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Looking for a good laugh? Check out our collection of Funny Saturday Quotes. From the famous to the not-so-famous, we have got them all! Funny Saturday Quotes to Make You Smile. These quotes are guaranteed to make you smile and brighten your day.

Funny Saturday Quotes

If I do not know what time it is, how can I know what to do? When you wake up on a Saturday morning you always create the weekend.

Saturday was supposed to be my day to lie around and not do anything, but then all this stuff happened and now I have too much to do.

It is better to take a risk on Saturday than to take a chance on Monday. There are no more Mondays anymore.

This weekend doesn’t think about Sunday. It will come soon enough.

A limited number of weekends means that you are focused on the scarcity of time, which drives you to be productive. By the time I retire, I will have worked 120 weekends over the past 20 years.

If you are going to be lazy for a day, make it a Saturday.

It is dangerous to wake up on a Saturday morning with an empty stomach and twenty dollars in cash.

It is hard to keep from taking Friday off when no more Fridays are left.

Each weekend is like a micro-abstraction of time and can be used as a vehicle for self-reflection while we live our lives.

When you are desperate for time on Saturday, the next best thing is to look at yourself in the mirror and think about spending as much time with your kids or getting something accomplished.

Don’t do anything on Saturday except go to brunch. Then when Sunday comes, you can be lazy.

What makes day-to-day life so complicated? It is easy to forget that a whole week is behind us when we wake up in the morning.

The most productive thing one can do with a weekend is to plan to live them — not as though they were days but as though they were weeks.

Saturday, like any other day of the week, needs no special incentive. People are drawn to the idea of the weekend with such a passion — because it is their special time.

The week has no particular magic beyond the weekend.

Funny Sat Quotes

I think Sunday mornings are the worst. There is nothing to look forward to.

The weekend is always a second chance.

This weekend do not think about Monday. It will come soon enough.

On a lazy Saturday morning when you are lying in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, there is a space where fantasy and reality become one.

I tell myself that I am the type of person who can do whatever he sets his mind to on Saturday night.

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

When they get there, they will have that moment where they realize that a week is basically like a weekend.

By Saturday night, you are always just a little tired of that person who feels like they are the most competent person in the world.

Saturday is when you are with the people you want to be with.

I am convinced that the average life consists of Saturdays and Sundays.

Saturday is the most important day of the week. Saturday is when you are with the people you want to be with.

What happens when we get old and die? The world gets more interesting, not less. It has a better cast of characters.

I remember when I was growing up, Saturday afternoon meant a little time to play outside before dinner, and then we would have dinner and there would be a movie or something like that on television.

On Sundays, each of us has a chance to do something special.

The weekend is almost as important as the week.

When I was a kid, Saturday mornings were the best. We would get up and go to our room with all the other kids and listen to somebody read us a story or sing us a song. It was great fun.

On Sundays, each of us has a chance to do something special. At this point in our lives, we want what we used to have: weekends that last longer than 24 hours. We want Saturdays. We want Sundays.

This weekend do not think about Monday. It will come soon enough. Mind you, I could be wrong, but I am not sure. My horoscope says this week is lucky for me, which usually means good things for all of us. So, here we go, Saturday!

A weekend of rest means a body, mind and soul refreshed and ready for whatever life brings.

It isn’t just about what you do on the weekends, but the time you have on the weekend, which you do it with.

The best time of the week is Saturday afternoon when you can enjoy a break from the week and do some fun things.

Our weekends are our second chance in life. If we take advantage of that second chance, life won’t be so bad, yet it will be free of all it’s frustrations. It will become bright, exciting, joyful and full of meaning.

Saturday morning is the beginning of the weekend. Have your coffee and eggs while they are hot; grab some newspapers; go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Set your alarm early in the morning so you can get up and not miss being with everyone you love.

On weekends, everyone is an artist, and everyone can bring something special to this moment. No one wants to live a life that is just like every other day of the week.

Saturday Quotes Funny

The Monday after a holiday weekend is a terrible time when you have to get back on your feet and get back into the swing of things. But I believe it is best to live not for what you have done but for what you will do. The Monday after the weekend is like a new life.

When we are deeply in love, a weekend can feel like a lifetime. Nothing and no one else matters as much as you two. And what we do together is so important that it deserves to be treated as an act of friendship.

The weekend is so close. I wish it were a tangible thing I could hold in my hand, not just something I look forward to.

I waited until the beginning of the weekend to tell my boss she had toilet paper stuck to her shoe. And then I got fired.

When someone tells you to ’hang on, I will be right back,’ they mean, ’wait until I finish this cigarette and get my shoes on.’

If I had to choose between a bazooka and a five-second rule for Saturday mornings, I’d go with the bazooka every time.

Saturday is a day of freedom. Any more restrictions than this do not bind us.

It was the Saturday of my greatest regrets.

When your life is over, what do you want as your epitaph? I know what mine will say. ’She lived like it was Saturday.’

I do not think I have ever looked forward to a weekend more.

A good Saturday is an excellent use of a day.

A Saturday is one thing that only happens once a week, but it feels good. And you know what the best part is? There are two of them!

Saturday night, I feel like I am on top of the world.

After a hard week at work, I really enjoy coming home and being lazy on a Saturday afternoon. Usually, I watch some sports on TV and have a beer.

Saturday. The day I like to sleep in, turn off the phone and read the paper. It is so peaceful.

I had to decline a date because there could be a thunderstorm on Saturday and I’d already scheduled myself to play Scrabble with my grandmother.

My life should be one big Saturday!

Humor Happy Saturday Funny

It can be complicated to wake up early on weekends, especially when your bed is warm and there are no responsibilities.

I feel depressed if I have to wake up before 10 a.m. on a Saturday.

Your Friday nights are not my Saturday mornings; comparing apples and oranges is like comparing them.

You know what I hate about the weekend? It isn’t even a weekday. It is just here, hanging around outside, the only thing that matters—the workweek.

I always wake up Saturday morning with a smile, ready for another week of doing nothing.

You know what I want to do? Wake up one Saturday and not have to go anywhere and do nothing.

The trend these days is to get up at 7 or 8 a.m. on a Saturday, but I am not that guy. I still like to lie in bed until 10 o’clock, sometimes later. I want to read the paper, polish my shoes, shave and get dressed before leaving the house.

On a lazy Saturday morning when you are lying in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, there is a space where fantasy and reality become one.

They say the brightest stars burn out the fastest. I am sitting here on a Saturday, waiting for death to take me.

Some days have to be lived as if they were Saturday.

I was happy before, but not this happy. Now I am high as a kite on Saturdays, Mondays, and Thursdays, too!

I once asked a girl what time it was, and she said, It is Saturday. I said That means you do not have to answer the door when the UPS man shows up.

I had a friend who died tragically on a Saturday. He was run over while standing up.

Is it hot here, or is it just my blood boiling because I am around hot girls on a Saturday night?

You know what they say, the early bird catches the worm on a Saturday. Remember to keep your pants on because the worm isn’t wearing any.

I love Saturdays. There is nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning to start your weekend off right.

Saturdays are for resting, Sundays are for sleeping and Mondays are for rehab.

We do not say much on a Saturday. As a matter of fact, we say nothing at all.

I will take my wife is friends to the movies, but not on Saturdays.

I can only talk about how I feel on a Saturday morning. That is when I am completely wasted.

I hate it when you have to work on a Saturday. You stay up all night and then when you go to bed again, it is Monday.

Saturday night is the best night of the week. On Sundays, we wear pants, and on Mondays, we have meetings. And on Fridays, we get our hair cut.

We all wish for happy girls. But we’d be better off if they were pleased on Saturdays.

It is Saturday night and I am not even drunk yet.

When I get out of jail, I will put back on my running shoes and fifteen years of sobriety. And then, I am going to try running on a Saturday.

They say taking cocaine the first time is good for you. But after that, you are making a cocaine mistake every Saturday night. And that is not so good.

I wish we had a problem with drugs and alcohol in our family. Then maybe I would have something to talk about when I am at parties on Saturday nights.

Saturday Night is all right for fighting, but the houses are so far apart the neighbors all fight with bayonets.

Saturday night is for fighting, drinking beer and tuning up the car.

Funny Saturday Morning Quotes

I cannot believe my friends got drunk on Saturday and are still sober on Sunday.

I wish I were a homosexual on a Saturday night. That way, I would be like one of those chicks that is always single and eating apples in front of the grocery store.

Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday is their choice; that is when gay people do the wild thing. But on weekends, they do it to themselves.

I am glad my friends are so good-looking I cannot keep an eye on them. They’d take advantage of me on a Saturday night.

Saturday is the only night of the week when you can spend all day with your kids, clean the house, obey your wife and still have time to go to a ball game in the evening.

I wish we had a problem with drugs and alcohol in our family. Then maybe I would have something to talk about at parties on Saturday nights.

I love Sundays because it is the one night of the week I get to beat my wife.

Saturday Night is all right for fighting, but the houses are so far apart the neighbors all fight with bayonets.

There are no terrible girls in church, just the other way around.

I love Saturdays. There is nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning to start your weekend off right.

I am not a morning person, which is why Saturday is my favorite day.

I am so excited about Saturday that I cannot even sleep!

I love sleep because it is like a time machine to Saturday morning.

Saturday is the best day to be lazy and do nothing.

I am so excited about the weekend that I cannot even think straight!

My favorite day of the week is Saturday. I feel like I have more freedom and it is always a good day.

Saturday is the best day of the week to stay in bed, eat junk food and watch tv.

Envy is the one thing I hate about Saturday; I wish my life were as fun as theirs.

I am so excited about Saturday that it makes me tired. My head feels fuzzy and my pants feel tight.

I have not been able to fall asleep for more than two hours in the past month because of Saturdays.

If I had a dollar for every time I was late for work on Saturday. I’d be a millionaire by now!

Saturday is great because everyone has the day off, and you do not need to do anything on that day.

I hate Saturday! It is my least favorite day of the week. I do not particularly appreciate sleeping in. I wouldn’t say I like waking up early.

I had to wake up at seven since I was going to church. It was a good thing, too, because the service was almost over when I arrived, and I didn’t have time to go home and change out of my casual clothes.

I have three theories about why the world will end on Saturday. First, Saturday is fine, which means it is all over. Second, it will be Saturday everywhere else on the globe. Third, it will be the end of the world, and we won’t notice.

We should all celebrate in the streets today! We should have fun on Saturday! It is a great day to be alive!

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. I will be busy on Saturday, but it will be worth every minute.

It is sad that a day as significant as Saturday cannot last more than 24 hours.

Sunday comes after Saturday. There is no way that Sunday can be better than Saturday.

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