Quotes About Looking Good and Feeling Better

Looking good doesn’t have to be all about expensive clothes and cosmetics. Check out these quotes about looking good and feeling confident no matter what you are wearing.

Quotes About Looking Good

“Smile and you are automatically looking good.”

“Good looks can get you places to stay and good teeth will keep you there.”

“Get good looking and you will never need to get good.”

“You can look so hard that you look good, but do not put your head too close to the sun.”

“All good-looking people should be in modeling.”

“A good-looking person is often a living mirror of the soul.”

“I always feel better about myself when I look good.”

“Our species is only as good-looking as the women in it.”

“If you are going to be good-looking, you have to work at it.”

“You do not need to be pretty or handsome. You need to look good.”

“Men who look good and act bad are even more attractive.”

“If you are good-looking, it is a crime not to flaunt it.”

“A good-looking person can be forgiven for anything except being ugly.

“Looking good is a craft that must be practiced to be mastered.”

“There is nothing good-looking people cannot do if they decide they can do it.”

“Good-looking people are like nice shoes. If you have them, you are going to show them off.”

“You can only get so far with looks, but good-looking people know how to get by.”

“Good-looking people must work harder than the rest of us to find happiness.”

“A good-looking person is like a beautiful tree. A beautiful tree doesn’t just fall into your lap. And if it falls into your lap, you are probably not ready for it.”

“A good-looking person is like an expensive piece of garbage in this world.”

“Everyone is as good-looking as he wants, but most people feel they are not good-looking.”

“Good looks mean the difference between being pretty and really good-looking.”

“Without a good look, you cannot be bad.”

“It takes more than good looks to make a person look good. It takes a lot of hard work and talent.”

“To be good-looking, you have to be better-looking than everyone else. It is the only way to be alone and not look bad.”

“Good looks are a luxury; they make people feel special but do not last long.”

“Good-looking people make you feel that they are looking at you as if they are looking at themselves.”

“Good-looking people are so used to being complimented for their appearance that they cannot understand why others do not ’see it.’”

“A good-looking person can fall in love with an averagely-looking person just because they are nice and treats them well, but most people won’t get that chance.”

“Ugly people are jealous of good-looking people because they know what it is like to be comfortable with themselves.”

“It is often easier to look good than to be good, and the bad will always have the advantage over the good.”

“People who have no idea how beautiful they immediately become great beauties when they see themselves in a mirror.”

“Good-looking people are the same as us. They want to be respected for their intellectual capacity, to feel loved and respected, and to live in harmony with others.”

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Quotes Good Looking

“I believe that good-looking parents have ugly children because they do not realize they are good-looking until they have babies.”

“The characteristics of a good-looking face are: symmetry, roundness, and openness; the features of a pleasant face are: softness, tranquillity, and calmness.”

“Looking good is the first step to being happy.”

“You can only take care of your appearance if you know that you look good. People who seldom take care of their appearance are not very likely to be attractive.”

“The ideal appearance is a good balance between the characteristics of a pleasant face and those of a beautiful one.”

“There are several types of beauty: physical beauty is the most common. Another type of human beauty is spiritual beauty, which results from proper understanding and a certain amount of wisdom.”

“The most significant problem in life is to be good-looking and not good-mannered.”

“There are two types of women: those who want to be beautiful and those who do not notice that they are pretty.”

“To be too beautiful means nothing; it is not what you have but what you are.”

“Beauty is a quality of the soul, regardless of whether or not one is good-looking.”

“Good looks are like modern art: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and beauty, if we all knew how to see, would be an everyday thing.”

“Being pretty means little unless you also know how to take care of yourself. Good looks are like modern art: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Good looks are like modern art: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“There are two types of women: those who want to be beautiful and those who do not notice that they are pretty. I like to wear clothes with a youthful, fresh look. I do not wear any designer names, but I dress very well.”

“I do not mind being in love when I am in love, but other than that, looking good is more important to me than anything else.”

“If you feel good about yourself, you will look good.”

“Looking good is a gift. There are a lot of people that would love to look as good as me and probably couldn’t do it. I have to work hard to look good. It does not come naturally to me, but it is something I try and work for.”

“If you are not wearing something you feel good in, you are probably not going to feel good.”

“I have worked hard on my looks because I believe a woman should look her best. I like clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and fit. I hope my appearance projects confidence and charm, but I also want to project the idea that I am well-balanced and approachable.”

“I think everyone should look their best. Clothing is an essential accessory. When you are dressing up, you want to look your best.”

“Lifestyle is the mother of all fashion trends.”

“You know when you look in the mirror and you like what you see? It is not just about what a person is wearing; it is also how they feel.”

“What a woman wears is important, but so is how she feels, inside and outside.”

“I believe that appropriate clothing can be timeless. Good taste is timeless.”

“Clothes make you feel good, and they help you to express yourself. If you like someone, it is true: You cannot help but be kinder when wearing something beautiful.”

“A wise girl knows her clothes.”

“You cannot keep a woman from having herself beautifully dressed.”

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“I am at least as concerned with my appearance as I am with what I do.”

“We are all born good-looking, and we can stay that way if we care for ourselves.”

“I think that a woman should feel good about herself in any outfit.”

“The best clothes in the world cannot compensate for a lousy personality.”

“A woman must get over her beauty obsession. A woman has to be good, have a sense of humor, and be well-traveled.”

“My sense of style depends on what is comfortable and what looks good on me.”

“I didn’t want to wear something that hurt or was uncomfortable when running around trying to see other people.”

Look for the Good Quotes

“There are lots of good-looking people and plenty of good-looking things, but very few are truly good.”

“I am delighted I was born if you want something good-looking to smile about.”

“Looking good and feeling good can make you almost as popular as being good.”

“It is a must for parents to teach children that looking good does matter. It makes you feel better about yourself, making others look upon you more favorably.”

“Goodness is not a function of external appearance. It is earned by character and attitude, both of which are measured by deeds, not appearance.”

“I am trying to look good and be good-looking. But I will settle for just looking and being good-looking.”

“Just because you look good and feel good does not mean you are a good person.”

“We try to teach our children the importance of being who we are and not the importance of looking good.”

“Good looks can only get you so far in your life and career, but an investment in yourself can last a lifetime.”

“It is simply better to look good than evil, rich than poor, healthy than unhealthy.”

“The exterior is not an accurate indicator of the interior, no matter how good-looking you are.”

“Even though you may look good to other people, if your looks do not reflect an image of goodness, no one will really care.”

“Looking good should never be the focus of your life, but being a good person should be.”

“If you really want to be somebody, it is going to be more vital for you to do good than to look good.”

“Looking better and feeling better are more important than feeling worse.”

“Looking good should never get in the way of helping other people look even better.”

“The little things in life, such as looking your best, are important when the big things are not working too well.”

“Women are judged more positively than negatively when looking good.”

“In most cases, men and women look better alike than better apart.”

“Being good provides more opportunities to look good than being bad.”

“When you start looking good and feeling good, you will feel good about yourself.”

“Looking better allows you to take yourself less seriously, which allows you to be taken more seriously by others.”

“Looking good should always be a means to good.”

“People will begin looking at you differently when you look good and feel good.”

“If you are not living up to your potential, you are not looking your best.”

“Sometimes we must look our best before taking on the world of opportunity.”

“Instead of trying to look good, you must start working on improving.”

“Looking and feeling better can help us feel like whole new people.”

“You cannot be too rich or too good-looking. But you can be wrong and stupid. That is another story!”

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“When you are living for others, you will look like a genius, but when living for yourself, you will look like a fool.”

“When you find yourself looking good and feeling good, you will know that there is no one else that can help you.”

“It is not the poor who look good and feel good; they are poor from within.”

“I want to look attractive, but I want people to think of me first and foremost as an intelligent man with a lot of common sense.”

“Looking good and complimenting good will always be the key to living good.”

“Looking your best should never come at the expense of others.”

“Everybody wants to look good, but only a few are will ing to do things to look great.”

“Whoever looks good, feels good, and is crazy about himself will always be the best partner.”

“Looking good and feeling good is just the beginning of your responsibilities.”

“Looking good and feeling good can translate directly into looking great and feeling like a champion.”

“If you are not happy with your looks, you should be happy that others are not too concerned about yours either.”

“Looking good should never make us miss what is important in life.”

“Looking better to the world means caring more about how you look at yourself.”

“If you want your kids to learn the value of looking good and feeling good, you need to be a good example.”

“Improve what is inside and the outside will start looking as good as ever.”

“Every man dreams of looking good and feeling good. But few are will ing to do what it takes to accomplish their dreams.”

“The right look can make you feel closer to your soul, but doing good deeds can help you feel at one with the universe.”

“It takes more than just a good-looking body. You have got to have the heart and soul to go with it.”

If You Look Good You Feel Good Quote

“If you are not wearing something you feel good in, you are probably not going to feel good.”

“The clothing style I love most is something that looks very smart but is wearable at any time.”

“It is essential to wear clothes that make me feel comfortable and beautiful.”

“I love modesty in fashion.”

“I wear clothes that make me look good and feel good in them.”

“Fashion, to me, is looking the best you can. If you are comfortable, it is more attractive.”

“I know women who consider themselves too fat to wear an outfit but then find a reason to wear it. They look good and wear it, which becomes a way of feeling good about themselves.”

“Style is how you feel in your clothes.”

“Style is knowing who you are and what you want to say and not giving a damn.”

“One thing is sure: Those that know how to make the most of their appearance are those that never want love or luck.”

“I am the luckiest when I get dressed. I feel the most beautiful, most intelligent, most healthy and alive.”

“Style is not an accident. You do not buy it, or you do not have it. You either have a style, or you aren’t passionate about fashion.”

“If you love what you do, your clothes will follow.”

“I try to make my own clothes as often as possible, with a simple design and well-made fabric. I suppose it is a little bit of a piss-take on the fashion industry.”

“Be as beautiful as you can be daily, and never worry about your age.”

“Fashion is just not about clothes for me. It is about self-expression, which is why I try to wear something that reflects how I feel at any moment.”

“Good looks will get you many things, but talent and brains will set you apart.”

“Don’t be too caught up in the good looks.”

“Be happy with just looking good. Be happy with just being good-looking.”

“It is crucial to have a sense of style that makes you look great and feel comfortable at any given time.”

“It would be best if you weren’t afraid of looking good because without doing so, nobody is going to notice you anymore.”

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“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is subjective; it is not as clear-cut as some of us may want to believe.”

“Good looks are all you need to be beautiful, but they do not make you better than everyone else.”

“Looking good is for the outside and being good is for the inside.”

“Looking good is not by chance; it is by choice!”

“Don’t just go around looking good, be a good person too.”

“Looking good is not what makes you a winner, but how good of a loser can look at yourself confidently.”

“When you make the most of your appearance, you make the most of yourself.”

“Beauty is as beauty does and what we have in us – should define us.”

“Seeing is believing, but looking at beauty is believing in the unbelievable.”

“To look good is a privilege, to be good is a responsibility, and to feel pleasing even when you do not look it will get you far in life.”

“Beauty isn’t a matter of skin deep; it goes much deeper than that.”

“Looking good is one of the ways to give yourself positive confidence, even if you do not have it.”

“Good looking doesn’t define who you are but helps others remember.”

“Looking good is part of being good. Looking bad is part of being evil. For a good-looking person, the only bad-looking thing is them.”

“If you are not good at what you do, you can still look good doing it.”

“Lose weight, but do not lose your confidence. Know what you look like and how to dress for it. Never take compliments for granted.”

“Look good and feel good in the process!”

“Only the fit looks good, and those who look good do it because they look after themselves.”

“Good looking is not only about how you look at yourself but also how you choose to live your life.”

“If you always see yourself as good-looking, it will also make you see everything else in life in the same light.”

“A good look is a choice, not a genetic default.”

“Looking good isn’t the same as feeling good. Attractive people can look great and feel lousy, while people who aren’t attractive can look great and feel terrific.”

“Even if you are not an ’actors-type-beauty, you still may feel rewarded by looks that enrich your life and bring positive results to your choices.”

“Good looks are acceptable, but self-respect is priceless.”

“We are all born with beauty; what we become determines how beautiful we are to others.”

“Good looks are only part of what makes a person attractive.”

“Without beauty, the world would be ugly.”

“If you walk with grace, you will look good, no matter how you feel.”

Beauty doesn’t mean being perfect; it means looking like a person who is good enough to be at ease.”

“Good looks are only a bonus, a little reward for being a good person.”

“Looking good is not about what you look like but how good you feel.”

“Looking good is not the same as looking confident. Confidence makes the difference.”

“You do not need to be born beautiful; you need to be beautiful inside and out, no matter what the outside looks like.”

“Good looking is not about effortless beauty that comes naturally but about effortless confidence that makes everything seem natural.”

“Good looking is not the same as being good; it only enhances what is already there – a good personality.”

“When you look good, you feel good; then, when you feel good, you can do anything.”

“When you dress appropriately, the right attitude follows.”

“I think that a woman should feel good about herself in any outfit.”

“My sense of style depends on what is comfortable and what looks good on me.”

“I do not buy clothes for myself; I buy them for how they fit on me and how they look on others.”

“A wise girl knows her clothes.”