Anandamayi Ma Quotes on Life

Looking for some inspiration from one of the world’s most respected spiritual leaders? Here are some of the most popular quotes by Anandamayi Ma. Check out our collection of Anandamayi Ma quotes.

Anandamayi Ma Quotes

“You are perfect as you are, without changing a thing. The realization of this perfection is enlightenment.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Nectar is the material cause of our joy. The sadhaka must be quite conscious of nectar’s virtues and keep his mind fixed on its bliss.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“To reach the pinnacle of knowledge, you have to begin by knowing the worthlessness of knowledge.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The guru is the living temple at which the Divine dwells. He is that spiritual energy which carries all too perfect freedom.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Not only the one who sings praises but also the one who listens becomes religious — not just hearing but listening, everything should be done religiously.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“God is love and joy, unattached and unbought.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Those who have tasted this pure love are the true saints, and so long as they do not give up, I do not give up.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The path of devotion is straight; there is not a crooked place anywhere in it. Devotion means to be wholehearted to forget everything else.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Some people may live here and some there; but those who are living in service can serve the cause of humanity everywhere.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Thoughts are the seeds of action.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“People should not be afraid of change. It is that which is dangerous for us. We should learn to adjust ourselves to it, even as we adjust others.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Never waste your valuable time on anything irrelevant, whether in the past or future. Do not think twice while doing anything relevant.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“You cannot please God by trying to fulfill conditions He has never imposed upon you. You cannot waste your time and energy by trying to be good according to someone else is idea that is not true. You can only be good according to His idea.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The more you try to fulfill the conditions, the greater you will become helpless. The more you try to fulfill yourself, the more you will fail. The performance of duty without any condition is all that is required.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“I am not a guru; I am an instrument in the hands of God. I am His instrument to bring Him to you.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“You cannot rule out anything about yourself. Never think that conditions bind you. You are free; only your faith is not free because your faith is dependent on the condition.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Remove anger and greed, which underlie all other passions, and the battle is won.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Sincerity is the basis of all. It comes from the heart. If you want true love, realize that you cannot get it from anyone else; it has to come from within yourself.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Do not fear anything that may happen due to your actions. Fear is the worst thing you can have. You must not be afraid of anything. You must not let fear enter your heart. Then your mind will become clear and calm.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“No one knows what death really is. The living do not know, and the dead cannot tell.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The real purpose of life is to know oneself.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Everything we need to know we already possess, deep within ourselves. The problem is how to make it conscious.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“It is a rare thing to be able to see one is light. But to see one is own light is the beginning of spiritual progress. To live in the presence of your soul is the greatest treasure.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Love is not possible without truth, but truth can only be found within us. We must return to our own most precious selves.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Love is the direct knowledge of God in every atom of your being. Love is the oneness with God. When you love, you are aware of great joy. But if you do not love, you will never know God.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The world is a place where everything can be learned. There is no need for a teacher. When you study, you are teaching yourself.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Rely always on your own judgment. Do not let anybody impose upon you any decisions other than your own.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“There is nothing wrong in describing yourself as a sinner, but when you try to be good by your standards, then you are committing spiritual suicide.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Do not blame others for your wrongs and failures. You have committed them yourself.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“To love God is the highest religion. And to love others as much as you love yourself is the beginning of all religion.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“When one realizes that one is only an instrument for divine love and service, then one understands completely how to be true and fulfill the purpose of life.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Human life is a continuous flow. It cannot be stopped. It must go on, and when you realize this, you will be able to live in peace.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Let your whole inner nature be filled with God-consciousness and let your consciousness be aware of the infinite presence of God within you.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The highest religion is love. The highest deity is mercy. The greatest teacher is serving humanity. The greatest gift is giving.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Faith is the only weapon against despair. Faith whittles away all doubts and fears and illuminates the mind. Faith gives courage and hope, keeping one united with God.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“All beings are loving the service of God. It means having no pride, jealousy, anger, or hatred.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“If you have pure and unselfish love in your heart, you will never feel lonely. You will see that there is no loneliness in the world. It is the mind that creates loneliness.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Without love, philosophy and knowledge are a sickness, a cancerous growth. We need love; not talk about love, but love itself.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“God makes idols to help us so that we may concentrate on them and consider them as if they were God. He is in everything. He is the cause of all causes.” ― Anandamayi Ma

Sri Anandamayi Ma Quotes

“Love is the message of God to us. Love is the provider and giver of joy, gladness, beauty and goodness.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“You are a divine instrument, ordained by God to serve Him.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“There is no moment in a day when your life is not being played out. You are imperfect, you are the way you are; but the more you try to improve yourself, the more you become perfect.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“God and man are one. God is in everything and He created the world. Everything is the work of God’s love.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“As long as you have a mind, there will be self-interest, selfishness and greed. But when we live in the state of being wholly filled with God, then all this disappears.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Become a lover of God. Then you will become a lover of all men, and all men will be your friends.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Do not dwell in the past. Think rather of the future and look forward to it, for you will find that it is much more beautiful than the past.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“You have everything within you. You have all the wisdom, love, energy and power you need. But you have to find it and use it.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“There is no other way than love to solve our problems.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The more you give, the more will be given to you.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Love is the greatest power and you can use it to do anything.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The path of love is the only path to God and perfection.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“When your heart is full of love, you feel that you are one with the universe.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Love is the only truth. Love is the only way to live because, without it. There is no divine light, no perfect being and no true knowledge.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“A person has to know how to love to serve.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“One has to derive pleasure from giving. It forms the center which gives joy and bliss.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“It is not the desire but the will ingness which will lead you to fulfillment.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“When you wish to help the world, the world must come to you asking for help.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The greatest teacher of mankind is love.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Take care of yourself, but be ready to help other people and make them happy.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“It is impossible to give until you receive.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“When you are in despair, do not despair. Have a deep sense of the Infinite Presence within you. When you are in despair, feel that you are one with the Infinite, and you will not be afraid.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Love is all there is. Love and meditation are the only path to God.” ― Anandamayi Ma

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Ma Anandamayi Quotes

“To bring about world peace, we must love each other. We must live in harmony with each other.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Love no one, but love God alone.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The world has been given to us to enjoy, but only if we practice love.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“If you are a lover of God, you must have the power of love. To be a lover of God is no meaningless thing. It is a severe thing.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The nature of God is love. When you understand this, then God will be revealed to you. The heart of man has to be purified by love and meditation for the human being to receive God.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“The greatest self is love.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“There is no separation. You are not different from anyone else. You are all one. Love everyone, for God made you all equal.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Do not allow yourself to be led by your mind; let God lead your mind.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Man is always trying to find happiness as well as misery somewhere outside himself.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“A man’s heart is where his treasure is. If his treasure is within him, he will be happy. If his treasure is outside, he will be unhappy.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“It is only love that can end all our suffering.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“When you are in union with God, you are one with everything.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“You cannot love God until you love everyone and are in harmony with everyone.” ― Anandamayi Ma

“Prayer should come from the heart. We think that prayer has to be worded in a certain way, but that is not so.” ― Anandamayi Ma