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Bob Menendez Quotes

“I will do everything I can to advocate for a peaceful resolution. This cannot be where NATO ends.” — Bob Menendez

“There are still pockets of resistance, and as long as they are still there, we cannot stop trying to reach them.” — Bob Menendez

“There is no success here that can be claimed, but there is a potential for a continued dialogue.” — Bob Menendez

“I believe that the United States and North Korea can begin a dialogue, if not today, sometime in the future. We can begin that dialogue and it could be one that could provide for a more stable, safe and prosperous future for the people in North Korea—the North Korean people.” — Bob Menendez

“When you look at the million dollar paintings that hang in the halls of these embassies and you look at the medals that all of the senior officials are receiving, you see a very different world.” — Bob Menendez

“There is no question we can be effective in Iran and Iraq. What we want to do is be effective with our military power and diplomacy at the same time.” — Bob Menendez

“The peace process has gone on too long. It has left scars, which are not easy to heal. It has left wounds that are not easy to close.” — Bob Menendez

“It’s a significant issue, an issue of life and death. It is a very significant undertaking on the part of the President and one that I know he would like to bring a resolution to as soon as possible.” — Bob Menendez

“I support the Filipino people’s desire to have a more comprehensive, democratic and less corrupt government. They are moving toward that, and I support them.” — Bob Menendez

“The protection of our armed forces and the deterrence of future threats is vital to our national security. That is why I am pleased that the President has decided to retain Fort Monmouth on the list of installations recommended for closure.” — Bob Menendez

“I was worried that the United States was going to find itself in a position of being unilateral, acting alone with Iraq and not having international support.” — Bob Menendez

“I will do everything I can to ensure that we have a dialogue with North Korea, avoid confrontation, and have a more stable situation there. It’s possible. I do believe it’s possible.” — Bob Menendez

“We want to volunteer in the kitchens where our first and last names know us. We want to help the people. That is something that this President and his advisors can’t understand.” — Bob Menendez

“I think it is a more effective way to take on the issues of improving race relations as opposed to having a law that is meant to downplay race relations. We can do it through dialogue. We can do it through various types of activities that we are already doing.” — Bob Menendez

“There is a lot of work to be done, and the world is looking for leadership from the United States in this area.” — Bob Menendez

“There is a growing consensus of, as I call it, middle powers that are looking for ways to step up. There’s an importance to these middle powers on the international stage. And we need to be able to work with them.” — Bob Menendez

“There’s been a lot of talks recently about building democracy in the Middle East. In my view, democracy cannot be imposed by force. It must be an organic process, and it will be one in which there will be a lot of work to do.” — Bob Menendez

“There is a lot at stake here. There’s a very important mission that lies ahead of our expeditionary force. It’s a mission to restore stability and security in Southeast Asia.” — Bob Menendez

“The President has consulted with many nations both about how to fight terrorism and about our future humanitarian efforts.” — Bob Menendez

“We feel very comfortable in our partnership with Israel. There’s a special bond between the United States and Israel.” — Bob Menendez

“We have been there for Israel in every way that we can be.” — Bob Menendez

“The budget that the Bush administration is proposing is cruel. It is inequitable. It is unfair, and it is unwise.” — Bob Menendez

“We think we’ve achieved the right balance between the two objectives of taking care of the families that were injured by September 11th, but recognizing that there’s a budget reality.” — Bob Menendez

“We believe very strongly in assisting small businesses. We believe that they are the engine for job creation in this country.” — Bob Menendez

“If you’re going to be serious about a national missile defense system, it won’t work. It is impossible to create a missile defense system that can protect the United States and our allies from the ballistic missiles of Iran, Iraq and North Korea.” — Bob Menendez

“If you join hands with China in encouraging governments to reject this oppressive regime, you’re going to see real progress made.” — Bob Menendez

“It would be naive to think that we’re going to somehow de-escalate tensions due to a dialogue with Iran. There’s no question that they’ve been in a state of war for 30 years. That’s what we’re dealing with.” — Bob Menendez

“I want to ensure that those responsible for the tragedy that befell the USS Cole is brought to justice. I will continue to pursue that goal and I intend to use whatever means at my disposal to achieve it.” — Bob Menendez

“There is no question when you look at the fact that these countries have nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, chemical and biological agents. We have to be able to defend ourselves against those countries. And that is what we will do.” — Bob Menendez

“Bush’s proposal this week on another round of tax cuts would total nearly $1 trillion over the next ten years, but it would not pay for itself by stimulating the economy.” — Bob Menendez

“The United States must remain committed to restoring the rule of law in Kosovo and to ending the repression, intimidation and human rights abuses being carried out by the Milosevic regime.” — Bob Menendez

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“There is no question that we have made significant progress. And we want to remain committed to the process of furthering a two-state solution.” — Bob Menendez

“It was imperative for us to create a process that respected these people and put them in the position to participate in decision-making.” — Bob Menendez

“Israel has demonstrated that it is ready and able to prevent anyone from ever getting anywhere near its borders, so I don’t think anybody should have any doubts about that.” — Bob Menendez

“The willingness of the Israelis to do whatever they have to do to prevent weapons into Gaza is unequivocally a posture of strength, not weakness. And the United States needs to continue to send that message.” — Bob Menendez

“We have had a powerful and successful relationship over the years.” — Bob Menendez

“I have negotiated deals with Israel. I have negotiated deals with our Congress. I believe we are treated fairly in those negotiations.” — Bob Menendez

“I do not believe that America’s interests and security will be furthered by imposing sanctions against Iran.” — Bob Menendez

“A lot of people talk about a two-state solution. I support that. I recognize it is not easy to achieve either.” — Bob Menendez

“I would like to see us go back, particularly because it’s a volatile part of the world, with a greater emphasis on counterterrorism efforts in that area.” — Bob Menendez

“What we need is a comprehensive strategy to try to stabilize the region and make sure Pakistan does become an ally with us.” — Bob Menendez

“The notion that we get involved in Syria militarily, I think, has a very low probability of success. I don’t see the resources being there.” — Bob Menendez

“Right now, given the dynamics on the ground in Syria, I don’t think it’s a prudent decision to engage in that kind of military action.” — Bob Menendez

“The United States needs to use every tool at its disposal to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon capability.” — Bob Menendez

“Iran continues to solidify its position in Iraq and I think that has to stop.” — Bob Menendez

“I think if we continue to lose our diplomatic presence in the region, we will find ourselves increasingly isolated.” — Bob Menendez

“I believe that it is important for us to conduct humanitarian aid as we are able because, again, I’m concerned about how these people will be able to survive and rebuild their country into a functioning society. ” — Bob Menendez

“The President is concerned about the humanitarian situation in Gaza. I have heard him express that on several occasions.” — Bob Menendez

“I have not visited Gaza, but I have been engaged in a debate over many years, whether we should impose sanctions on Israel.” — Bob Menendez

“One concern about imposing sanctions is that it might increase the motivation for Hamas to continue indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel.” — Bob Menendez

“There are no easy answers. There is no panacea.” — Bob Menendez

“I’m now convinced that a two-state solution, while still being a goal, is not as clear cut as I once thought it would be.” — Bob Menendez

“Whatever the final decision is, it will not be influenced by any person or party. This has to be the people of Israel, made in the image of God, making the final decision about their future. It can’t be any other way.” — Bob Menendez

“I have met with Dr. Qaradawi.” — Bob Menendez

“I think if you want to get a settlement, you have to get to the Palestinian people and make them understand what the realities of this proposal are.” — Bob Menendez

“We are responsible for trying to bring about a resolution of this conflict, but that resolution can only come through a peace agreement.” — Bob Menendez

“I’m convinced that we must fight and defeat terrorism in every way possible. But I also believe it’s essential that we pursue efforts to bring peace. I think that’s the preferred way to go.” — Bob Menendez

“We had a very successful conference in the recent past with 20 or so Arab countries. I’m particularly proud of the fact that we were able to get our arms off their list of banned materials.” — Bob Menendez

“I don’t know how you are going to end up with a different result as compared to what was before.” — Bob Menendez

“There is no question that these sanctions have at least some impact on Iran’s nuclear program. They’re slowing it down.” — Bob Menendez

“These sanctions are working. They are having an impact.” — Bob Menendez

“I don’t think we’re well served by listening to what others say about our policy. I think our policy is as effective and appropriate in this situation as it should be.” — Bob Menendez

“We need to listen to the people of Israel.” — Bob Menendez

“We need more than sanctions to have hope that Iran will change its behavior. We need engagement.” — Bob Menendez

“The United States should not have taken the actions that it did. They were not helpful. They had the impact of isolating us from the region and our friends.” — Bob Menendez

“I think we have to continue to make our case to countries around the world who are selling arms to Iran to prevent them from supplying this kind of weaponry.” — Bob Menendez

“I strongly endorse the efforts by the Bush administration to stop Hezbollah from obtaining that militia. We must take action. We must stop this criminal behavior of those groups from obtaining weapons.” — Bob Menendez

“We need America to make a long-term commitment to the region. We need to continue with our efforts to stabilize Iraq and make sure that we can establish stability in that country again.” — Bob Menendez

“It is a supreme irony, I think, considering the fact of terrorism, whether it’s directed against Israel or U.S. interests, that we’re sending aid to Israel and still supplying arms to the terrorists.” — Bob Menendez

“Eventually, I believe we must try to push Jordan and Palestinians into direct negotiations so they can reach an agreement on their own. I know it’s a long process, but I think it is the only way to bring this conflict to an end.” — Bob Menendez

“I have a little bit of optimism that the Middle East peace process can be renewed.” — Bob Menendez

“I’ve worked hard to create a three-party agreement between Egypt and Israel. And I think if we can get that done, then we can get more countries in the region involved.” — Bob Menendez

“And I think it’s a high bar that we’re setting, but we’re realistic about what needs to be done.” — Bob Menendez

Bob Menendez Quotes and Saying

“We don’t need to make believe that there is an immediate threat facing our security while leaving the nuclear infrastructure in place.” — Bob Menendez

“This is not a complete solution. It doesn’t address all of the concerns. But we think it’s a very positive step forward.” — Bob Menendez

“But I also worry about some of the unintended consequences that could come out of this, that this could become an excuse for putting off action to reduce greenhouse gases for another 10 or 15 years.” — Bob Menendez

“And we are not just talking about whether Iran has nuclear weapons in the future, but whether Iran has them today.” — Bob Menendez

“I believe that we can construct a security fence, including an electronic fence, which will not separate families and villages, but it will dramatically slow the flow of contraband into Israel.” — Bob Menendez

“We are going to continue to form a Middle East NATO.” — Bob Menendez

“So I think you’re right to suggest that we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. But I think this is an example of something better than perfect.” — Bob Menendez

“It is not in contradiction with a two-state solution. It does not prejudge the outcome of negotiations or set borders for the parties.” — Bob Menendez

“So I think we need to strike the right balance, and that’s why we are working on a resolution.” — Bob Menendez

“We must be able to make our own decisions in this regard. And that means doing more to ensure our credibility as an ally.” — Bob Menendez

“I don’t think it’s wrong to say whether we can reach a judgment on what will take place with Iran militarily, but I do believe that it’s important for us to continue diplomatic efforts. — Bob Menendez

“we have made it abundantly clear that we will do what it takes to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.” — Bob Menendez

“It is the people of Israel who will make the final decision on how best to ensure their security and the facts on the ground.” — Bob Menendez

“The U.S. has to be very careful about what it says. And, as I said before, no military option is left off the table.” — Bob Menendez

“I think that they have a perception of what they need to do to protect their security and frankly, it’s their perception that matters.” — Bob Menendez

“If he [Barack Obama] wants to get something done, he has got to stand up and lead us. He has got to stop being indecisive.” — Bob Menendez

“Barack Obama promised us to change, but it hasn’t changed anything.” — Bob Menendez

“This is the time to confront Iran on the world stage and lead the international community towards a diplomatic solution.” — Bob Menendez

“I believe that if we remain a democracy and ensure that our people are fully engaged, we can move forward. If we become an authoritarian state like North Korea, they will have no chance of democracy in Iran. — Bob Menendez

“It’s not an absolute that Iran could develop nuclear weapons — it’s a probability.” — Bob Menendez

“Our goal is to solve this diplomatically.” — Bob Menendez

“There are serious consequences if Iran doesn’t come clean, and I have no doubt that they’re going to be held accountable.” — Bob Menendez

“But, again, I believe in diplomacy. I believe in negotiations. Let’s exhaust every possibility before we engage in military action. And I know the consequences of military action.” — Bob Menendez

“But while the President is saying he’s willing to negotiate, he’s not willing to talk. And so we’re in a situation right now where there is no diplomatic effort with Iran.” — Bob Menendez

“And that’s why we must respond as a nation and stand up and speak out against these violations.” — Bob Menendez

“It is important that we do not let China export its labor policies to the United States. It’s important that we, as a nation and as a democratic state, make it clear that American workers are welcome in this country and American values are welcome in this country.” — Bob Menendez

“We can’t continue to be governed by leaders who seem to think that America is an expendable asset for them to use for their own purposes.” — Bob Menendez

“The American people have not forgotten the costs of war. The wars of the Bush administration have had consequences for our economy and military readiness. ” — Bob Menendez

“And we must learn from the past and not repeat it.” — Bob Menendez

“I think in this case, there’s very little doubt that we will be involved if anything should happen.” — Bob Menendez

“If the sanctions don’t work, then I think you’re going to see a military action was taken against them.” — Bob Menendez

“Well, in fairness, they already have. We’ve done nothing. They have tested a nuclear weapon. They have detoured missiles to take them to their neighbors and try to threaten us.” — Bob Menendez

“We respect the integrity of our elections and we believe that given a choice in this country, all American people will have a fair chance to advance their interests.” — Bob Menendez