July Quotes for Calendars July Quotes and Sayings for Calendars

I hope you are enjoying July and have taken some time to enjoy the beautiful weather. If not, this is a great excuse to get outside! We’re halfway through summer which means it’s time for new calendars – July quotes for calendars. These will make an excellent addition to any desk or home office space.

July Quotes for Calendars

“Get out there and have an awesome year!”

“Thank you, Lord! You are the light in my darkness. This month is going to be fantastic and I will always remember it with gratitude for all that’s been done this year. Welcome, July!”

“May this first of July you rest but above all continue to fulfil your dreams doing what you like.”

“July, my sweet friend. July is here and I am excited to see you! Let’s have a blast this month together!”

“Here’s to July! A month full of fresh beginnings and new starts. What are you celebrating this year?”

“The new month is here, and with it comes the opportunity for change. With a fresh start to this year of your life, what will you make happen?”

“Are you ready for the new month? It’s time to make your goals and ambitions a reality. If we all work together, there is nothing that can stop us!”

“It’s time to make your mark on the world. Welcome July and all that it has in store for you!”

July Quotes for Calendars

“It’s finally summer, and this is a great time to have some fun in the sun. I hope you are able to make the most of it!”

“The first of July is Independence Day, a celebration that allows you to rest but above all continue pursuing your dreams.”

“Hello July! I am ready for all the laughter, sleep, positivity and good vibes that this month has to offer.”

“Get out and enjoy the warm weather! The days are getting shorter, but that just means more time to spend with your friends. Hello July!”

“Hello July. I know you were missing me, too. Please bring some rain and a cool breeze this time!”

“The heat of summer is finally here and I am so excited to spend all my time outside, playing games with friends. #summer”

“I wish this July; you feel less warmth of sun and more with your life partner. Happy new month!”

“Welcome to the month of July! Filled with surprises and magic, let’s make this a memorable one.”

“Hello July! Hello, summer. I hope you are just as excited to be here as I am. Let’s make this a month of joy and renewal together because our favourite season is finally back in town!”

“July is the perfect time to play in the pool or take a hike. Play with your friends, go on adventures and enjoy getting dirty!”

july month quotes for calendars

“July signals summertime so it’s important that we make sure not only ourselves but our pets are enjoying themselves too as they’re home all day while you work.”

“I’m so excited for July to arrive. It’s my favourite month of the year and I know that it’ll be just as wonderful this time around!”

“Hello, July! Hello, Summer! I hope you are as kind as me and my family this summer.”

“I hope that this first of July you have time to rest and refresh, but above all I want you to continue doing what is your passion.”

“The sun is shining brightly, warming the earth. The light of July makes its rounds for a month around us all. What better time to enjoy life’s pleasures?”

“May the first of July remind you not to stop following your dreams.”

“I welcome my friend July. I hope this month is a kind one to you and all your friends in the future, as well!”

“Hello, July! Hello, Summer. I want to party all month long and I hope we can have a lot of fun together.”

“Summer is finally upon us and that means it’s time to have some fun. We’re playing your favourite hits from the past, present, and future of music so you can let loose on this one!”

“Wishing you all a more fulfilling month. Let’s work on finding joy in the little things and let go of everything else that doesn’t serve us.”

“Welcome, July. I bet you’re ready for a hot summer and want to soak up the sun’s rays while lounging poolside!”

“Happy Independence Day! I hope you get to enjoy the day and have a chance to do something that makes your heart sing.”

July Quotes and Sayings for Calendars

“This July, you should make an effort to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the warmth of summer.”

“June is coming to an end, and July has officially arrived. We’re so excited for this month’s hottest days on the calendar because it means we get hotter dudes! Welcome back, hot summer months of July!”

“Welcome to July, the month of good times and great memories! We hope you’re ready for a hot summer full of endless sun-soaked days.”

“The best way to greet July is with the warmth of a smile. Let this month roll out all your worries and come alive in its fun, happening nights. Hello!”

july quotes and sayings for calendars

“It’s July! Time to get festive. Let’s celebrate the end of school and welcome this summer with a bang.”

“Now, the first half of this year is over. We must fly to reach high in the remaining part and make it an excellent one!”

“Welcome, July! The hottest summer month has arrived and we are ready for the fun.”

“July is the time of year when life blossoms and colours come alive. It’s a happy new month!”

“Welcome, July! As you welcome the colourful flowers and blooms of all kinds into your heart. This month is a time for the celebration of good times with friends. A happy new month to all who celebrate this wonderful occasion!”

“I hope this July you feel less heat and more love. Happy new month!”

“July is here, and it’s giving you all the warmth that summer has to offer. Forget about your worries for a moment this month; let July take care of them with its sun-filled days and fun nights!”

“I hope you spend this July with someone who makes your heart feel warm and happy. Happy new month!”

“Kick your boots off and enjoy the warmth of this July! This is a month for relaxing, reconnecting with friends, family or just enjoying time alone. The joys are endless –”

july blessings quotes for calendars

“Feel the warmth outside and inside; let this July roll out all your worries with its warm days, happening nights. Hello to a month of fun!”

“The heat is on and it’s time to let your worries fly out the window. Let July do its thing in making everything alright for you!”

“I wish this July, you feel less warmth of the sun and more love from your life partner. Happy new month”

“After a long winter, the warmth of July will feel amazing! Get outside and enjoy all that this month has to offer as it takes away your worries. Hello to July!”

What are you looking for in a calendar? A lot of people enjoy July quotes for calendars, but there’s more to consider than just the July quotes. Think about how many days are on your calendar and what holidays you want it to highlight. Maybe you’re looking for a quote that will motivate or inspire you every day! There are so many different types of calendars out there that the possibilities can be overwhelming. You don’t have to worry though because we’ve done the hard work and picked out some great July quotes for calendars!