April Fools: The Best Puns of the Month

A roundup of the best April Fools’ Day puns from around the web. From clever plays on words to hilarious takes on current events, these puns will make you laugh out loud. If you are looking for a good laugh, check out our round-up of the best April Fools’ Day puns. From clever plays on words to hilarious jokes, these puns are sure to get you smiling.

April Puns

  1. April Fools’ Day:
    • Question: Why did the calendar go to therapy in April?
      • Answer: Because it had too many commitment issues!
  2. Easter Bunny:
    • Question: What did the Easter Bunny say to the carrot?
      • Answer: You make me hoppy!
  3. Spring Cleaning:
    • Question: Why did the broom need therapy in April?
      • Answer: It had too many emotional attachments!
  4. Rainy Days:
    • Question: What do you call a wet bear in April?
      • Answer: A drizzly bear!
  5. April Showers:
    • Question: Why did the raincoat ask for a raise in April?
      • Answer: It was tired of being underpaid!
  6. Spring Flowers:
    • Question: What did one flower say to the other in April?
      • Answer: Hi, bud!
  7. Nature is Renewal:
    • Question: Why was the tree excited in April?
      • Answer: Because it was branching out!
  8. Sunshine after Rain:
    • Question: Why was the cloud a hit at the April party?
      • Answer: It had a great silver lining!
  9. Springtime Love:
    • Question: Why did the computer start dating in April?
      • Answer: It wanted to find it’s byte-mate!
  10. April Birthdays:
    • Question: What do you give someone with an April birthday?
      • Answer: A shower of wishes!
  11. Rainbow Magic:
    • Question: What did the leprechaun say during April?
      • Answer: April showers bring rainbows and gold!
  12. Spring Awakening:
    • Question: Why was the gardener so happy in April?
      • Answer: Because the plants were springing to life!
  13. April Adventure:
    • Question: What do you call a rabbit who tells jokes in April?
      • Answer: A funny bunny!
  14. Weather Forecast:
    • Question: Why did the meteorologist bring a ladder in April?
      • Answer: To catch the high-pressure clouds!
  15. Springtime Creativity:
    • Question: What did the painter create in April?
      • Answer: Stunning ’aprilscapes’!
  16. April’s Culinary Delight:
    • Question: Why did the chef love April?
      • Answer: Because it brought a fresh crop of recipes!
  17. Chirping Symphony:
    • Question: What did the bird say in April to make everyone laugh?
      • Answer: Pollen you, but spring is in the air!
  18. Spring Break:
    • Question: Why did the computer take a vacation in April?
      • Answer: It needed a byte of fresh air!
  19. Growth Spurt:
    • Question: Why did the plant apply for a job in April?
      • Answer: It wanted to put down roots!
  20. April’s Transformation:
    • Question: Why did the caterpillar enjoy April?
      • Answer: Because it was a month of butterfly kisses and transformations!

April Jokes

What do you call a bunny who tells jokes in April? A April fool hare-y comedian!

Did you hear about the flower who couldn’t keep a secret? It always petal-taled on April Fool’s Day!

Why was the calendar always excited for April? Because it loved it’s spring fling with the months!

What did one spring say to the other? Hey, do not leaf me hanging, let is bloom together!

Why was the math book sad in April? It had too many story problems with April Fool’s tricks!

What did the tree say to the squirrel on April 1st? Are you nuts? Don’t fall for pranks!

How do you organize a space-themed April Fool’s Day? With some interstellar pranks-tellation!

What do you call a funny chicken in springtime? Egg-citing and ready to crack you up!

Why did the computer play tricks in April? It had a chip on it’s shoulder for April Fool’s fun!

Did you hear about the gardening prankster? They were always planting surprises in April!

What is a springtime spider’s favorite activity? April web-foolery to catch unsuspecting bugs!

Why did the sun feel mischievous in April? It wanted to shine a light on some pranks!

What is a spring onion’s favorite way to celebrate April Fool’s? By being shallot of fun!

How do you prank a friend who loves rain in April? Replace their umbrella with a pour decision!

What did the big clock say to the little clock on April 1st? You are ticking me, right?

Why did the bird start a comedy show in April? It wanted to tweet some April chirps!

What is a bee is favorite April Fool’s joke? Buzzworthy pranks that create a real buzz!

How does the tree like to fool people in April? By branching out with unexpected tricks!

Why did the broom play tricks on April 1st? It wanted to sweep people off their feet with laughter!

What is a springtime frog’s favorite kind of humor? Ribbiting April Fool’s jokes that make you leap with laughter!

Why did the calendar go to therapy in April? It had too many commitment issues!

April showers bring May flowers, but all I got was a bad hair day.

I asked my friend if he wanted to hear an April joke, but he said he couldn’t wait until May.

My dog loves April because it is finally warm enough to chase his tail outside without getting frostbite on his nose!

April Pick Up Lines

I tried to come up with an April pun, but I am too egg-cited for Easter to think straight.

Did you hear about the tree who started meditating in April? It wanted to branch out spiritually.

I told my computer an April joke, and it had a byte-sized laugh.

Why did the procrastinator finally start spring cleaning in April? Because they ran out of places to hide clutter!

April 1st is the day everyone pretends to be a comedian, even if they are just fooling themselves.

I tried to make a salad in April, but all the lettuce ran away. Guess they didn’t want to be chilled anymore!

April is like a second New Year’s – a chance to renew those abandoned resolutions from January!

Why did the gardener break up with April? It was too flaky and kept changing it’s mind about the weather.

April is nature is way of saying, Let is have a picnic. and let the ants join too!

I used to dislike April, but now I am all about that base. ball season!

April is when the sun finally wakes up from it’s winter nap, ready to give us some serious Vitamin D drama!

Did you hear about the April math test? It had too many problems, and the numbers couldn’t solve their issues.

April is when the birds throw the wildest tweet parties – and they do not even need social media!

April should be renamed Apillow – the month where afternoon naps are not just allowed, but encouraged.

Why did the bunny apply for a job in April? It heard there was a lot of hopping opportunity!

April is proof that Mother Nature has a sense of humor, and her favorite punchline is a sudden rainstorm when you forget your umbrella!