Aviation Puns to Get You Through Your Flight

Looking for a laugh? If you love aviation puns, you will flip over these! We have gathered some of the best aviation puns from around the web to get you through your next flight. Check out our collection of aviation puns. From plane old puns to downright propeller-head humor, we have got something for everyone.

Aviation Puns

What do you call a bird that is a pilot? Answer: A “fly”er!

Why did the airplane break up with the helicopter? Answer: It needed more “space” in the relationship.

How do airplanes apologize? Answer: They say, “I am sorry if my altitude was off!”

What did the runway say to the airplane? Answer: “You cannot just land here, you have to ’land’ properly!”

Why did the airplane get in trouble? Answer: It had a bad “attitude.”

What is an airplane is favorite song? Answer: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly.

Why do airplanes always have great stories to tell? Answer: Because they have a lot of “flight” experience.

What do you call a plane that is always on time? Answer: “Arrival” Breezy.

What do you call a group of musical pilots? Answer: The “Flight” Notes.

Why do not airplanes ever gossip? Answer: They are good at “keeping things grounded.”

What did the airplane say to the airport? Answer: “I am just passing through, do not “terminal” me!”

What is an airplane is favorite game? Answer: “Hide and “sky” seek!”

Why did the airplane bring a backpack? Answer: To have a “smooth” landing.

What did one airplane say to the other airplane? Answer: “You are ’plane’ awesome!”

Why do airplanes love social media? Answer: They get to “take off” their problems online.

What is an airplane is favorite type of sandwich? Answer: A “jet” turkey sandwich!

Why do airplanes have a lot of friends? Answer: Because they are “down-to-earth” and “uplifting.”

What did the pilot say before taking off? Answer: “Let is get this ’show’ in the air!”

Why did the airplane go to therapy? Answer: It had too many “baggage” issues.

Why was the airplane a good comedian? Answer: Because it had a great “takeoff” and landing!

What did the airplane say to the passengers? Answer: “Fasten your seatbelts, it is going to be a ’flight’ to remember!”

Why do pilots always carry an extra pen? Answer: In case they need to ’take off’ their thoughts!

What is a pilot is favorite kind of dessert? Answer: “Plane” vanilla ice cream!

Why do airplanes make terrible secret keepers? Answer: They always ’land’ in a different story!

What do you call a flying insect in the cockpit? Answer: “Buzzed” control!

Why did the airplane blush? Answer: It saw the ’jet-setters’ in first class!

What do you call a chicken that is a pilot? Answer: A “wing” commander!

Why do pilots love coffee? Answer: It helps them ’land’ their thoughts in the morning!

What is an airplane is favorite dance move? Answer: The “tailspin” twirl!

Why did the airplane bring a backpack? Answer: For it’s ’high-flying’ essentials!

What did the cloud say to the airplane? Answer: “I am your biggest ’fan’ up here!”

Why do not airplanes play cards? Answer: They are afraid of ’dealing’ with turbulence!

What is an airport is favorite type of math? Answer: “Takeaway” – how many passengers have left!

Aviation Pick Up Lines

Why did the airplane go to school? Answer: To improve it’s ’aero-dynamics’ in class!

What is a flight attendant is superpower? Answer: The ability to ’take off’ frowns!

Why did the paper airplane blush? Answer: It saw the real planes doing ’air shows’!

What is an airplane is favorite romantic gesture? Answer: A ’sky-writing’ love note!

Why do airplanes hate rainy days? Answer: It is hard to ’land’ a good mood when it is gloomy!

What did the airplane say to the runway? Answer: “I am ready to ’touch down’ and roll!”

Why was the flying lesson so expensive? Answer: The instructor had a ’propeller’ for high prices!

Pilot: “I told my computer a joke, but it just couldn’t land the punchline!”

Airplane: “Did you hear about the airplane who became a musician? It joined the ’plane’o’notes’ orchestra!”

Jet Lag: “Jet lag is like a bad breakup – you cannot sleep, you are moody, and your timing is all messed up!”

Runway: “Why did the airplane break up with the runway? It felt it needed more space!”

Skydiving: “My friend tried skydiving for the first time, and now he is fallen for it. quite literally!”

Turbulence: “Turbulence and I have something in common – we both shake things up!”

Flight Attendant: “Flight attendants have the best secrets. After all, they are up in the air when it comes to gossip!”

Hangar: “Why was the hangar so messy? It couldn’t find a ’place’ to organize itself!”

Cockpit: “The cockpit crew started a band – they are known for their ’fly’ beats and ’elevated’ rhythm!”

Aviator Glasses: “I tried wearing aviator glasses, but it seems I just didn’t have the right ’frame’ of mind!”

Altitude: “My friend’s jokes are so high-flying, they are on a whole new ’altitude’ of humor!”

Flight Path: “Life is like a flight path – you never know when there is going to be a sudden change in direction!”

Helicopter: “I told my helicopter joke at the party, but it ’rotor’ laughter than I expected!”

Departure: “My smartphone wanted to travel, so it booked a flight. Now it is always looking for ’departure’ gates!”

In-flight Meal: “I ordered the aviation-themed meal, but it was plane and tasteless!”

Cabin Pressure: “I tried to impress my date with airplane trivia, but the only thing I got was ’cabin pressure’!”

Wingman: “My friend thinks he is a great wingman, but I have seen his dance moves – more like ’flapping’ than flying!”

Baggage Claim: “Relationships are like baggage claims – sometimes it takes a while for the right one to come around!”

Sky’s the Limit: “People say the sky’s the limit, but have they tried flying a paper airplane? That thing goes even higher!”

Clear Skies: “I asked my weather app about our plans, and it replied, ’Clear skies ahead – unless you are a bird!’”

Wondering: “Ever wonder if clouds are just the sky’s fluffy sheep?”

Coffee: “Pilots’ favorite coffee? The kind that is ’plane’ black!”

Aviation Jokes

Birthday: “Why did the airplane invite all it’s friends to it’s birthday? Because it wanted to have a ’fly’-out celebration!”

Lost Baggage: “My luggage took a solo trip to a different city. Guess it wanted a taste of the ’jet’ set life!”

Sneezing: “Did you hear about the runway that caught a cold? It is been having a ’runny’ nose!”

Dream Job: “My dream job? Being a cloud surfer, of course. I hear the pay is ’sky’-high!”

Rainbow: “Airplanes love rainbows because they know they are the true ’air’-cooled engines of the sky!”

Singing Birds: “Birds would make great flight attendants – they are experts at ’tweeting’ announcements!”

GPS Confusion: “GPS for birds? They’d probably just wing it!”

Fashionista: “Why did the airplane become a fashionista? It wanted to stay ’in-flight’ style!”

Cloud Yoga: “I caught my airplane doing yoga in the sky. Downward dog was more like ’upward plane’!”

Feathered Passengers: “Birds requested window seats on airplanes. They are all about that ’wing’ view!”

Salad Days: “Airplanes have ’lettuce’ on their wings. Just for that ’fresh’ takeoff!”

Speed Dating: “Airplanes tried speed dating, but they were all too ’fast’ and furious!”

Butterfly Effect: “If butterflies had their own airline, it would be called ’Flutter Airways,’ with flights as light as a breeze!”

Moon Landing: “Why do not airplanes land on the moon? No airport – it is a ’space’-ious problem!”

Jet Set: “Jets are the original trendsetters – they always make a statement with their ’jet’-setting style!”

Cloud Nine: “The happiest clouds are on ’cloud nine,’ while the grumpy ones are stuck on ’cloud thunderstorm’!”

Frequent Flyer: “I’d be a frequent flyer if it meant unlimited snacks and no middle seats in life!”

Airport Gym: “Why did the airplane start going to the gym? It wanted to work on it’s ’flaps’ and ’biceps’!”