Eva Young Quotes to Live By

Looking for some Eva Young quotes? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our favorites. Eva Young was an amazing writer and thinker. Here are some of her best quotes to inspire you.

Eva Young Quotes

“It is a common mistake to think we understand what we have not observed.” — Eva Young

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” — Eva Young

“We know that all things are linked together and that for good or for ill, our deeds are wrought into the fabric of the universe.” — Eva Young

“Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them.” — Eva Young

“As you acquire knowledge and experience, it is important to share it with others. This is how you become a real master.” — Eva Young

“Everything about us, our bodies and our souls, are created in symmetry.” — Eva Young

“If you are ever in doubt as to what to do, never hesitate to ask yourself, now would my mother have done this, and let that guide you.” — Eva Young

“Now is the time to act. As in every conflict between good and evil, dark and light, all that is needed is an arm to wield the weapon of compassion on behalf of your brothers and sisters.” — Eva Young

“Learn, learn, learn! It is by the observation that we gain knowledge. And therefore, it behooves us to observe as much as possible. Through this, we shall gain wisdom.” — Eva Young

“It is the obligation of all who are alive to aid those who are yet unborn.” — Eva Young

“Every person has a right to the knowledge and wisdom of their own heritage. This becomes more important as our traditions grow ever fewer.” — Eva Young

“Those who would seek to be a part of heaven must first learn to love those who inhabit this earth.” — Eva Young

“Be kind. Be considerate. Be gentle. These are the messages of my teachings. And they are good lessons to learn.” — Eva Young

“If you do not know what to say, then say nothing. For silence is the voice of wisdom.” — Eva Young

“How much worse than death is a life spent in ignorance!” — Eva Young

“Happiness is a state that must be learned. When you feel pain, remember that it will pass. But when you feel happiness, know that it will last forever.” — Eva Young

“True beauty is not the appearance of a person’s body, but their inner soul.” — Eva Young

“There are two ways to look at things. How you see things. And the way that you know they are. And it is seldom that your beliefs and knowledge match up.” — Eva Young

“Learn to wait patiently. Learn to trust in yourself and your own strength. And nothing in the world will ever be able to harm you again.” — Eva Young

“Do not let those who are strong intimidate you. For if you are strong, then why shouldn’t they be?” — Eva Young

“There is no such thing as a wasted life.” — Eva Young

“All things eventually come from the fire. Everything has its foundation and its source in the fire. The fire is the beginning and the end. Fire will decide what is good and what is evil. When you understand this, you will be happy.” — Eva Young

“There are two ways to live: You can live as if nothing is a miracle. Or you can live as if everything is. The second is far more interesting.” — Eva Young

“Knowledge is your greatest strength.” — Eva Young

“The heart of a mother is the most precious thing on earth. It will never be replaced.” — Eva Young

“When you are hurt, it is important to look for the good things that surround you, rather than simply being overcome by sadness.” — Eva Young

“Be patient with yourself. You are learning. You are growing. You are becoming a master of yourself. And it is important to remember that there is no shame in making mistakes, so long as you learn from them.” — Eva Young

“One should never be so confident as to believe they are invincible. And one should never be so unsure as to believe they are nothing.” — Eva Young

“You will not find what you seek if you turn away from your pain. But through the acceptance of loss comes the understanding of yourself.” — Eva Young

“You cannot find what you want until you truly want it.” — Eva Young

“Happiness is not a goal. It is simply the result of having done what we wanted to do.” — Eva Young

“One can tell a great deal about a person by their choice of friends.” — Eva Young

“Be happy with what you have. Be content with the person that you are. For it is a wonderful thing when you can be happy with what you have.” — Eva Young

“Self-control is the essence of true happiness.” — Eva Young

“The wise choose their path, and the foolish follow their passion. The wise know they will not make mistakes if they are not allowed to make mistakes. And the foolish act without thinking, or at least without considering the possibility of failure.” — Eva Young

“Be kinder than necessary. The creation of the fire is all you encounter and those you will meet. And they are all your brothers and sisters.” — Eva Young

“You have within you the power to change your life.” — Eva Young

“When a person is born, a fortune is placed in their hands. It is their choice whether they hold it with both hands or cast it upon the ground.” — Eva Young

“The wise do not show off. They do not need to. They are better than those who need attention and praise from those around them.” — Eva Young

“The greatest gift you can give to another is a portion of yourself.” — Eva Young

“There is no greater power in this world than a child’s love for their parents. It can change everything.” — Eva Young

“The magic in your life comes not from what you are but from what you do. You are a magician when you choose to be. And it is your actions that determine whether you will succeed or fail. And this is a fundamental lesson to learn.” — Eva Young

“It doesn’t matter how good you are at playing an instrument. If you don’t try, then you will never be any good.” — Eva Young

“The only way to become better is to practice. And how do we practice? By doing. By living. And by learning lessons both large and small.” — Eva Young

“If a person is unhappy with themselves, they will never be able to make others happy.” — Eva Young

“The greatest danger in this world is not the danger of failure. It is the danger of success.” — Eva Young

“Those seeking to be a part of heaven must first learn to love those who inhabit this earth. Such a person will be truly great.” — Eva Young

“The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” — Eva Young

“A life without fear is a wasted life. It is those who face their fears, who conquer their fears, who come to know themselves and their strength truly.” — Eva Young

“Life does not follow the path we want it to. The only way to win in life is to learn how to get where you want to go. The only way to get where you want is to learn how to win in life. It is a simple lesson, but one that many are not able to learn.” — Eva Young

“A person very rarely has one true passion in life. For the fire always finds a path, and those who would walk it well must follow.” — Eva Young

“When you are happy, let everyone see it. When you are sad, let no one know.” — Eva Young

Eva Young Actress Quotes

“It is important to remember that things change. And it is important to remember that it is okay to change with them. Do not be afraid of what the future holds.” — Eva Young

“There are certain things in life we cannot understand until we have experienced them for ourselves. And even then, there are some things we may never understand.” — Eva Young

“If you look at the world, you will see much sadness. This is because people cannot let themselves be happy.” — Eva Young

“You cannot become free by tying yourself to others. You must learn to grow in your own direction.” — Eva Young

“You must learn when to fight and when to forgive. For we are all imperfect beings, and if we all acted perfectly, the world would not be beautiful.” — Eva Young

“It is important to have your own opinions. And it is important to realize that everyone has their own opinions. No one can control you or what you do. But only you can determine where your path leads.” — Eva Young

“It is not the length of the road that matters. It is the direction.” — Eva Young

“There are many paths to take in life. Some are smooth, while others are rough and dangerous. No matter which one you follow, they will all bring you new lessons to live by.” — Eva Young

“You can choose to follow whatever path you want in life…but you cannot choose the path others have chosen.” — Eva Young

“No matter your choices, there will always be a consequence. For all choices have repercussions.” — Eva Young

“Never mistake your own judgment for the truth. You are but an instrument. It is the fire that determines your path.” — Eva Young

“When you lose something, it is simply because another has taken it from you already.” — Eva Young

“There are no rules in this world other than those that we create for ourselves. And even these are broken on occasion.” — Eva Young

“The greatest force in the universe is that of creation. And it requires great power to control. Do not attempt to claim control unless you have the power to do so.” — Eva Young

“The things we love the most will always come back to us. Even if it takes time for them to return.” — Eva Young

“When someone feels their life is hopeless, it is often because they have stopped believing in themselves. And that is when things become hopeless.” — Eva Young

“You are free from the world you were born into. You can choose to follow any path you want to take. All that matters is that you choose.” — Eva Young

“The wise do not fear death. They embrace it instead, knowing they are returning to the true source of all creation. The foolish fear death because they know nothing of what awaits them.” — Eva Young

“A wise person knows their limits and always tries to stay within them. For they know that no matter how hard they try, there will always be someone else who is better.” — Eva Young

“The things we love the most in this world are those we never truly had. This is why it is so easy to lose them.” — Eva Young

“It is important to realize that a person cannot live their entire life in the past. Everyone has regrets, but the true strength of character lies within one’s ability to learn from them and move on.” — Eva Young

“Time is like a river. It flows into the future, and yet it never really goes anywhere.” — Eva Young

“If you find that a thing is true, often you can convince others to see the same way. But if you find that something is not true, then there is nothing you can do to change anyone’s mind.” — Eva Young

“The world will not always be perfect. The world will not always move forward in a single direction. Sometimes it goes backward for a time, and sometimes it does not care about us. But the world is still here, and so are those who populate it.” — Eva Young

“You know yourself the best. You know your weaknesses. And so you are able to avoid those things that can cause you to be hurt and remain strong in your strengths.” — Eva Young

“Some people play a game with themselves and with others, but they never play with their emotions. And yet emotions are what drives life.” — Eva Young

“One cannot truly love another person until they learn to love themselves. And so until you truly love yourself, you cannot truly love another.” — Eva Young

“Make sure that the things you are able to control are the things you can control. For the rest will be controlled by events outside of your control.” — Eva Young

“There is always a price to pay for everything we take from others. Sometimes that price is paid in life itself.” — Eva Young

“The world tends to give gifts of fortune to those who have no idea how to use their time wisely. And so many people waste their time in this way.” — Eva Young

“We are all limited in the things we can learn. However, you can be the very best at what you do.” — Eva Young

“When you are pleased, everyone around you can tell.” — Eva Young

“The world needs many people like you. The world needs many people who can change society with the power they have, the power they’ve had all along.” — Eva Young

“There is no such thing as perfection. For there is always something more to learn.” — Eva Young

“Sometimes, the only way to live with something is to realize it’s not real. And then finally coming to terms with how completely you are free from it.” — Eva Young

“We are born alone and we die alone. But those in the middle of life should always keep others in their thoughts. For it is often those we do not know that touch us the most.” — Eva Young

“There is no such thing as destiny, for this would imply that our fate was already predetermined. And yet we all choose our own paths.” — Eva Young

“The world moves forward, with or without you.” — Eva Young

“The one who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it. But the wise learn from history, and so they can move forward without repeating the mistakes of their past.” — Eva Young

“The best way to avoid pain is not to care at all. And yet this can be harder than it seems.” — Eva Young

“There is no such thing as a false reality. All realities exist in one way or another. It’s just our perceptions of them that are different.” — Eva Young

“Sometimes we fight so hard for what we believe in that we forget who we really are. And when we lose ourselves in the process, we lose the fight. And so we must always remember to be true to ourselves.” — Eva Young

“Those who are able to defend their home always defend their neighbors as well. These are the people who will make a house into a home.” — Eva Young

“Do you believe in fate? If you do, you do not understand how the world works. For there is a place for everything and everyone. And we choose where that place is. We choose the place that is right for us.” — Eva Young

“There is a difference between knowing something in your heart and knowing something with your mind. It is better to know something with your heart for there you can really know it.” — Eva Young

“The world does not always work like you think it does. You must have the patience to see things through to the end if you want a happy ending.” — Eva Young

“We are all born into this world alone and we will all depart from the world alone. But as we move through life, it is vital that we not forget to take care of those who are in our lives with us.” — Eva Young

“All people are afraid of change. They would rather be stuck than change. And yet there is no such thing as a happy ending if you do not look forward to the changes that always come.” — Eva Young

“We all know that evil people in the world want to hurt us. And so we fight against them, trying to kill off the bad at all costs. But there is no such thing as a war that can be won because evil will always exist in this world.” — Eva Young

“We are always born into a particular set of circumstances. And so we can either use these things to fight against what we were meant to do, or we can embrace them and go forward to do what is right.” — Eva Young