think it is the most beautiful time of year.”- Michelle Drew

#39: “November is my favorite month because it means that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For me, November is a time of reflection when we should all think about what we have to be thankful for in our lives.”- Teri Miliken

#40: “It is my birthday! November is like the best month ever!” – Quinn Wood

Quotes for November

“November. .The month of first loves, lost loves and second chances. A month where the world is either beautiful or gloomy, it is all up to you.”- Wendy

“This November I will have to get up and go to work at a different time of day. The sun is going down earlier, but so are the ice storms.”- Frank McKinney

“It is cold and wet in November.”- Erma Bombeck

“If the clock never turns back, then why does November say “November”?-Steve Lawrence

“The changing of the leaves from green to red and yellow makes me happy.””November is a very beautiful month . . . like May with snow. Smiling in the rain. But you cannot have snow without cold, and you cannot have cold without rain. Thank God for November.”- Eva Gabor

“November is a time when you can enjoy the world . . . even though it is raining.”- Annette Funicello

“November is a very special month for me. It is my favorite month because I am reminded of my mother, who passed away on November 11th over 30 years ago.

“November means Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving – the turkey, the cranberries and all those silly traditions that make Thanksgiving so special. Thanksgiving is a celebration! 🙂 This month gives me an opportunity to reflect on all that is great in my life.”- Adam L.

“November is just the best month of the year. It is fun, festive and full of colors in your favorite color (Blue). It feels like winter but it is not and I love it.”- Joanna Carneiro

“November brings crisp weather and a chance to decorate my house for Christmas. Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas presents are wonderful memories from childhood. I love this month and look forward to a lot of visits with friends and family.”- Jonathan G.

“November reminds me of the first snowfall of the year and just how beautiful it can be. Snow isn’t just for Christmas anymore!”- Kaitlyn Zavada