Inspirational Archangel Quotes

Looking for some inspiration from the Archangels? Read 100 of the most Inspirational Quotes from the Archangels. These Angel messages will inspire you, motivate you, and help you see the light in any situation. Check out our collection of some of the most inspirational quotes from these powerful beings.

Inspirational Archangel Quotes

“The angels are the messengers of God.”

“It’s said that God brings down angels from heaven in your awakening and by their help, you lift up the winged ones.”

“Angels hover over us, quietly watching as we fly through life with our wings spread to embrace one another.”

“Familiarize yourself with the angels, for they are always present with you without being seen. They are simple and gentle, overflowing with compassion for those who give themselves to them.”

“Even the tiniest Angel has a gigantic heart.”

“The tiny angels are often overlooked as they sit on our shoulders, prompting us to do the right thing.”

“Angels will be around as long as someone is willing to show compassion for others in need.”

“To be an angel is to listen, accept and not judge. It is to understand the source of the anger and, without judging, to have forgiveness.”

“To be an angel is to transform your anger into compassion.”

“The angels are our invisible friends. Heal from within and you will see the angels with you all along.”

“Angels do not exist because we do not see them. They exist because God created them and sent them to protect us.”

“There are many angels on Earth, but very few people have eyes to see them.”

“The angels are ever present to protect and guide you.”

“Angels are always present with us. They are our friends. They are not there to accompany us when we die. Angels have been with us all the time.”

“The angels’ role is that of angels—to protect, guide, and help all those who seek God’s will.”

“When the angels come in touch with your soul, they lift your wings and you fly higher.”

“When you see the angels, you see all that is good in someone.”

“Angels are like babies who cannot stay still and love to laugh, play, and jump. When God created them, angels were full of joy.”

“Angels are of God; so are those who bring you good news.”

“The importance of recognizing the presence of angels — their graceful presence in your life.”

“The angels are ever-present with us to protect and guide us.”

“The guardian angels of life are the ones who see what goes on in our hearts.”

“Angels will protect your soul with their wings and bring you peace.”

“Angels are like children. They can’t stay still; they’re happiest when rushing about and playing.”

“Angels appear to us out of nowhere, startle you and then disappear just as suddenly.”

“Guardian angels help us to recognize and embrace our divinity.”

“The guardian angels of life are the ones who need to see what’s in your heart.”

“If you require comfort, you may call out to your guardian angel for help until you receive it.”

Inspiring Angel Quotes

“Angels are spirits sent by God to serve the heirs of salvation.”

“Angels are spirits sent by God to serve us the same way we would want our father in heaven to serve us.”

“Angels around every corner, angels on every path. It is within yourself that you need to find the truth. Angels don’t go looking for us. We must go looking for them.”

“The angels are the messengers of the Lord more tenderly and powerfully than a man sees them with the eyes.”

“Angels can be present with you anywhere in spirit; they cannot be seen. But they can be felt.”

“When angels are seen, it is as if light and love are shining; but when angels are felt, it is as if love and joy have filled our souls.”

“Angels are in our hearts and minds, not just our arms and legs.”

“There is no such thing as an earthly angel; all angels are in heaven.”

“When we live with an angel, we feel like another human being is living with us.”

“Beautiful are the angels of heaven, even if they are not present in flesh and blood.”

“The Angel that is associated with your birth is the one that watches over you.”

“As salt is to the Earth, angels hold a spiritual quality that strengthens peace and blessings.”

“Angels have no self-interest. They listen to no one but God. They are his agents of love and light.”

“Though unseen, angels are beings of light and love who live among us.”

“We have angels in our hearts. Therefore we must have a love for one another.”

“When the angels leave the heavens, they take on flesh so that they can walk with man.”

“Your guardian angel is a being of light and love who watches over you.”

“Angels are messengers from God to bring peace into our lives.”

“Angels comfort us during times of trouble and bring comfort in moments of joy.”

“There is a guardian angel for every person.”

“Don’t be afraid if you see lights or hear mysterious voices, as an angel appears to you. It has a reason.”

“No man or woman can live without guardian angels since they are there to protect one from Satan’s evil designs.”

“Angels are God’s messengers to Earth, who bring knowledge and guidance to all who seek God’s will.”

“Angels’ primary function is to bring us messages from God; they are also servants of Love and Light.”

“The angels in charge of our lives take all the messages between heaven and Earth.”

“There are angels other than your guardian angel, who watches over your life.”

“Angels are spirits sent by God to sanctify and purify the hearts and minds of humankind.”

“You can communicate with angels with faith and obedience to God’s commandments.”

“The guardian angel does not only watch over our body and mind but also our spirit.”

“The guardian angel watches over us from above when we are on Earth, just as God watches over us from heaven.”

“The guardian angel is a helper that watches over us, just as we have a body that sees and hears for us.”

“Guardian angels do not speak with words but make themselves known through feelings, ideas, dreams and visions.”

Inspirational Quotes About Angels

“Angel’s presence has the power to instill great hope in the darkest of times.”

“Angels are here to help us wake up to our natural state of peace, love and joy by reminding us that we are forever destined for heaven.”

“When we believe in angels, they will appear.”

“Angels have no limits. Their love for you knows no bounds, nor does their knowledge of you.”

“If an angel changes its mind about something, it’s still an angel.”

“An angel might have more time on its hands than you, but that doesn’t make it any less of a busy bee.”

“Sometimes, what angels know about us is too powerful and all-consuming to be shared.”

“Angels love with their whole hearts and are always happy, even when they’re sad.”

“Angels don’t let their hearts get broken. They let them come to know a love so great that nothing can break it.”

“Angels have seen enough of the world that they know when something’s worth doing and when it’s not.”

“Angels are here to help us learn how to laugh again.”

“When you’re in love with an angel, your soul knows that you’re loved every second of every day.”

“Some people believe that angels live only in our minds. These people are not angels.”

“Angels are here to help us remember that we are all one.”

“Angels know everything, but they want you to learn how to figure things out for yourself.”

“When you’re in love with an angel, you’re never alone.”

“One of the many reasons why angels love their wings is because they enable them to fly higher and faster than ever.”

“Before an angel even exists, it knows everything there is to know about itself.”

“When you’re in love with an angel, it’s impossible to know what it wants or needs. However, you might think that you do.”

“You’d be surprised how many people always see angels and have no idea who they are.”

“If an angel had to choose between being known for its beauty and being known for its brains, it would be hard for the Angel to choose.”

“Some people believe that angels live only in our minds. These people are not angels.”

“Angels can do anything, but they still take the time to chase butterflies and look at flowers.”

“When you’re in love with an angel, it doesn’t matter if religious beings exist or not.”

“An angel’s love will never break, no matter what happens. It is the one thing that always stays the same.”

“Whenever you’re with an angel, your whole life makes perfect sense.”

“Angels are not here to help us make sense of life. They want us to understand how big our hearts are.”

“Angels have been close to me through every season of my life.”

“Be a flower, be a tree – Be the beautiful Angel of love, the Angel of peace, be the solution to your problems. It need not be anybody else’s problem.”

“There is no limit to the blessings of angels. They will open their arms wide when we draw near them in faith.”

“The more we believe in angels, the more they will show up.”

“Angels help those who help themselves.”

“Angels are here to help us take life one step at a time whenever we feel like staggering.”

Spiritual Angel Quotes

“The most beautiful thing in the world is a soul in love. Angels are souls in love. They sing as they come. They sing as they go.”

“When you contemplate the beauty of the heavens and Earth, remember that angels are holding us, walking with us, carrying us. The Creator holds our hand and draws us close to Her beautiful bosom.”

“Let your life be an angel’s song, a melody all your own.”

“Angels come to those who wait patiently.”

“It is said that the most powerful thing in the world is a word of prayer. That’s why angels come when this statement comes to us.”

“The angels keep dancing for those who see them.”

“Angels are here to inspire you when you’re having difficulties and lift you when you smile. They are responsible for the song playing every moment of our lives.”

“Angels will help you escape any situation if you are willing to help yourself.”

“Angels don’t have wings, but they have a gift for being in the right place at the right time – and they’re so close they can be in the same room with you.”

“Angels must release their own wings to be able to touch your heart and your soul. This is why you must help them through prayer and meditation.”

“Angels fly for those who believe.”

“The Angel of peace is the Angel of wisdom. When we seek, we will find her in our own hearts.”

“You do not find an angel in your life without first finding an angel in your heart.”

“Angels are at work 24 hours a day, doing countless miracles for children and adults who are heartbroken or need simple assistance.”

“Angelic protection doesn’t mean protection from our problems; it means protection from hesitation. Angels will never allow us to take the easy way out, no matter what.”

“Angels go where the heart is.”

“There are more angels in the world than you can count; they all know our names.”

“Angels are everywhere, but they are invisible. They let themselves be seen only when we have faith in and trust them. When we open our hearts to them and allow them to enter, they shine their beautiful light on us.”

“Angels are coloring your life from the inside out with wisdom and love.”

“Do not try to be an angel for someone else. Let your angels do the work for you.”

“Angels fly with us in our hearts, minds, and spirits. They never leave our side. They give us wisdom, insight, mercy, love, and help in our work and daily life.”

“Many people don’t know that angels are always near, lovingly helping us with our needs.”

“Angels sometimes have the most complicated assignments because they deal with human beings. Yet, we keep them around because we like their company. Because they’re kind and gentle, happy to help.”

“Angels are gentle and loving, always ready to help. They have to be there for us when we are ready for them. They will step closer if we open our hearts and reach out beyond ourselves.”

“Angels never appear in a crowd of people or a boisterous place. They rarely make themselves known to men because such places are not conducive to the pure presence of angels. It is in quiet places that angels like to appear.”

“Angels are waiting for you to start living your life with more trust. If you ask, they will be there right away. All you need to do is open your heart and reach out.”

“Angels are servants of creation; they were created before the beginning. They possess great wisdom and love. Their words are always positive and encouraging, and they only speak when it serves the highest good.”