22nd Birthday Captions for Yourself – What Can I Say to Myself on My Birthday

“You’re 22. You know everything.” 22nd birthday captions are a great way to congratulate yourself on making it this far into life. No matter what you’ve been through, or how old you feel at times, there’s always something that will remind you of who you are and where your journey has taken you so far. Whether it’s a quote from one of your favorite films, lyrics from your favorite song, or just an image that reminds you of the good parts in between all the bad ones – these 22nd birthday captions can be used for any occasion!

22nd Birthday Captions for Yourself

“Today marks a milestone in my life. I am now one year wiser, more innovative, and stronger than before.”

“Here’s to a year filled with great adventures and new experiences that I hope will make me into a fantastic person. Happy birthday!”

“Here’s to the best year ever! Congratulations on turning 22. I hope you’re able to get everything that’s been waiting for you this whole time.”

“I am so proud of who I’m becoming each passing day; today, I’m 22! Happy birthday to me.”

“I am so happy and lucky to be alive on my birthday. I hope that today will only bring the best things, like new beginnings with family and friends. Happy Birthday!”

“I thank you for never ceasing to encourage and inspire me. I do believe in myself, thanks to your constant support on my birthday!”

“Happy 22nd birthday to my best friend, myself. I hope you’re doing well today!”

“22 years ago, I first came into the world and on this wonderful day, my humble self would like to say “Happy birthday” for myself.”

“This is it. I have officially turned 22, and this year will be the best one yet! It’s time to live life like no other. Goodbye old me, hello new me!”

“I am one year wiser, smarter, and stronger; a more confident person who can handle the ups and downs of life better.”

“Here’s to an amazing year of adventures and new experiences. I hope this is just the start for me! Happy birthday, _____ (insert name).”

“I celebrate myself on my birthday, and I’m one year wiser, smarter, stronger.”

“It’s my big day, and I’m going to enjoy every bit of it with a heart full of gratitude. Happy birthday, me!”

“Happy birthday to me; I’m one year wiser, smarter, and stronger.”

“Hey, happy birthday to me! I’m not sure how you guys keep doing it but thank you. You all are the best friends and family a girl could ask for.”

“On this wonderful day, I was born 22 years ago and that someone special is me. Happy birthday to my humble self!”

“Here’s to a fantastic year that will be filled with great adventures and new experiences for me. So happy birthday to myself, the best version of myself yet!”

“With every passing day, I grow stronger and more confident in myself. Today is my 22nd birthday, so here’s to me!”

“Here’s to the year of new adventures and great experiences with a little birthday cake for me. Happy 1st birthday, self!”

“I had a great time last year and I hope you did too. Now, it’s my turn to be the best me that I can be by celebrating with myself on this special day!”

“I can’t believe today is the day that I’ve been waiting for! I’m going to live and do every single thing with a heart full of love. Thanks again, me-myself-and-i!”

“I’m so glad to have been born on the day that someone special and cute was also born. It’s such an honor! Happy birthday, humble me”

“I am so grateful to everyone in my life who never stops believing and supporting me. Thank you for being the best people ever, especially on this day when I’m celebrating myself!”

“Thank you to all those who never stop believing in me and I hope that this birthday is a great one!”

“Today is my 22nd birthday and I am so grateful to be alive, hale, and hearty. Here’s wishing you many happy returns on this day! Happy Birthday”

“I’m not one to turn down a party! I’ve had enough of being single too so today’s the day that all changes. Happy 22nd birthday, me!”

“Happy birthday to myself; I’ve been one year wiser, smarter and stronger.”

“I hope this year allows me to explore my world and make new friends. I am excited for what is in store!”

“I am grateful to everyone who has never stopped being there for me. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you to everyone who never stopped believing in me. You made all the difference for my birthday and I am so grateful for that!”

“I am the most humble person I know, so it’s only fitting that on my birthday I thank everyone for making me feel special.”

22 Birthday Captions

“I’m so proud of who I’ve become each passing day. Today, I’m 23! Happy birthday to me”

“Today, I’m another year wiser and stronger. So here’s to many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday my new me!”

“I always try to be there for you whenever you need a fix. Happy birthday from the one and only me!”

“I feel so good-looking today, it’s my new birthday. I’m finally 22 and this is the best year yet!”

“I’m feeling the love on my birthday, I wake up to a new day and another year of life! It’s an awesome blessing.”

“I am a work in progress. I’ve been doing the best that I can and it has paid off, little by little but surely every day. Here’s to another year of becoming my own version! Happy 22nd birthday to me”

“Today is my 22nd birthday, and I am so thankful to be alive. Here’s to many happy returns of the day!”

“It’s not every day you turn 22, so I made it a point to celebrate my first anniversary of being able to buy wine.”

“Here’s to another wonderful year for the best version of myself. Happy 22nd birthday, myself!”

“I am 22, and I have so many reasons to smile!”

“I am so excited to be your future husband, my angel. I want you by my side today as proof that angels exist! Enjoy the day in style because it is a special birthday for us both.”

“Congrats on a special day! You’re now 22 and as your friend, I hope you have the best birthday ever.”

“I am getting better every day and here’s to another year of being the best version of myself. Happy 22nd birthday, me!”

“I am always there for you, just like in those old tunes. Happy birthday!”

“I’ve always felt like I could be a better me, and now that it’s finally my 22nd birthday, it feels right to make this change.”

“I’m 22 years old today and I can’t help but say a small prayer of thanks. Here’s to many more happy returns! Happy birthday, friend!”

“You deserve to have an amazing birthday and I wish you the best on this special day!”

“I am blessed to have been born on this perfect day, and I can’t help but rejoice. The world is mine for the taking!”

“I can’t wait to show you off and make my friends jealous. I know they’ll be so impressed with the angel that will soon belong exclusively to me! Happy 22nd birthday, my love.”

“It’s your birthday, which means I get to be the one who fixes everything. Happy 25th!”

“Happy birthday, illustrious one! It’s your 22nd year today and we want to wish you a happy day.”

“I can now buy wine, and with a few years under my belt I feel like the world is at my fingertips.”

“I hope you’re not feeling lonely today. You are never alone, I am always there for your fixes and help celebrate the day of your birth!”

“I’m a new me each year. I feel stronger and wiser because of that so here’s to this birthday, and many more happy returns!”

“It’s my 22nd birthday and here I am, better than ever. Congratulations to me on a brand new year of becoming the best version of myself!”

“Happy 22nd birthday to my beautiful wife-to-be. I’ve got the prettiest woman in town with me and there’s nothing better than that!”

“Happy birthday sweetheart, you’re a legend on this earth already so why not fly up higher?”

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last birthday. It seems like time has flown by so quickly and now here we are again on 22-year-old me!”

“Celebrate your birthday in style, have a great time with friends and family. Have the best day ever!”

“Happy birthday, old friend! Greetings at 22 years young.”

“There are so many reasons to smile and celebrate in this world. Today, I am celebrating my own wonderful self!”

“Today is my birthday and I’m celebrating with a cupcake.”

“Have an amazing birthday, but don’t do anything crazy. There’s always next year!”

“I’ve always felt like I could be a better me, and now that it’s finally my 22nd birthday, it feels right to make this change.”

“You are not alone. I will always be there for you, no matter what. Happy birthday!”

“I love to celebrate my first anniversary of buying wine, so when I turned 22, it was just another day for me.”

“It’s my special day and I’m going to party with myself. It’s time for cake, presents, balloons- the whole birthday shebang!”

“I know we are friends forever and share everything, so let us celebrate this special day of yours in the best possible way. Happy birthday!”

“Today, I am wiser and stronger. Here’s to many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday”

22 Years Old Quotes

“I am 22, and I finally know who I want to be.”

“It’s my special day, and I can’t wait to spend it with you. We are going to have a blast together!”

“Today is your day, and I am glad to celebrate it with you. You are my beau; now let me fix all of the bugs on your computer that have been driving you crazy!”

“I am so proud of who I’m becoming each passing day with every new year. Today, I’m +1! Happy 22nd birthday to me.”

“Happy birthday, my excellent friend! I hope you have an amazing day.”

“On my 22nd birthday, I was so excited that now I can finally buy wine.”

“Thank you, Lord, for another day to celebrate and rejoice. The sun is shining brightly today because it’s my birthday! Happy 22nd birthday to my wonderful self.”

“To the best friend ever, I hope this year is as special for you as it has been. Celebrate your birthday in style and have a happy one!”

“I hope you’ll get a lot of presents. But friends are the best present, and I’m going to be there with you on your birthday!”

“I am so grateful that you are always there to help me fix anything. I know my birthday is just another day, but it means the world because of all your support!”

“Twenty-two is a perfect age. Your best years are just ahead of you, so have fun and enjoy your day!”

“Celebrate your birthday in style! Make it memorable by doing something to make you feel amazing.”

“Today, I’m wiser and stronger than ever before. Here’s to many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday to a new me this year.”

“To celebrate my birthday, I will wear a different kind of shirt every day this year!”

“I am a fixer, I will always be there to help you whenever you need it. Happy birthday!”

“Happy Birthday! Don’t forget to do something really special this year.”

“Have an amazing birthday, but don’t do anything crazy. There’s always next year!”

“I hope you’ll get a lot of presents. But friends are the best present, and I’m going to be there with you on your birthday!”

“Happy birthday! I hope this year brings you a lot of happiness and prosperity.”

“”Non-profit organization? I’m pretty sure you’re one of the worst things happening in our society. You are a major problem.””

“Twenty-two is a beautiful age to be. It’s an opportunity for me to become something new, I have the world at my feet and it feels great!”

“I know you’re feeling down on your birthday, but I’m always there to offer a hand and help cheer you up.”

“One day a year is so special, so enjoy it to the fullest. Wish you all of your dreams and desires come true on this marvelous birthday!”

“Celebrate the birthday of another year, and do all that you can to have a blast. Happy Birthday!”

“I do not consider it my 22nd birthday, I see it as the first anniversary of being able to buy wine.”

“This is a very special day for you. It’s your 22nd birthday, and we’re so excited to celebrate with you!”

“You’ll never have to fix your problems on the computer alone because I’m always here for you. Happy birthday!”

“On my 22nd birthday, I feel very lucky to be alive and able-bodied. Here’s hoping for many more. Happy Birthday!”

It’s your 22nd birthday, and today you’re turning into a 22-year old. You’ve grown up so much and have become the type of person that others look to for guidance. Whether you have siblings or not, it is important to make your family proud by being an example of someone who always does their best in life. It may be tempting at 22 years old to give up because things seem too harsh but if anyone can do it 22-year-olds can!