Rumi Quotes on Father

In the realm of spiritual wisdom and profound insight, few voices echo as powerfully as that of Jalaluddin Rumi. A 13th-century Persian poet, Rumi’s words transcend time, culture, and religion, reaching into the depths of the human soul. This blog post delves into a unique aspect of Rumi’s wisdom: his perspective on fatherhood and parental relationships. Through his quotes, we explore the profound bond between a father and child, the essence of fatherhood, and the influence of parents on our lives.

Rumi Quotes on Father

  1. “My mother was destiny. My father, grace. My name is prince of synchronicity and serendipity.”
    • This quote highlights the significant roles both parents play in shaping a child’s destiny and character.
  2. “When a man makes up a story for his child, he becomes a father and a child together, listening.”
    • Rumi emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between a father and child, where both learn and grow together.
  3. “Though a mother’s love is filled with kindness, a father’s harshness is God’s amazing grace.”
    • Rumi suggests that a father’s sternness can be a form of divine grace, guiding and shaping the child’s character.

Rumi Quotes on Fatherhood

  1. “Make yourself a simpleton and follow the saint: You will find salvation only by being a simpleton. Hence, oh father, that king of men, the Prophet said, ‘Most of the people of Paradise are simpletons.’”
    • Rumi encourages humility and simplicity, qualities that a father should embody and pass on to his children.
  2. “Look at him, look at him as your father, and not as the husband of your mother.”
    • Rumi urges us to see our fathers in their own right, appreciating their unique roles and contributions.
  3. “Cherish your relationship with your father while he is still alive and still around, not talking to him is a wrong thing to do.”
    • Rumi emphasizes the importance of cherishing and nurturing the relationship with one’s father.

Rumi Quotes on Parents

  1. “Unfortunately, as we grow up, we are influenced by our immediate environment that includes parents and friends.”
    • Rumi acknowledges the significant influence parents have on their children’s development and worldview.
  2. “You won’t become a righteous son by blaming all your failures on your father.”
    • Rumi advises against blaming parents for personal failures, promoting personal responsibility and growth.
  3. “If you’ve become successful and prosperous, it’s thanks to your father’s constant prayers and supplications.”
    • Rumi highlights the unseen contributions of parents, such as their prayers and well-wishes, in their children’s success.


Rumi’s quotes on fatherhood and parental relationships offer profound insights into the intricate dynamics of these bonds. They remind us of the significant roles parents play in shaping our lives, the lessons we learn from them, and the love they bestow upon us. As we navigate our own journeys, these timeless words of wisdom serve as guiding lights, illuminating the path of love, understanding, and gratitude towards our parents.