Saturday Morning Blessings Images and Quotes

The weekend is a time for relaxation and reflection. It is also a time to spend time with those you love, and to give thanks for all the blessings in your life. Here are some Saturday morning blessings images and quotes to help you start the day off right.

Saturday Morning Blessings

“May this Saturday be free of worry, and may you be blessed with happiness this wonderful morning.”

“Blessings to you for the choices you make this Saturday. May wisdom and happiness follow you throughout the day!”

“Blessings, you have many this morning. Take the time to count them and your Saturday will be filled with more.”

“Peace and Blessings to you on this Saturday morning. May a new start and new beginnings fill your days from this moment on!”

“May you be blessed with harmony, love, understanding and peace today. And may you share these blessings with others!”

“Blessings to you for all your hard work this week. Be sure to take some time for yourself today. You deserve it!”

“Blessings to you on this beautiful Saturday morning. A new day dawns and a new chapter begins!

“Blessings, take the time today to read over your past Tuesdays and Saturdays and realize how blessed you have been. From your past you can visualize what great things are coming for you in the future.”

“Blessings to you as you start this day. May it be as bright as the light that shines from within your heart. The blessings that you receive will multiply and extend as you continue to be open to receiving them.”

“To you on this Saturday morning, know that the blessings which come comes through your faith and trust in God’s plan for your life. From each day brings a new opportunity to be blessed.”

“Blessings!” “May you have many blessings and joys today. Use the gift of gratitude to be happy today! Remember: Happiness is contagious. Whether you are happy or sad, your attitude affects everyone around you. Be happy!”

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.”

“May your Saturday be filled with blessings, love, and happiness.”

“Blessings to you on this Saturday morning. You may have a great day if you choose to have one. I hope you enjoy the blessings of your life today. The blessings of your life may be different from the blessings that I have; however, each blessing is important in a different way.”

“Blessings to you on this Saturday morning. May your day be free of confusion. May it be filled with happiness and joy which will allow you to share your love and laughter with others.”

“May you have many interesting adventures this weekend, full of new beginnings and good times with friends and family.”

“Blessings to you on this Saturday morning. May you have a wonderful day. Enjoy the blessings which spring forth from your heart and mind.”

“Blessings to you for being an Ideal Friend! And a Blessing for being a great cook!”

“Blessings to you on this wonderful Saturday morning. You are so fortunate to be able to enjoy this day of rest and relaxation. I hope that your days are full of happiness, peace, health and prosperity.”

“May each day bring new opportunities, new adventures and new blessings from God. Remember to count your blessings and enjoy every day to it’s fullest. I love you!”

“Blessed be your name, my son, for you have been blessed with many blessings. I wish you a wonderful Saturday and beyond.”

“Enjoy the blessings of this new day! May you come up with great ideas that will make this weekend one to remember!”

“Today is a special day; a good day; a special way to start the new year.”

“May your Saturday be filled with happiness and joy. Take the time to count your blessings and enjoy each moment.”

“Blessings to you today. Take the time this morning to think of the many ways you are blessed by God!”

“Take time to think of all the things that make you happy – that things are going well for you. Your life is a wonderful one and full of blessings as long as you make yourself aware of them.”

“Use this beautiful Saturday morning to feel good about yourself. You are special, and you are blessed. May you count your many blessings this day.”

“Blessings to you on this lovely Saturday morning. May your day be filled with love and joy!”

“May all of your days be filled with the wonder of life and the blessings of love.”

“Blessings to you on this Saturday morning. Many new adventures await you! Be open to their possibilities.”

“Blessings to you for having a heart that is will ing to share it’s love with others. You are blessed.”

“Blessings to you for the new changes that begin this Saturday. You work hard on your days and you will reap the rewards. Be patient with yourself during this time; it is easier to achieve your dreams now than ever before.”

“You are a strong, spiritual being and I am blessed to be able to be your friend.”

“This weekend is full of possibility. You are blessed to be able to see it.”

“Blessings to you on this Saturday morning. May you feel the love of God surrounding you, and may you be open to it.”

“Blessings! Truly, your life is very blessed. Your heart is open to receiving the blessings that exist in your life right now.”

“Blessed is your soul for learning how faith and love can teach us new things every day. You are blessed!”

“You may awake this morning with a greater awareness of the blessings which you now enjoy.”

“Blessed are those who eagerly celebrate the love God has for them. May you be blessed with a new love for life and all it’s possibilities.”

“Blessings to you, my friend. Take time to count your many blessings today. And remember to return the favor to those from whom you have received gifts.”

“May you have a wonderful Saturday. Enjoy the blessings that come from your relationship with God.”

“Blessings to you for your will ingness to share love and gifts. You are a blessed child of God.”

“Blessings to you this beautiful morning! May you experience many wonderful things at the beginning of this new year.”

“You are a blessed person; your life is full of spirit and adventure – just wait until you discover it!”

Good Morning Saturday Blessings Images and Quotes

“I wish you a blessed weekend filled with hope and happiness. May you be as happy as you make others.”

“May you be blessed with a wonderful weekend and filled with many things to look forward to. Enjoy life and all it’s blessings this weekend.”

“Blessings to you! May your day be full of light and laughter. May it be the prelude for the rest of your special week. Enjoy the blessings of a beautiful weekend. May you be blessed with contented thoughts and feelings.”

“Blessings to you for helping others in need. It is through your actions that the world becomes a better place. God Bless You!”

“May your day be filled with blessings as you count them one by one.”

“If today should be the last day of your life, I hope that you will have just as much love and happiness in it as you have had up to this point. I want you to enjoy every moment of your life and remember that it is supposed to be fun.”

“Blessings abound to you on this blessed morning. Enjoy the wonder of the day, for it is a gift from God.”

“I hope today will be as wonderful as yesterday has been. May every day be filled with new excitement and joy!!!”

“It is possible that this Saturday is the last Saturday you will have in your life. I hope you enjoy every minute of it. I hope you feel that you are where you are meant to be and that God wants the best for you. I know that he does. And if you do, I hope this weekend is one of it.”

“You are a blessed person and your life is full of love and happiness. Many blessings to you!”

“This Saturday is full of blessing: You are blessed with a loving family, every day is a new adventure, and days end with new ideas.”

“May your life be full of blessings, my friend!”

“I am so blessed to have learned that my life can be changed by love. I am so blessed to know people who care about me and want what is best for me.”

“How wonderful it is to be a blessing. Today let blank #8 serve as a reminder of how blessed we are to be a blessing in the lives of others.”

“I am thankful for everything that God has given me. It is His Right to give, and His Right to take away, Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

“May today be full of blessings for you. May you see them everywhere.”

“To see a life in a seed, that is enough. To hear an ancient story from an old man, that is enough. To enjoy just being with you here on this Earth, there is no greater joy.”

“Enjoy every moment as nature is blessings pour forth all around you this fine morning.”

“Might your day be filled with the beauty and wonder of all the blessings around you.”

“May your day be blessed by new ideas, new energies, and a sense of purpose in what you do.”

“May nature remind you today that life is good. Thank God for His many blessings!”

“Blessings abound to you on this Saturday morning. May your day be full of love and joy as you continue to count your many blessings.”

“May you see the beauty of life in all it’s glorious rays and smiles.”

“I am so happy for you, I am so excited for you, I am so proud of you. May your day be loaded with amazing energy. You are blessed from God to become who you are.”

“Blessings abound to you on this morning, my friend! Your life is full of blessings and with each passing day, your life becomes more wonderful than the last.”

“Blessings to you as you enjoy your day. It is possible that today is the last day you will live in this lifetime. I wish you a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness.”

“I hope that your life overflows with love and happiness.”

“May everything work out beautifully for you today. Blessings to you!”

“You are blessed by God and His many blessings are yours.”

“I could not be more happy for you, my friend.”

“Blessings to you today as you count your many blessings.”

“You are blessed with a wonderful family and the joy that comes from the spirit of giving is a blessing that we all enjoy. May your day be full of happiness, love and peace.”

“May you be filled with blessing this weekend as you continue to find joy in the things that make life good.”

“May this special weekend be filled with many blessings for my friend. Enjoy every minute of it. I am so blessed to know you.”

“You are blessed by God with a plethora of blessings: every day you are surrounded by love and life-energy. Blessings to you!”

“Today I wish for you to be filled with many blessings and opportunities.”

“I wish for you to experience the wonder of each moment on this wonderful day.”

“Blessings abound to you in this special time of the year, my friend. May God richly bless your lovely family, yourself and all around you.”