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If you are looking for a laugh, check out our collection of black and white puns. From clever wordplay to hilarious jokes, we have got you covered. This blog is dedicated to funny black and white puns that will make you smile, clever black and white puns that will make you think, black and white puns that will make you groan, black and white puns that will make you roll your eyes, black and white puns that will make you shake your head, and black and white puns that will make you facepalm.

Black and White Puns

Question: “Why did the zebra start a band?”
Answer: “Because it had the black and white keys to success!”

Question: “How does a penguin build it’s house?”
Answer: “Igloos it together with black and white bricks!”

Question: “What do you call a stylish cow?”
Answer: “Moo-la in black and white!”

Question: “Why did the newspaper go to therapy?”
Answer: “It had too many black and white issues!”

Question: “What did the detective say about the chessboard?”
Answer: “It is a classic case of black and white squares!”

Question: “Why did the penguin refuse to fly?”
Answer: “It is just not it’s ’black and white’ of flight!”

Question: “How does a panda write a letter?”
Answer: “With a black and white pen-dulum!”

Question: “What do you call a Dalmatian with a newspaper?”
Answer: “A black and white reader!”

Question: “Why do zebras never get lost?”
Answer: “Because they always follow their ’stripes’!”

Question: “How do you describe a cow that has just given birth?”
Answer: “Decalfinated!”

Question: “Why did the cookie go to art school?”
Answer: “To learn how to create the perfect black and white canvas!”

Question: “How do you greet a penguin in the Arctic?”
Answer: “Ice to meet you in black and white!”

Question: “Why was the piano in jail?”
Answer: “Because it got caught in a black and white lie!”

Question: “What did the zebra say when asked about it’s unique appearance?”
Answer: “I am just here for the ’stripes’!”

Question: “Why did the photographer only shoot zebras?”
Answer: “Because they have the best ’contrast’!”

Question: “What do you call a cow with no spots?”
Answer: “Utterly plain!”

Question: “How do penguins communicate long distance?”
Answer: “By ’ice’-olated calls!”

Question: “Why do chess players make terrible thieves?”
Answer: “Because they cannot escape the ’black and white’ squares!”

Question: “What do you call a penguin in the desert?”
Answer: “Lost and ’snow’found!”

Question: “Why was the newspaper in the freezer?”
Answer: “It wanted to give you the latest ’chilling’ headlines in black and white!”

Question: “Why did the penguin always carry a pencil?”
Answer: “In case it needed to draw a ’black and white’ sketch!”

Question: “How did the cow feel in the art class?”
Answer: “Moo-ved by the ’black and white’ masterpieces!”

Question: “Why was the zebra a great musician?”
Answer: “Because it had ’sharp’ black and white notes!”

Question: “What is a panda’s favorite old TV show?”
Answer: “’Black and White’ Family Feud!”

Question: “Why did the chessboard go to therapy?”
Answer: “It had too many ’black and white’ conflicts!”

Question: “How did the newspaper win the race?”
Answer: “It had a ’head start’ with it’s ’black and white’ news!”

Question: “Why did the penguin refuse to tell secrets?”
Answer: “It didn’t want to spill any ’black and white’ lies!”

Question: “What did the detective say about the missing panda?”
Answer: “It is a ’black and white’ case of disappearance!”

Question: “Why did the cow bring a ladder to the party?”
Answer: “To make sure it stood out in the ’black and white’ crowd!”

Question: “How do you describe a fancy penguin?”
Answer: “Posh and ’black and white’!”

Question: “Why did the photographer love zebras?”
Answer: “Because they always added ’contrast’ to the frame!”

Question: “What is a Dalmatian’s favorite music genre?”
Answer: “’Black and White’ Rock!”

Question: “Why was the piano embarrassed?”
Answer: “It got caught playing a ’black and white’ tune out of key!”

Question: “How do cows stay up to date with fashion?”
Answer: “By reading amoo’-spapers for the latest ’black and white’ trends!”

Question: “Why did the zebra refuse to play hide and seek?”
Answer: “It knew it would always be ’spotted’ in the ’black and white’ surroundings!”

Question: “What is a penguin’s favorite type of party?”
Answer: “’Ice’-cream and ’black and white’ fun!”

Question: “Why did the chess piece go to school?”
Answer: “To become a ’knight’ in shining ’black and white’ armor!”

Question: “How do penguins communicate with each other?”
Answer: “Through ’ice’-olated ’black and white’ signals!”

Question: “What do you call a cow that is an expert at math?”
Answer: “’Moo’-ltiply ’black and white’ genius!”

Question: “Why did the penguin bring a suitcase to the North Pole?”
Answer: “Because it wanted to have a ’cool’ and ’black and white’ vacation!”

Black and White Pick Up Lines

“Why did the zebra start a band? Because it had a lot of black and white keys!”

“When the panda chef cooked, it was always a black-and-white recipe for success.”

“I spilled spot remover on my Dalmatian, now he is just a black and white doggone mess!”

“The chess players couldn’t agree on their match, it was a real black and white disagreement.”

“Why do penguins always carry umbrellas? In case of black and white-out conditions!”

“The newspaper had a great sense of humor; it was always delivering black and white laughs.”

“Why was the monochrome cat a great comedian? It had the purrfect black and white timing.”

“What did the photographer say about the black and white pictures? They had a lot of grayscale appeal.”

“The piano and the skunk had a lot in common – they both had a black and white way of expressing themselves!”

“Why did the cow sit in the sun? To get a nice black and white tan.”

“The fashion designer only worked with black and white fabrics because they knew how to make a statement!”

“Why did the detective refuse the black and white case? It was too shady.”

“The old TV was wise; it knew that life isn’t always in black and white, but the important moments sure are.”

“Why did the artist prefer working with black and white paints? They believed in the power of chiaroscuro.”

“The penguin had a crush on the snowman because they shared a love for all things black and white.”

“Why did the cookie go to therapy? It had too many black and white issues.”

“The silent film star knew how to make an impression in a world that was black and white, just like their movies.”

“Why did the cow become a referee? It had a keen eye for black and white calls.”

“The shadow puppet theater troupe was known for their captivating black and white performances.”

“Why was the newspaper tired? It had been delivering black and white news all day – no shades of gray!”

“Why did the penguin refuse to become a chef? It couldn’t stand the idea of black and white cuisine.”

“The zebra tried meditation, but it struggled with finding it’s ’inner stripe’ of black and white tranquility.”

“Why did the newspaper blush? It saw the comic strip’s black and white humor!”

“The chess pieces had a heated argument, but in the end, they made peace in black and white terms.”

“What did the old camera say to the new camera? ’Back in my day, everything was just black and white, and we loved it!’”

Black and White Jokes

“The Dalmatian’s style was unmatched because it knew how to rock the black and white spots.”

“Why did the cow enroll in art school? It wanted to learn more about moo-ving black and white aesthetics.”

“The grayscale rainbow threw the best parties – always a blend of black and white festivities!”

“Why was the penguin a great secret keeper? Because it knew how to keep things black and white.”

“The detective was famous for solving mysteries with a black and white approach – no gray areas!”

“Why did the musician paint their piano keys black and white? So they could play in color.”

“The skunk tried to write a novel, but it could only come up with black and white odysseys.”

“Why did the mime wear black and white socks? To walk the line between silent and stylish!”

“The coffee addict couldn’t resist the allure of the café’s black and white mocha magic.”

“Why did the penguin win the talent show? It had a natural talent for black and white comedy.”

“The artist is heart belonged to black and white art, where shades spoke volumes without saying a word.”

“Why did the movie star fall for the classic film era? They were captivated by the black and white glamour.”

“The panda couldn’t solve the crossword puzzle; it was stumped by the black and white clues.”

“Why did the shadow start a blog? It wanted to share it’s perspective on the world of black and white.”

“The yin-yang bakery was known for it’s perfectly balanced pastries – a sweet union of black and white flavors.”

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