Matt Chandler Quotes

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Matt Chandler Quotes

“We should not be surprised to find ourselves on our knees before God when we hear the Gospel.” — Matt Chandler

“If you are going to be a Christian, you have to be willing to lose your life.” —  Matt Chandler

“The only way for us to get the Gospel into somebody else’s life is for us to tell them.” —  Matt Chandler

“The problem with most of us is that we hold onto the pain and God holds onto our future.” —  Matt Chandler

” We need a God-sized faith. We need an earth-shaking faith. We need faith that is big enough to move a mountain.” —  Matt Chandler

“As soon as you find yourself making progress, you will start to hear the judgmental voices around you.” —  Matt Chandler

“God does not use flawless people in excellent ways because no flawless people exist.” —  Matt Chandler

“I hope the Gospel causes a rift in you.” —  Matt Chandler

“The Gospel shatters us to pieces and then calls us to unity.” —  Matt Chandler

“So often try to raise our profile for God instead of giving it all up for God.” —  Matt Chandler

“The greatest battle on earth is not between good and evil. It is between light and dark.” —  Matt Chandler

“The Gospel destroys our mediocrity addiction, and the result is an authentic life that shines.” —  Matt Chandler

“When we lose sight of God because we are living for ourselves, we have lost the battle for our lives.” —  Matt Chandler

“Those who love darkness have her sweetest pleasure in their mouths.” —  Matt Chandler

“Our lives should be a testimony to the word of God. We should not be afraid to perpetuate the Gospel in our lives.” —  Matt Chandler

“If our lives are being broken apart for the Gospel, we should not be too surprised when the Gospel comes and tears us apart for the Gospel.” —  Matt Chandler

“Faith is not a feeling or an emotion. It is a decision to follow Christ no matter what.” —  Matt Chandler

“I am so thankful that I have been given this calling in my life to show people the truth of the Gospel for eternity.” —  Matt Chandler

“The highest form of justice is serving someone who can do nothing for you. That is the ultimate form of justice.” —  Matt Chandler

“We have to have a God-sized faith. Faith that is big enough to move a mountain.” —  Matt Chandler

“You will never rise again unless you go down first.” —  Matt Chandler

“The truth of the Gospel should be offensive to people who don’t believe it.” —  Matt Chandler

“The Gospel says that for those who believe there is hope and for those who are unbelievers, there is no hope.” —  Matt Chandler

“When we encounter the Gospel, there is a better chance that we will encounter Jesus.” —  Matt Chandler

“Our hearts are given to us as places where God can live but also places where Satan can live.” —  Matt Chandler

“The Gospel is good news for the person who has no good news in his life. You can trust that one statement.” —  Matt Chandler

“Satan is most powerful when he gets you to think that you are one of the elect.” —  Matt Chandler

“The Gospel is not good news for people who have everything and good news for people who have nothing.” —  Matt Chandler

“Jesus never talked to anyone about the weather. He always talked to them about their souls. And that’s what we need to do.” —  Matt Chandler

“Jesus doesn’t help us overcome so we can have a better life. He helps us overcome so that we can have a better life.” —  Matt Chandler

“Do not read the Bible like a luxury because it is your life preserver.” —  Matt Chandler

“Shame is an attempt to control others and keep them from seeing the ugliness in our hearts.” — Matt Chandler

“The problem with guilt is that it never leads us to repentance; it only points out what we’ve done wrong.” — Matt Chandler

“In the eyes of God, a good person is someone who follows the law. In God’s eyes, a better person is someone who breaks the law for love.” — Matt Chandler

“When God saves you, he doesn’t make you a new person. He makes you an older person but with a new heart.” — Matt Chandler

“If you’re in God’s family, then Jesus is not just your brother; he is also your servant. That means his job was to do what you couldn’t and do what you wanted. ” — Matt Chandler

“Jesus didn’t die because we were terrible but because we were good. We were so entangled in religion that we needed a Savior.” — Matt Chandler

“If we are in Christ, we can’t argue with God. If we argue with him, we’ve forgotten him.” — Matt Chandler

“In the Christian life, sin isn’t our enemy; it’s a wall between God and us.” — Matt Chandler

“When God looks at us, he doesn’t see our inability. He sees our ability to serve others. We aren’t dependent on him, but he is dependent on us.” — Matt Chandler

“Salvation is not being good enough to deserve God; it’s good enough to receive God.” — Matt Chandler

“Sometimes, we need God to sweep us off our feet because the sin we refuse has dug the ditch of judgment deep enough for hell to fit right in.” — Matt Chandler

“Living according to our feelings is impossible to live according to the truth. Feelings can’t discern a good or bad choice, but wisdom does.” — Matt Chandler

“When it comes to aloneness, sin relies on our fear and God relies on our faith.” — Matt Chandler

“The problem isn’t that we’re not loved; the problem is we’re not letting ourselves be loved.” — Matt Chandler

“The grace of Jesus is the God who doesn’t just cast away those who sin; he makes us meaner people to show a better way.” — Matt Chandler

“If it weren’t for sin, God would have to make himself as small as a microchip to fit inside us.” — Matt Chandler

“Winning is never the point of life; it is being faithful to Jesus. Being so committed to him that our lives become nothing more than evidence of his love.” — Matt Chandler

“When we try to live independently of God, we don’t end up independent; we depend on all the wrong things.” — Matt Chandler

“Jesus is a magnet for love, but the people around us are messengers of judgment.” — Matt Chandler

“Nothing saves the world like the Gospel. It’s the only thing that can change someone’s heart.” — Matt Chandler

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“Every relationship in your life should be built on a foundation of grace. And that means trusting God to give hope to sin.” — Matt Chandler

“When God loves us, it’s impossible to be kept from being healed.” — Matt Chandler

“Even in our sins and weakness, Jesus is at work in us. There is nothing we can do that would limit his ability to save us, heal us, and strengthen us.” — Matt Chandler

“God uses everything to bring about good things for the people he loves.” — Matt Chandler

“God is our refuge even when what we are running from becomes our safety.” — Matt Chandler

“We fail to live in God’s presence because we’re afraid of death. But fear is only a symptom of our distance from God. The cure is to be close enough to him that we cannot run from him or avoid him.” — Matt Chandler

“If you want to know someone, look at what he does with his money.” — Matt Chandler

“In the Christian life, success isn’t about getting ahead; it’s about seeing others get ahead.” — Matt Chandler

“If you want to see God, be like David. You didn’t need to see the anointing on David’s face, or even hear it. But you could smell it.” — Matt Chandler

“Jesus took our sins and covered them in his blood, which is love.” — Matt Chandler

“When we start living for God and for Jesus, sin gets scared and runs away.” —  Matt Chandler

“When we’re going to church, Jesus comes and takes our place in the middle of the crowd. Everything else gets pushed off to the edge.” — Matt Chandler

“When sin is forgiven and vengeance is defeated, love wins.” — Matt Chandler

“Be convicted by your sin, not just accused, but be attracted to Christ, not just to his church.” — Matt Chandler

“Our salvation is not our work; it’s God’s grace. And all we need to do is accept it.” —  Matt Chandler

“There is no more remarkable testimony to a person’s heart than his willingness to sell everything he has for the sake of the Gospel.” — Matt Chandler

“By nature, we are dead to the Gospel. We need to be resurrected by it.” — Matt Chandler

“The Christian life isn’t about self-improvement or self-esteem, or even self-acceptance. It’s about denying yourself and picking up your cross and following Jesus.” —  Matt Chandler

“When we get to heaven, we’ll be able to speak poetry and stories and God will be able to write it all down.” —  Matt Chandler

“We can’t stand against sin without losing everything we have. So while the enemy is attacking us, Jesus has set us on fire. We’re hosting a celebration in our lives right now.” —  Matt Chandler

“God doesn’t do evil; he’s making good out of evil. God is the author of justice, grace, faithfulness, and beauty. He has never made a thing that isn’t beautiful.” —  Matt Chandler

“We are saved because Jesus has overcome. But we can’t be in his victory until he purchases it for us.” —  Matt Chandler

“This world has never seen a love like Jesus’ love for us.” —  Matt Chandler

“Every time Jesus dies on the cross for us, he says that our death and sin don’t have to be the end of our story. He is paving a way to take all our pain and shame and turn it into glory.” —  Matt Chandler

“The life of Jesus is the only way to get over death so that you might savor life. But you can’t get your life until you savor the cross. And you can’t savor the cross until you discover that there is no greater love than God’s love.” —  Matt Chandler

“God has always used sin to teach us his truth. And our best opportunity to hear that truth is when we’re being tempted.” —  Matt Chandler