Inspirational Quotes for Business Owners

Business owners need inspiration to stay focused on their goals. Here are some quotes to help keep you motivated! If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you run your business, check out these quotes from some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there. Get inspired by these quotes from successful business owners. These quotes will help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Inspirational Quotes for Business Owners

“Great teams of employees do not create great businesses. Great teams of leaders create them.”

“If your organization wants entrepreneurial leadership, make it a ‘leadership meritocracy.’”

“Talent will not be successful if it is not recognized.”

“Being a leader is about making tough decisions, but it’s also about being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes.”

“Time is money. The sooner you can get it done, the more profit there is.”

“The company that fails to plan is planning to fail.”

“Why do businesses fail? That’s a wrong question.”

“What’s the number one reason for failure in business? Is it people? No. Is it technology? No, it’s the business model problem. Has anything else changed in the last decade but business models?”

“There are two types of leaders: those who ask great questions and those who don’t. And the reason [that] you’re reading this article is because of the latter.”

“When I see leadership like that, I know they are on to something. And it’s too late.”

“Leadership is about being able to step in when things aren’t going well and [be] found intolerant of any suggestion that could improve things.”

“Talent won’t make you successful if it isn’t recognized.”

“Sometimes you have to put the fear in a box.”

“Committees do not run the best companies in the world; they are run by individuals who are passionate about what they do.”

“Employees follow leaders, and leaders lead them.”

“You only get there. You only build a successful business if you have great ideas from your people. If you’re getting stuck, it’s unlikely it’s on your side.”

“When something is hard, you create a team to help with it. That’s what great companies do.”

“Most business plans are usually published by third parties, not the business itself.”

“Leadership is about the courage to put things out in public and roll with them when they don’t work out.”

“Leading others takes courage but it’s also about being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes.”

“If you’re having trouble motivating your team, then maybe you should spend more time on coaching and less time being a ‘Motivator.’”

Motivational Quotes for Business Owners

“There are only two ways to create a business: One is a money business, and the other is a people business.”

“The number one reason for failure in business is the lack of leadership. This includes people entering the organization who want to be cuddled. That’s a lack of leadership.”

“Most people don’t have the answers for building a successful business, making them experts about everything else but [about] what they do best.”

“It’s not a good idea to work with people without experience making decisions – like children. If you work with children, you can’t help but learn from them. But it’s a mistake to work with them.”

“You have to learn how to lead by example. If you want your people to act in a good way and you’re not, that’s a bad example.”

“We’re all creatures of habit. The ones you build are the ones you will see repeated [in the future].”

“A successful business is built on great people.”

“An entrepreneur needs a unified vision that he shares with his employees and customers.”

“It takes guts to grow up and be a leader, but it takes guts to stay small and be a leader.”

“If you have a business, you will have ups and downs.”

“If your business is up, be humble and share the credit. If your business is down, be humble and share the blame.”

“Do what must be done before it is necessary to do it.”

“A product is nothing until a customer buys it. A good idea is nothing until you make it happen.”

“If you’re going to build a dream, it takes a lot of money and a lot of energy. And the energy part is just as challenging as the money part.”

“A great business is built on great customers. If you can touch their hearts, they will pay for your product or service every time.”

“When you see that some things aren’t working, don’t do them anymore – this is entrepreneurship.”

“You can’t take a company in trouble and transform it into something different without changing the people.”

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

“If you think hiring a professional to do the job is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.”

“The main thing is to keep your head down and work hard; stay focused on your mission, not on what everyone around you seems to be doing.”

“A company is the sum of its customers, not its owners.”

“How a person treats his employees is the best indication of how he will treat his customers.”

Motivational Quotes for Small Business Owners

“The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.”

“If you are honest and fair with people, the customers will be more loyal to you than the employees.”

“I take my friendships seriously, but I take my business relationships seriously. The two shall never meet! My loyalty lies with my family and me first.”

“A good entrepreneur starts with a vision and builds his people to match that vision.”

“I am always overwhelmed with gratitude when I talk to the customers of an organization.”

“To succeed, you must have a passion for what you are doing and a burning desire to ensure it is the best product in its class.”

“The great challenge of entrepreneurship is that you have more conviction than anyone else in the world that your idea will work. And then you have to find people who will believe in that idea as much as you do.”

“Some people see a mountain as just a mountain. An entrepreneur sees a mountain of gold and silver.”

“The customer is not always right, but they are always the customer.”

“You cannot build a reputation for what you are going to do.”

“If you plan to build a new business, don’t hope the customer will come – they must be wooed and seduced into it with marketing genius.”

“Every business leader should be seen as an ambassador to his customer.”

“A great leader is a servant of the people, lifting us instead of pushing us down.”

“A successful business is built on solid relationships.”

“It’s important to attract customers and keep their interest through real value and your integrity – don’t try to bilk them or sell them something they don’t need or want. If they don’t work with you, they’re better off without you and won’t come back anyhow.”

“A business leader must be fearless – how else will he survive the unexpected?”

“The great entrepreneur is always thinking about what the future wants.”

“You can’t build a business people will follow. You have to lead them. The more successful people you know in your industry, the easier it is to build your company.”

“You need to be a world-class leader if you want a world-class business. To be that, you must put your passions aside and let your wisdom guide you.”

Inspirational Quotes for Small Business Owners

“A great professional is never satisfied until the customer is satisfied.”

“If you want to be successful, you have to take the people with you.”

“Business and family are two different things. You can’t let your business be everything in your life, or it will never be good enough. So make sure that your business is not the number one thing in your life.”

“A great leader has a vision and works hard to communicate that vision to his people.”

“A great leader must build a team of experts.”

“A leader is not necessarily one with the most skills but assembles the best team and creates a winning environment.”

“I am always amazed at the success story of an entrepreneur. Very rarely does it tell us about the failures. And even when it does, it’s usually about when an idea fails to take hold. I prefer to hear about what took place after that.”

“Successful entrepreneurs can focus on the long term and ignore the short-term noise.”

“Why would anyone want to work for an entrepreneur who does not have a vision?”

“A good leader is not a person who has all the answers. A good leader listens, learns, and then makes an informed decision. You must have good people around you that you trust and respect.”

“A good leader is a person who is able to do more than one thing well.”

“A successful business can take the ideas and innovations of employees and customers and put them together to create new products and services.”

“It’s about finding someone who shares your vision for the future, not just someone you like to work with. That takes time.”

“The people are everything.”

Inspirational Quotes for New Business Owners

“Surround yourself with people more intelligent than you.”

“A leader must have a vision for the future and have to think about what people need, not just what they want.”

“Get everyone you work with to understand that your business is a reflection of you; therefore, you will be held accountable for its success or failure.”

“If the owner is not closely involved with the day-to-day operations of his business, there will be no ownership.”

“You need to be honest. Otherwise, you can’t be fair. And you must always keep your word.”

“Behind every successful company is a great leader. The leader must be willing to confront problems – in his business and his people – head-on, which means he will face criticism from those who do not understand why he did what he did. And he will face the consequences of the decisions for years to come.”

“To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to have a burning desire to make your idea a reality.”

“You will never find out how they feel if you’re not in the customer’s shoes.”

“A good businessman is one who always provides customers with an experience they will want to repeat again and again.”

“A person almost always leads the most successful business, with no business being in the position, to begin with. The key is to have the strength and the personal integrity to accept that you will make significant mistakes. And once you learn from those mistakes, you can use them for a better future.”

“A great leader can get people excited about what they are doing and listens carefully to what they have to say.”

“To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need a good idea and know how to execute it.”

“A good leader must always have a vision of what his company will be like five, 10 or 15 years later.”